Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Freedom and Anti-Freedom in Hamburg

Our German translator JLH sends his latest translation from Politically Incorrect. He includes this introductory note:

One of the several branches of Stadtkewitz’s new anti-Islamist party Die Freiheit is in Hamburg. It is also one of the stops on the speaking tour of Germany’s most notorious hate-preacher, the convert Pierre Vogel.

I have translated a photo essay on the new party confronting one of the most visible Islamist forces in the country. An interesting counter-coup after leftists and Islamists prevented the party’s modest attempt at an opening ceremony in Berlin by leaning on all the possible venues to renege. Like Pro-Köln, their enemies are clear, but they are now better situated to participate in national politics, and are of course closely allied with Wilders’ PVV.

Fewer than half of the photos from the essay are included here, and those have been reduced to fit our blog. Readers are advised to visit the original essay to see all the photos from the demo:

Hamburg: Freiheit Against Enemies of the Constitution

(A photo essay by Mr. Merkava on the counter-demonstration of the new political party, Die Freiheit, in Hamburg)

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #01

The police had to make ready again, because enemies of the constitution and humanity under the protection of our freedom of expression wanted to demonstrate their increasing influence.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #02

The first effusions of the so-called hate preacher — in reality enemy of the constitution, (Pierre) Vogel were originally lost for the oppressive mass of devoted followers, and even more devoted converts, in a violent downpour.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #03

At some distance, members and sympathizers of the new party Die Freiheit met for a counter-demonstration against the Islamic Salafist enemies of the constitution sheltering under the cover of religion, to raise their voices for global human rights, freedom and our Western culture and life style.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #04

A rally participant simulated “live” where the ideological, allegedly religious concepts of such as Mr. Vogel and his followers will end.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #05

It is so much more astonishing that young Western girls and boys who have grown up in a freedom that is natural to them feel called to support — at least indirectly — the incredibly misogynistic Stone Age ideology by attacks on the Freiheit demonstration. But young people, blinded by the Left, who have had little stability or correction from today's indulgent, bleeding-heart institutions like school, media or church are essentially left on their own in their youthful formation of ideas: and that is where leftist useful idiots and foreign taqiyya specialist are happy to leap in.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #06

Despite all attempted disturbances by misled youth, who in short discussions across the barriers, proved

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #07

to be largely astonishingly uneducated, the leaders led the demonstration confidently and at times with humor and irony.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #08

Speaker Nazanin Borumand from the central council of ex-Muslims revealed the true problems in a short spontaneous speech

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #09
in which she passionately described how gruesome it really looks in a country (in this case, Iran) when Islam can rule untrammeled. Like all speakers and participants at the demonstration, attempts at intimidation did not silence her.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #10

An impressed audience of democrats from the most diverse social groups thanked her for her courage and steadfastness with respectful applause.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #11

After about two hours, the passionate demonstration of the new party Die Freiheit against Islamic enemies of the constitution came to an end and their blinkered leftist extremist supporters remained — as happens more often, happily — standing insignificantly in the rain.

Die Freiheit in Hamburg #12


Green Infidel said...

Czn we have a group specifically directed at protesting Antifa and other far left-wing loonies at German universities? They've been acting like they've been owning the places for way too long...

When I was studying in Germany, there were plenty of them there in my city - and plenty of their graffiti on the walls. (typically along the lines of "down with reactionism and capitalism", "no nations no borders", and even pro- Red Army Faction slogans!) However I was then shocked to find out that the vast majority of German students in my class were completely different!

The Antifa-style groups are a joke that's been running for so long, that it's no longer funny. Time for normal Germans to take back their universities from these pampered middle-class third world wannabe losers.

gsw said...

astonishing that young Western girls and boys who have grown up in a freedom

Having grown up in freedom and without hunger, they are unable to envisage the reality of slavery, beatings and hunger.
Instead of a true history, they have been fed lies of how much better is was then and how chaotic it is now.

Emancipation is actually a swear word in some countries!

1389 said...

Here's a link to Die Freiheit. Hope this helps!

Green Infidel said...
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Green Infidel said...

gsw - "astonishing that young Western girls and boys... Having grown up in freedom and without hunger, they are unable to envisage the reality of slavery, beatings and hunger."

Is it really so astonishing?! All they have known is their nice comfortable home, slightly "stuffy", typically-German parents, order, discipline, clean streets, good motorways, trains running on time, all their friends around them at school being the same, apart from - perhaps - the one black or Turk in the class. The cool guy who gets all the girls, and who everyone wants to be like... To boot, their nation comes with a "war guilt" which means they must be against all things "Nazi" - and all things
seeming Nazi... Then at university, finally away from their parents, they can finally "be themselves", make up for their earlier lack of coolness, and try their best to imitate the aforesaid black or Turk.

So what does that involve? Well, what better way to start than to be against the typical, boring, "traditional Germans", stand up to the "evil racists" - and stand for all things foreign, subversive and left-wing? And with other similar "supercool"-wannabes around them, so comes added pressure... now they have to outdo the competition in their left-wing and anti-racist credentials!

While reading the multi-kulti Spiegel, and with MTV blurring in the background, the thought of their nation one day turning into a Pakistan, Egypt or Harlem will seem distant - or might even be an attractive prospect... after all, why bother standing up to defend all the things you've learnt to detest- your country, your religion, your culture - and everything else your dull parents represent?

Unless it somehow becomes "supercool" to like those things again...

But at the current rate, when will that take place? And by that time, will we be anything but dhimmis in a new Pakistan or Egypt??

1389 said...



We're Still Fighting WW2

1389 said...

Is that hairy-browed creature under the burqa a woman or a man?

Oh, and by the way, in case anybody hasn't heard:

July 14, 2011 is Ban the Burqa Day in Australia