Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Would You Do...?

As reported in last night’s news feed, an Australian convert to Islam was punished by his fellow Muslims by being flogged with an electric cable.

His crime? Drinking alcoholic beverages with his friends.

Vlad Tepes has combined a TV news video with some additional material to create his own take on the incident:


philip.zhao said...

He asked for it, he got it !!~

Zenster said...

I'm with philip.zhao on this.

Islam, along with its abhorrent shari'a law, is one endless and stupendous lesson as to how one should:

Be very careful about what you wish for because some day you may get it!

Sadly, there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that our world's Muslim population has even the remotest of clues about this.

Zenster said...

Having now watched the video clip:

To give the announcer due credit, knowingly or not, he correctly declares ― at video time point 00:07 ― that "under shari'a law" this man was punished.

Someone more fluent in all things Oz will have to elucidate as to whether this particular newscaster is firing on all cylinders about Islam. However, in the tradition of being thankful for small things, at least this report was properly couched with respect to Islam.

All right then! Who tossed in the "What would you do for a Foster's" tagline? I'm looking at you, Vlad! (Good onya, by the way.)

More's the pity that ever since Carlton & United Breweries took over production of this once Olympic class lager it is now the equivalent of Australian Corona, at best.

chrisse said...

Zenster - Foster's is a Carlton & United original, lol. They were the original brewers.

Zenster said...

chrisse: Foster's is a Carlton & United original, lol. They were the original brewers.

Oh bloody Hell! Yes well, be that as it may. It still does not change how Elders IXL or who the flipping else it may have been that acquired Foster's turned it into little more than American-style bovine urine.

As they say about such watery brews; they're like making love in a canoe ― effing close to water.

urah2222 said...

Where oh where is a Captain Napier when you need oneto teach comparative cultural practices. Likely his spiritual descendant is a Gurkah Master Sergeant.

Dr. Shalit

Gregory said...

I hope that he got the beating for being stupid enough to become a muslim....What a fool.