Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Weaponized Madman

This is from our Portuguese-American correspondent João, who lives in a major city on the West Coast. As Dymphna reported last month, he has educated himself in terrorism-related matters, and learned Arabic so that he could frequent a mosque and discover what was really going on inside.

His latest report concerns yesterday’s bombing and massacre in Norway, and what may possibly be gleaned from the available information:

Baron, this is truly a tragic event. My prayers go out to the Norwegian people. This man is obviously a monster.

Since yesterday I have been putting my analytical thinking cap on overdrive, and here are my personal thoughts.

1. Nativist violence of this type is extremely rare — .01% if we look at the events of the past twenty years.

Violent groups in my estimation may be arranged in the following in order of importance — Islamic, independence movements (Palestinians, ETA, Kurds, Tamil Tigers), leftist (Bader Meinhof, Red Brigades), and very rarely a Nativist.

Norway has no violent groups of Native Norwegians. This recent event in Norway will fall into the rare one-off McVeigh category.

There are no violent “anti-Muslim” groups in Norway. At the moment we cannot assign Anders Behring Breivik to any part of the counter-jihad. He is truly a “Lone Wolf”!
2. From the open source material it appears that this man bought six tons of fertilizer to make the explosive vehicles he used in downtown Oslo. Ever since Oklahoma, merchants have been vigilant about reporting such purchases to the authorities immediately. Did this happen?

And what did the security forces do with this info?

With this kind of purchase he should never have left the store without someone asking him some questions. What did the Norwegian authorities know and how quickly did they act?
3. My private observations about the level of sophistication in this plot are as follows:

This would require sophisticated bomb-making training to pull off this kind of precision.

Where was he trained? In a training camp, over the internet? This kind of knowledge requires hands-on training, not a correspondence course.

Someone trained him, and why didn’t the authorities know about this? Did someone drop the ball and let a “Lone Wolf” develop under their nose? It’s hard to believe!

My overall view is that Anders Behring Breivik is what we might call a “weaponized madman.”

A weaponized madman is what happens when you take your run-of-the-mill homicidal man and weaponize him by giving him the ability and support to scale up his mayhem.

How and by who whom was he weaponized? These details should consume our energies till we expose the truth.

Since 9-11 we have seen 10,000 Islamic acts of terror, and now we have one mad white guy. Logic dictates that we put our resources into the greater threat.

Where is the greater threat? In a once-every-sixteen-years phenomenon, or the recurring act?

Good security professionals should use this logic.


Van Grungy said...

I read somewhere that 6 tons (metric?) of fertilizer is about enough to fertilize 50 acres of land.
And it's not like he lived in social housing.
So why would anyone be suspicious?


I'm still waiting for more info on the witnessed second shooter

Anonymous said...

Everything about this man is too perfect. He's a Christian, a Conservative, opposes immigration, Islamization, Cultural Marxism. Likes weapons; is said to be a member of the far right, a Mason, a Zionist. He's blonde, a native Norwegian. In short, he's 'one of us.' And yet, he also knows how to make and detonate remotely a huge fertilizer bomb, and then is happy to kill scores of young people, most of whom are fellow Norwegians, Christians, white just like him. Does any of this make any sense?

It only does if he was/is a kind of Manchurian Terrorist, an individual picked, indoctrinated, trained and then aimed at Norway. THAT would make sense.

Remember back when everyone was surprised al-Qaeda used airplanes as bombs? We thought they didn't have it in them. Now we've been surprised again. Have they done it a second time?

PioneerPreppy said...

Has anyone checked into his prior romantic relationships yet? Financial and civil court dealings... if any?

Just wondering.

Ex-Dissident said...


I was about to express the same thoughts as you. As soon as I read about the shooting spree where kids were targeted, I thought only Islamists do this sort of act. His facebook page appearing only days before the violence and giving the appearance of a right wing Christian conservative seems unbelievable. These social media entries were made after the attacks were planned out and material preparation was completed. In fact this facebook profile was created to be used in this attack. It is meant to deceive.

What would motivate someone to do this? I can only think of one ideology -- Islam.

Luke Ahead said...

Dear Baron,

A 'one mad white guy' ? Come on earlier you were guessing that the white guy might have been a convert. I am myself white and would have wished to live among whites but this is not about race here. OK? Don't forget there are blacks in the EDL.

No surrender

Luke Ahead

cumpa_29 said...
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cumpa_29 said...

I think it is more likely that he is a secret radical leftie than a secret muslim.

Again, we'll see (hopefully).

Dymphna said...

@ cumpa--

Because I don't like deleting you I request that you take down your commentimmediately, fix it and then repost it.

I'll wait about 15 minutes but then it comes down. No derogatory terms for our opponents.

Just take out that one offensive word. Now.

cumpa_29 said...
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Mark said...

We obviously disown him (and rightly so) but he does not disown us. A collection of his posts are recorded at
I translated it using
I find a guy who's ideas largely match my own (you get no inkling of the mass murder he plans - or maybe in hindsight just a bit). Before his sick act he would be a welcome member of EDL, SIOE and even here as much as you would deny it. Yes he is insane
(we know that now) but until his vile act based on these writings you would not know it. He was also a fan of this blog and Fjordman, not that that makes this blog or Fjordman bad.

Dymphna said...

@ cumpa-

You managed two rhetorical fallacies in one go:

First, saying that Mark Steyn does this so you can too is called an appeal to authority. An invalid basis for an argument.

Second, your appeal to authority is based on a logical fallacy, i.e., a categorical error. Mr. Steyn is saying those things on his own website. He is not saying them here or I'd make the same request I made of you.

So go say your Steynisms on your own blog, but not here.

Because you're so unpleasant and we're living thru a nightmare here, you're banned from this blog for the duration. I don't want to have to go around cleaning up behind you while I'm trying to cope with this level of distress.

Just go.

Mark said...

Inside the mind of a psychopath

2009-12-03 01:21:04
....I now use these funds to be able to work full time to further develop / promote the Vienna Academy (Vienna school of thought) that Fjordman, Bat Yeor, Spencer + many others have already contributed so much till....

2009-12-02 00:56:39
Hårstad / Fjordman,
Do not take it personally but rather as a compliment. You will have to read between the lines sometimes (we have actually gone so far that we have learned some of the Marxists - war is deceit, etc. ..). The truth is there. But do not believe that truth can only benefit us, it can actually harm us if we do not use it properly. The truth is so ugly that it has the potential to scare many moderates cultural conservatives back into apathy. Yes, you (we are right), but we have not such a bad self-image that we have to gloat with it all the time?
To put it another way. It is critical that individuals / ideologues who Fjordman / Hårstad presents the unpackaged truth to other moderate but experienced cultural conservatives. These moderate cultural conservatives will then make their own judgments and take the necessary precautions. If you believe that the broad strata (individuals who do not have the same intellectual conservative culture knowledge like us) are ready for the full packaged truth will take you wrong. I, with several years of study of this truth is still sick and poor to think about it. What do you think an a-political people had been? He had most likely been shocked and moved to Svalbard or continue to lie to themselves. has the potential to become an even more influential media company if they play their cards right. When the goal is to reach the broad masses must thus moderating them. The purpose of the media companies / NGOs is to convey as much of sanheten that is "appropriate", the goal is after all the important, not the means. Thus, there is also in the cards that they can and want to acknowledge doctrines of very specific individuals ONLY if it is appropriate.
I see such ideologues as a martyr-ideologues (I might be in this category, even with similar theories, even though I was not familiar with Fjord Man's works until 2008). They provide the basic ideological lines to more moderate individuals, the ugly truth beauty, foundation, other more moderate build on this. It will often be expedient to distance himself from these martyr-ideologues for tactical reasons (especially if your goal is to reach out to the large masses). How is the game whether we like it or not. Individuals have different functions. Do not be offended because of that, but take it rather as a compliment;)
Do you think kulturmarxister will ever be so stupid that they admit that they want to implement Marx's doctrines? The fact that they use humanism to advance a Marxist utopia? No, they distance themselves from Marx for strategic reasons. They are not born yesterday and it is not we.
We were honest once, but Marx and Muhammad has forced us to become more like them, unfortunately.
They had their "Frankfurt School". We are going to develop our own "Vienna School" of necessity.
Embrace it! DE has made the rules, we just follow them. ;)

Mark said...

Oh I see you're probably aware of the connection..sorry didn't mean to cause extra pain, just wanted to give a heads up on what will likely come your way..but I guess it has already arrived.


So we have a psychopathic madman,who bombs government buildings by remote control,whilst butchering children with automatic weapons?have i got that right?sounds over elaborate to me,bombers usualy like to hang around for the bang,and lone gunmen who engage in mass killing ordinarily shoot themselves immediately afterwards,from any objective standard this does not make any sense at all,and instinct tells me that this scenario is definitely iffy.

philip.zhao said...

Why don't we all keep silent until the truth comes out or if the truth comes out ?