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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/22/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/22/2011There’s a lot of interesting news in the feed tonight, but today’s ordeal has been too exhausting and dispiriting for me to feel up to highlighting any of it. Poke around in the headlines and see what you can find — the economic news in particular looks inviting.

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Thanks to C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, Diana West, Erick Stakelbeck, Fjordman, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Whiskey said...

Eyewitness accounts from Reuters/AP report that the gunmen on the Island had a bag filled with guns, and used handguns, a rifle, a "machine gun" (whatever that is) and a shotgun to kill the 80+ people there.

How can an individual in Norway get that armament? Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Norway one of the most strict gun laws EU nations? And there is the matter of the police uniform. How did the gunman pick the target?

Anonymous said...

Just for the record, I share your disgust with Charles Johnson re Fjordman.

Johnson is beneath contempt.

Pat Hannagan

rickl said...

Good grief. I just read the last post, where the comments are closed.

I feel soiled for once having been a member of LGF.

The world has gone insane. Right is wrong, up is down, black is white, etc., and so on and so forth.

David said...


The original source for the idiotic Fjordman rumour is not a "Norwegian blog" as claimed in many places (e.g. LGF). The so-called blog is in fact the official 'journal' of a Swedish neo-Nazi party, called 'Svenskarnas Parti'. (No need to link, everything on those pages is brain-dead nazi propaganda. Which probably explains why people like Charles Johnson believes it.)

Anonymous said...

Excuse me for lacking piety in the face of this attack, but to me this sounds more and more like a false flag operation. All reports I've read and heard speak of one man - Breivik - one man who supposedly was able to load himself up with weapons and kill more than 80 people of good health who had the chance to escape and evade him on rugged terrain.

And just like that, the accusation that it was Fjordman (and by guilt by association, all of us) seeps into the blogs and online news media, like the comments of Der Spiegel, which links to this site:

Me and others have been quick to assert that Fjordman couldn't have been the culprit, but unsurprisingly the accusation still stands. This isn't just a dark day for Norway, but also a dark day for our scene as well.

Fjordman said...

David: From what I can tell, the rumor was started on that website, yes. And I do believe it is a site that does have some neo-Nazi supporters. So I guess that means that Charles Johnson is using neo-Nazis as a primary source, according to his own standards.

I have to wonder who planted that idea, though. "Planted" is the right word here. It happened awfully fast.

Ian B said...

one man who supposedly was able to load himself up with weapons and kill more than 80 people of good health who had the chance to escape and evade him on rugged terrain.

It's not so easy to evade a gunman as you think. You run away, then run out of places to run; one guy who was shot but survived ended up in the water, couldn't swim away fast enough. People were out in the open, on an island. Nothing looks anything but legit about the MSM reportage so far.

Seems to be a well organised lone nutter; I suspect the right-wing/nationalist/whatever angle is going to hold up in the long run, I'm afraid. Might be wrong of course.

Tony S said...

I keep seeing it around the place that THIS is HIS blog and he was the shooter!

PLEASE just make a post that clearly says "the shooter wasn't fjordman, and this is not his blog."

Fjordman said...

Tony: We just did. And the claim is ridiculous, anyway. I'm still here, posting, am I not? Or perhaps I quantum teleported from my jail cell into the worm hole the Mossad built for me in my garage? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The websites spreading these rumors have to be addressed. The whole affair is already a nightmare for the counterjihad movement; it's not something we can deal with defensively. And sorry, Fjordman, you are kind of an intellectual flagship of the movement. Not defending you against this kind of slander would be criminally negligent.

puolimieli said...

Fjordman, it seems that you did know the murderer from online discussions. He posted at, and you discussed with him there. You should come clean about this.

This terrible affair also reflects very poorly on Gates of Vienna, because although the murderer obviously disagrees with the chosen methods of Fjordman and this blog, he shares your ideological views. See here for details.

Kevin said...

Why has the counter-jihad movement not denounced this terrible attack? Do they all support this attack on multi-culti socialist youth? Why has this webpage not denounced the attack? Are counter-jihadists all collectively guilty? For surely had some jihadi nutcase done this the counter-jihad movement would have tarred all Islamists with the same brush. Is there really such a thing as a “non-violent” counter-jihad movement? Fjordman has made two comments on this string and yet he refuses to condemn this attack on his enemies? Are we to take that as a sign he silently supports this move?

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know the johnson was still alive.

May he rot in hell.

Dymphna said...

@puolimieli --

Are you insane? Someone "discusses" an issue with another person on blog or forum and he therefore is to be held accountable for this fellow's actions?

What level of absurd connection is that?

Fjordman is deeply grieving this repellent tragedy. In fact, I beleive he finally went to bed just a while ago...

Do you want him to bleed in public for you??

Who made you the arbiter?

Homophobic Horse said...

Reuters article paints him as someone who believes in some of the things we believe.


He was also a Freemason.

We have good reason to expect the worst kind of demagoguery from the press. But I'm Fjordman and Baron are already thinking of counter-measures.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because we're busy trying to do damage control because this is about the worst that could've happened to any anti-jihadist and/or conservative movement in Europe? Maybe it's because adding one more mourning voice to the deafening choir won't make a damn difference?

Dymphna said...

@Kevin de Bruxelles

If you are unable to comprehend what we've had to say and have been saying since the news broke, then go somewhere else to make your judgments.

Where do we say we support what happened? Like the rest of the world, we are trying to figure out WHAT happened.

Why do you question the innocence of those who fight against the incursions of Shariah into our culture based on the very little that is known about this situation. Why are you here denouncing instead of on your own blog?

You don't normally comment here; you've appeared because this is your moment to attempt to sow discord.

Don't appear here again or I'll delete whatever you say.

You are an opportunistic, immoral inquisitor...

Beat your wife much?

Homophobic Horse said...

There will be many, many, more like Kevin.

They're going to say that our ideas are inherently violent. One immediate way I can think of counteracting this is to draw attention to Geert Wilders party, and all the people who voted for him and ask the question "are they all incipient killers of teenagers?" We must also emphasise that this act of violence was motivated by reasoning that is entirely secular.

But I'm sure Baron et al is well ahead of me on this.

puolimieli said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
X said...

The Vienna school isn't named after this blog, it's another name for the Austrian school of economics.

puolimieli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
X said...

Regardless, any claim of ideological similarity with us went out of the window the minute he device to murder children.

Frankly you're starting to sound like a concern troll. Fjordman has nothing to "come clean" about, and this murdurer is nothing to do with anyone who posts here.

X said...

*decided. Autocorrect thinks it knows better than me...

1389 said...

@Snow Walker,

No, Charles Johnson is not biologically dead, as far as we know. I would join you in telling Charles Johnson where to go, but for the fact that, in every way but one, he is already there.

If Breivik (or whoever has been leaving comments in Breivik's name) were "one of us" (i.e, part of the counterjihad in any real sense), he would know by now never to use Little Green Footballs as a source of information. In a rather sick way, the joke is once again on Charles Johnson.

Ralph Lynn said...

The tragic deeds of this fruitcake are unforgivable. Whatever the provocation, emulating the worst behaviour of the taliban in a peaceful, civilised society is a road to nowhere.

The war of ideas must remain a war of ideas.

The tide of grief and sorrow he has created for all the families of the victims and for his own family must be utterly unbearable.

What was a war of ideas will become a war ON our ideas because of this stupid mass murderer. In his lone pursuit of his twisted idea of 'justice', he has created the very conditions for furthur, greater injustice.

This is a tragedy on many levels. The ramifications of his crimes are manifold. He is not a conservative. He is not a Christian. He is just a mass murderer and he has hopelessly weakened the very cause he espoused.

I went over to little green footballs for the first time today. I won't be going back. A snearing snidy pit of iniquity.

1389 said...

@Ralph Lynn,

We don’t know whether the Oslo bombing, the youth camp attack, or both, could have been “false flag” operations. Even if they were not, there is always the danger (and probably the likelihood) that they will eventually be used as a “Reichstag fire” incident.

1389 said...

Perhaps the next target - let's hope not:

Has everybody seen what is on the cover of al Qaeda's magazine, Inspire?


Darayvus said...

If Gates of Vienna or Fjordman or Robert Spencer or Lawrence Auster or anyone else involved in pro-Europe / anti-Islam activism had ever stated, "as a condition of belonging to the counterjihad, you must go hence and kill people and blow $h!t up", I never read that article.

I think the appropriate response runs along the lines of: yeah, he started out on our side, and that sucks; but at the same time, nobody here ever condoned murder, and if anyone knew he was planning such a thing he'd have been kicked right out.

(I am not a talent in crafting essays. But then, such an essay hardly needs to be written. Everyone knows the rules, even if they're not regulars. Which is of course why Breivik didn't tell Bodissey or Gellar or anyone else what he was planning.)

laller said...

Homophobic Horse

"We must also emphasise that this act of violence was motivated by reasoning that is entirely secular."

How are you gonna do that? We know next to nothing about his motives. So far it's all speculation based on his anti-islamic beliefs, but I've not heard any reports about him shouting out his motivation like so many jihadists do. I would suggest waiting till we hear more on his motives from the Norwegian police. And if you have to do more, then simply point out his motives are unknown, currently it's just speculation.