Monday, July 25, 2011

The Devil’s Disciples @ The Old Grey Doxy

Carl in Jerusalem has fisked another New York Times ‘report’. Accurately, he titles his post “A Boost for the Islamists”. Indeed it is.

Back in the day, the Times were also big boosters of the Big Lie. Their record has been blackened more than once since Duranty ruled in Moscow. Just google the search string [New York Times makes stuff up]; enjoy those 380 million hits, including gems like this. He traces the jornolist lies back to 1905, proving yet again the Old Grey Doxy has earned her sordid rep.

Carl says:

The Norwegian terror attacks have turned into an excuse to beat up on conservative, anti-Islamist bloggers. In a disgraceful piece written this morning, the New York Times all but blames Robert Spencer, Baron Bodissey and Pam Geller for the Oslo attacks.

Indeed. They smear us around like jelly on their toasted hate. As usual their fact-checkers were out to lunch (eating those hate burgers, no doubt) when their Jimmy Olsen jornolist put this up — and Carl quotes him:

The Gates of Vienna, a blog that ordinarily keeps up a drumbeat of anti-Islamist news and commentary, closed its pages to comments Sunday “due to the unusual situation in which it has recently found itself.”

Its operator, who describes himself as a Virginia consultant and uses the pseudonym “Baron Bodissey,” wrote on the site Sunday that “at no time has any part of the Counterjihad advocated violence.”

Had they bothered to check, our “operator” is fully out in the open at Big Peace and has been for some time. In fact, he published a post there under his own name reporting the rape on the steps of Parliament in Oslo last Friday. Ironically, he was putting up that horror story (of the Norwegian girl whose rape was watched by Norwegian security guards) not long before those truck bombs were exploding.

Were this NYT reporter any less ignorant, he might have recognized the Baron’s nic from Jack Vance’s oeuvre. Were he any better-read, he might have known that the so-called “operator’s” avatar was Otto von Bismarck. Is the subtle irony over the heads of these big city jornolists? Too bad no one taught them basic research nearly as well as they learned advanced innuendo.

Carl sums it up well:

Breivik did not specifically target Muslims, but the opportunists who would force their way of life on all of us are attempting to use this case as an instance of ‘Islamophobia.’

None of the people cited in this article has ever called for or advocated violence. Unfortunately, others have used their writings as an excuse for it.

As Momma always said, “even the Devil quotes Scripture”. These MSM mandarins are adepts.