Saturday, July 23, 2011

“No One Shall Bomb us into Silence”

Below is the speech given last night to the Norwegian nation by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. It has been subtitled in English, and is followed by a transcript:


Today Norway was hit by two shocking and bloody and cowardly attacks.

We still do not know who attacked us; much is still uncertain.

But we know that many are dead and injured.

We are all shocked at the evil that has struck us so brutally and so suddenly

This night demands much of all of us.

And the days that follow will demand even more

We are prepared to face up to this.

Norway hangs together during critical times.

We mourn our dead, we suffer with the injured, and we comfort relatives.

This is about attacks on innocent civilians, on young people at summer camp.

An attack on all of us.

I have a message to the people who attacked us, and those behind them.

This is a message from all of Norway:

You will not destroy us.

You will not destroy our democracy nor our quest for a better world.

We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation.

No one shall bomb us into silence or shoot us into silence.

Nothing will frighten us out of being Norway.

This night we will comfort each other, talk with each other, and stand together.

Tomorrow we will show the world that Norway’s democracy grows stronger when it is challenged.

We shall find the guilty and hold them responsible.

The important thing tonight is to save lives, to care for the victims and their loved ones

I would like to state my recognition for the work of the police, the medics,

and all the other people who currently do such formidable work

to help others, healing injures and saving lives.

We must never cease to stand up for our values.

We have to show that our open society can pass this test, too,

And that the answer to violence is even more democracy,

even more humanity, but never naïveté.

That is what we owe to the victims and to the those they hold dear.


Kevin Stroup said...

He will be on his knees in no time, servicing the Muslims. You just wait and see.

A Common Loon said...

I have only sympathy for the victims of this terrible act. They deserve out support and solidarity.

I'm wondering where the support and solidarity are for the victims of Western Immigration policies however.

1389 said...

@Kevin Stroup,
As did GWB after 9-11.


Anne said...

NYT says the most he can get is 21 years in jail.

How did he get an automatic weapon? Aren't those illegal even in the US?

Vortac said...

OK, he killed 90 persons, meaning he probably wounded two times many. That's at least 270 rounds. Let's assume he was an excellent marksman and that he was on target with every third or fourth bullet and that he didn't use burst or auto fire. The man carried about 1000 rounds of ammunition with him? That's about 15 kilograms of ammunition only (5.56 cal), almost 20kg if he used something bigger, like 7.62. However, pictures of him during the shooting show him without any backpacks or large bags. He carried 1000 rounds in his pockets?

Nick said...

I think that some of the people who lost their lives died when they tried to swim across to the mainland.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I saw pictures of at least 10 dead in the water around the island :(

Masse said...

Anders has an excellent military training. He stashed ammunition to several places in the island beforehand. He spent nine years planning this. Read his manifesto, he confesses everything beforehand.

dienw said...

@Masse:"He spent nine years planning this. Read his manifesto, he confesses everything beforehand."

Then his motivations are elsewhere. What occurred in 2002 or a few years earlier to set him off?

Franklin said...

I am sorry, where were the teleprompters staged for this speech?