Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comments by Breivik at Gates of Vienna

We have just discovered what may well be two comments by Anders Behring Breivik at Gates of Vienna. They were both posted in 2008, the first in a September post and the second in an October post.

The reason I failed to find them earlier is that he used the profile name “year2183”, and all my earlier searches had been for combinations using “2083”, which was the year he used in his manifesto and other writings.

Based on the general style and subject matter, these two comments certainly sound like Mr. Breivik. The views expressed in them were not out of the ordinary for Gates of Vienna commenters, and there was obviously no indication of the murderous attacks he planned to carry out three years later.

You’ll notice his focus on deportation — which, as regular readers know, is not a position this blog supports — and he chides Fjordman for his unwillingness to discuss the topic. As Daniel Pipes points out, Mr. Breivik believed Dr. Pipes, Fjordman, Bat Ye’or, and other Counterjihad writers were “scared to propagate a conservative revolution and armed resistance”, and that was why they did not want to talk about “the D word”.

Below are the two comments from this blog that may have been written by Anders Behring Breivik. The original texts have not been edited:

year2183 said...

To Fjordman or others who are competent on this area.

Ive noticed from earlier essays that your solution (and most people in this particular blog community regarding how to stop the Islamisation of Europe) is to attempt to democratically halt immigration completely and perhaps launch an anti sharia campaign, or just wait until the system implodes (in a civil war), and THEN halt immigration, launch anti Sharia campaign etc.:


Fjordman: ”Writer Diana West has called for an anti-sharia defensive instead of a pro-democracy offensive as the preferred strategy in dealing with Muslims, which makes a lot of sense”.

I disagree. Remember Turkey which went secular for 80 years since Ataturk tok control, then after 80 years, Sharia is now slowly being implemented. The army is resisting it but will eventually have to back down as their influence is anti-democratic (and Turkey want to join the EU). Al-Tachyya - deceit can be ongoing for long periods until they have a demographic advantage, THEN when they are 60-70-80% start implementing Sharia democratically.

So how exactly would a anti-sharia defensive save us in the long term?


Fjordman: “I have called for a global infidel strategy of containment of the Islamic world as far as possible, which includes banning Muslim immigration.”

What about the 5-10-15-20% of Muslims that are already inside the country? Although delayed, they will eventually reach 50%+ even in hostile climates (Closed borders/anti-immigration laws/anti Sharia laws) due to a combination of high birthrates and a progressive emigration of natives (see Kosovo/Lebanon demographic development). In other words, anti-immigration laws/closed borders will only delay a Muslim takeover at best. Even in areas with a poor living standards/weak economies (like Kosovo was) they will outbreed non-muslims. It will only take them a few more decades.

So again, how exactly would banning Muslim immigration + containing the Muslim world save us in the long term?

Lebanon – Demographic development

1911 79% Christian
1921 55%
1932 51%
1943 52%
1970 42%
1990 35%
2008 25%
-à2040 (Lebanon lost!?)

Kosovo – Demographic development

1900 50-60% Christian
1925 40%
1948 28%
1971 21%
1981 15%
2008 5-10% (Kosovo lost)

The above is an illustration from my upcoming book (it will be free to distribute btw:)

Why havent you or any of the other current authors on the Eurabia related issues/Islamisation of Europe (Fjordman, Spencer, Ye`or, Bostom etc.) brought up the “D” word? I assume because it is considered a fascist method in nature, which would undermine your/their work? Why would it undermine their efforts when it is the only rational conclusion, based on the above argument? As far as I know, it’s not illegal in Europe to suggest deportation as a future method when discussing future hypothetical World Orders (correct me if im wrong though, Im not 100% sure, lol)!?

We shouldn’t forget that it has in fact happened before…

After the end of WW2, Russia successfully deported all the Muslims from Southern Ukraine and sent them to Uzbekistan. The Muslims in that area were remnants of the Islamic Western Mongol Horde, later called the Islamic Crimean Khanate, province of the Ottoman Empire).

Ive also heard that (don’t have any references on this) that after the Russo-Turkish War, Russia wanted to deport the Albanians and take back Constantinople. During the Congress of Berlin - Russia presented 61 articles. At this time though, Russia was weak after the long war with the Ottoman Empire. Britain secretly agreed with the Ottoman Empire that it would militarily protect it from Russia and receives Cyprus in exchange. Disraeli therefore reversed article 16 to 61.

Just imagine, hadnt it been for British treachery, Constantiniople could have been appart of Greece and there wouldn’t be any Muslims in the Balcans…. :(

Hoping for a reply,

10/16/2008 9:31 PM

year2183 said...

When will your book be available for distribution Fjordman?

I'm writing a book of my own, where one of the chapters are dedicated as a response to so called "revolutionary profiteers". There are around 10 ppl world wide writing about these subjects and the fact that most of them are trademarking everything, preventing distribution of full/partial content is very worrying... How can we, Europeans, rally a response to this devastating demographic warfare if all the intellectuals are doing everything they can to trademark and prevent the "truth" from being distributed?

I think its therefore absolutely fantastic that you are making it free to distribute/translate. Only the brave individuals that selflessly contribute will be remembered as heroes when we see a conclusion to this conflict in 50-150 years.

I will make my contributions available as well.

Keep up the good work mate. You are a true hero of Europe, although most ppl wont realize this for a very long time. Maybe you even will surpass the efforts made by another European Hero, Vlad the Impaler lol:)

I'm including a top 10 list of European heroes in my book (primarily during the first and second wave of Jihad). Fascinating stuff!

10/11/2008 4:33 PM