Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Nazi Undead

The greatest danger facing Europe today is the resurgence of nationalism.

What? You don’t agree?

But… but… if you read the newspapers or watch the news on television, you will have noticed that the emergence of “right-wing extremists” in Europe is an alarming trend, to be countered at all costs.

These newscasters wouldn’t lie to you, now, would they?

Citizens are warned every day about “neo-fascists” and “neo-Nazis”. These dangerous demagogues are alleged to be prominent among the “xenophobic” nationalists who have done so well in recent elections all over Europe. The Powers That Be need citizens to keep an eye out for any recurrence of Nazism, so that it may be stamped out vigorously as soon as it appears.

The article below serves as a typical example of the “Beware of the Nazis!” genre. It concerns the emergence of cult among Nazi nostalgics centered on the grave of Rudolf Hess in Bavaria. From Reuters:

Bones of Nazi Hess exhumed from “pilgrimage” grave

(Reuters) — The remains of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess have been exhumed from a grave in Bavaria after it became a pilgrimage [site] for thousands of right-wing extremists.

A church official in the southern town of Wunsiedel said on Thursday the tomb had been razed and its headstone removed after consulting with Hess’s family over how to handle the grave site.

“The bones were removed and brought to the crematorium, and the ashes are to be scattered at sea,” Peter Seisser said.


After World War Two, [Hess] was sentenced to life in prison at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, then hanged himself in Berlin’s Spandau Prison on August 17, 1987, at the age of 93.

Officials granted his wish to be buried in Wunsiedel, but earlier this year started preparing the transfer of the remains elsewhere because extremists had treated the grave — on which the phrase “I dared” was engraved — as a shrine.

Many far-right groups say Hess did not commit suicide but was killed by British military guards in prison, and conspiracy theories about the Nazi, who was interested in the occult, abound.

Extremist groups often portray him as a martyr figure, and some from as far away as Oregon and California have organised memorials for him in the past, including a number of outdoor ‘white power’ rock concerts.

But here comes the most important part of this story:
The annual pilgrimage of neo-Nazis in Wunsiedel peaked in 2004, when authorities say some 5,000 people came from across Europe, including left-wing counter protesters.

That’s right: at the peak of their resurgence, the neo-Nazis could muster only five thousand people, including counter-protesters, coming in from all over Europe.

Wouldn’t Lady Gaga draw a crowd ten times as large for one of her shows? Or even a hundred times, if the venue could hold that many?

Heck, I’d wager that the Flat Earth Society could muster a better turnout, even on a rainy day!

Seriously: five thousand people from all over Europe converged on Bavaria for their annual pilgrimage? That’s pathetic.

As I have said many times before: the Nazis in Europe are a sick joke. Their idolatry is evil, but their numbers are laughable.

This preoccupation with a “Nazi resurgence” has nothing to do with reality. It is a mind parasite that has invaded the brains of most Westerners. The obsession with fascists and Nazis is a symptom of our own mental illness.

A demonRather than examine the world around us, we stare into the mirror. And what do we see there? Nothing more than the devils of our own febrile fantasies.

Meanwhile, millions upon millions of people who hate Jews and admire Adolf Hitler crowd the streets of European cities, eager to overthrow the existing order and establish a totalitarian regime.

And yet all our focus is on a handful of cranks and loons who make pilgrimages to the grave of a dead Nazi!

What sort of madness is this that has come upon us? Who will exorcise this demon from our collective soul?

The Nazis are dead, but we demand they be revenant. We exhume their rotting corpses so that they may walk again amongst us.


Fjordman said...

As I've said before, the entire Western world is stuck in a weird mental time warp in a ditch outside of Stalingrad anno 1942. We are in danger of losing this world war because we are still mentally stuck in the previous one. Hitler was an evil little gnome who probably hurt whites and European civilization more than any other individual in history. He's also been dead for nearly 70 years. Time to move on.

Sean O'Brian said...

In the second-last Harry Potter film, Lord Voldemort's reign has a distinctly National Socialist character - the bureaucratic state he establishes persecutes "mudbloods" (the offspring of Muggle and non-Muggle unions). Muggle-born witches and wizards are required to register with the Ministry of Magic so that they can be easily identified for liquidation by the Snatchers (a group of Death Eaters selected for this purpose).

Note: a Muggle is a human who was born without the ability to practice magic.

Why do evil wizards, witches, Death Eaters etc. wish to set up a National Socialist state? Answer: Even otherworldly, demonic evil is - must be - entirely limited to the earthly realm because the secular universe from the Harry Potter series sprang cannot locate it anywhere else.

So Hitler and the Nazis are not merely the most evil regime of the 20th century/all time but they are also stand-ins (mythic or actual) for the Devil and all the demons in hell as well.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Not to speak of the big she-person at the top of America's misnamed "Homeland Security" apparatus who sees white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists to watch for.

Sol Ta Triane said...

I think Sean O'Brian is going in the right direction...

"So Hitler and the Nazis...but they are also stand-ins (mythic or actual) for the Devil and all the demons in hell as well."

You're on to it Sean, the self-absorbed secularist mindset has taken on a huge positive lie in order to advance the idea of his own goodness, and also as the reason we should give up control to him.

In order to do this, these retrogradists must also create a huge negative side mythology, demonized to the max, to go with the positive and make a complete story.

Leftists holding the belief in the Ultimate Demon of Hitlerism are in vibrationally equivalance with many modern gnosticized religionists: they both believe that the the Devil is a specific person or that the demonic can be pinned down to a group or plot.

Additionally the Demon must be blamed for pretty much anything that makes you feel better about your side and keeps people from researching you.

Don't ever forget it: Leftists are forgiving, open-minded and compassionate... but only as a strategy for taking power.

In actuality the compassion is only self-aggrandizement and has no actual emotional existence except as feeling good about oneself, which is not compassion or forgiveness. This all can be feigned.

The slightest observation reveals there is no forgiveness.

Takuan's example also supports what I'm saying...

"who sees white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists to watch for"

By finding and attacking imaginary demons, in this case non-muslims, they prove their valor and goodness. In their critically important deformation of reality, the sacrifice the innocent to prove their own goodness is an ongoing necessity.

You can't get this kind of mindset of these ordained good to "move on" very easily. But I have some ideas.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Oops, I meant to say toward the end:

They sacrifice the innocent (like virgins to the gods on a pyramid) to prove their own goodness (before their gods), and they do it AS an ongoing necessity and in the terms of their perceived need for achievement.

laller said...

You can't expect people to be able to deal with an "outside context problem" like Islam. Infact, their inability to do so is what makes it an "outside context problem". It's only natural for people to deal with or fear the problems they know and recognize, like nazism, than the problems they don't.



This insult to a mans last wishes will make the movement stronger,when the dead are abused in this fashion,abuse of the living can not be far behind,how can the "good and the great"extend forgivness and reconciliation to every murdering despot on this planet ,yet when it comes to this man,they are still enthusiastically cursing his soul.In any event ,this will not prevent his ardent followers from honouring his memory,most of the western world has a cenotaph,(empty grave)and thier feelings are undeminished.

Sagunto said...

Sean O'Brian -

And in the adult section, no wait, that's probably not what I meant.. For "grown-ups", there's always "V for.. Vacuousness", banging on the same right wing Ersatz-demons drum.

The "Nazi!" screaming zealots desperately need the established, counter-factual consensus, that Hitler somehow headed a right-wing extremist regime, like dedicated warmistas need their doomsday-prophet's "consensus" on global warming.

They really take the lesson by Joseph Goebbels to heart, i.e. that, "if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it"

So very true.

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Henrik R Clausen said...

My German contacts say that the grave was removed due to the family not wanting to pay maintanence fees for it any longer - but also that some pressure was applied to the family to reach that decision. So technically it's a monetary issue, not a political one.

BTW, it's good to read up on National Socialism. Note in particular that their Jew-hatred was directly based on radical anti-Capitalism.

I want Lenin removed from the Red Square and other graves of radical socialists cancelled, too.

Sagunto said...

To my last remark, I must add however, that slowly but surely, among substantial parts of the general public, I am sensing a gradual change in climate..

Even big and sometimes deeply rooted lies will ultimately be exposed, because some people still hang on to an old traditional dictum like gospel truth:

..ut testimonium perhibeam veritati


Sagunto said...

In addition to @Henrik's excellent link, here's some more info on the leftist/progressivist origins of National Socialism: "Hitler was a socialist"

From the same author: "The American roots of Fascism"

Kind regs from Amsterdam,

Takuan Seiyo said...

@Henrik Clausen
In Berlin you’ll find the Rosa Luxemburg Platz with her statue, and a U-Bahn station named after her too. The German government has poured millions of euros into the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation that spreads communism around the world, with a large staff and a scope of international activities that is hard to believe.

gsw said...

OK, last try:

The German NSAPD was not a party of
“right-wing extremists” they were a socialist/Labour party. Ok, they were Nationalist Socialist Labour Party of Germany, but surely, not ever the red, red communistic Russians were accused of being “right-wing extremists”.

So, the NSAPD was a fascist party, the “left-wing extremists” are a fascist party.

I think it is time we started complaining every time someone says a non-leftist fascist is a Nazi!

Col. B. Bunny said...

gsw, you are correct in everything but I think we must resist the concept of a "non-leftist fascist." If the spectrum indicates degree of government control, with maximum control being on the left side, fascists in the last century were de facto communists who controlled every last detail of the nation indirectly through police forces (as opposed to the Soviets who were the titular owners of every productive asset and also had hideous police forces).

Obsession with neo-Naziism is indeed a manifestation of a mental illness in which denial of more dangerous present problems excuses present inaction and cowardice. It also is a gross intellectual failure in that the observer uses an interpretive filter that was only useful prior to 1946.

However, it's more than a mental or intellectual failure. It's part of the left's deliberate strategy to obscure the crimes of the left in the last century and thus conceal the danger today of resurgent communism. The left MUST conceal the 100+M victims of communism and the tried and true strategy has been to keep the focus on Hitler and, of course, the "Christian roots" of National Socialism and the "Nationalism" part of "National Socialism."

How else can scum like AntiFa be tolerated by European governments? They are carbon copies of the communist and Nazi street thugs of the thirties and operate openly with face masks in the immediate presence of the police yet they are unmolested because all of Europe believes they righteously fight "fascism." They use the methods of communist and fascist street thugs against people working to unravel the E.U.'s anti-freedom agenda and to restore personal freedom, and they do this under the banner of fighting "fascism" (while also flouting the rule in every other aspect of their personal lives).

Some kind of irony in there.

1389 said...

We're Still Fighting WW2

laine said...

Today's Left "fights" vestigial Nazis, (their own totalitarian kin, not the right's) while welcoming the original Nazi allies, Muslims by the millions into Europe. The Left's greatest propaganda coup has been successfully pasting the Nazis on the right in the majority of minds through brainwashing techniques. Their second propaganda victory was killing the messenger Senator McCarthy's reputation forever and burying the truth that communist influence had infiltrated American government at the highest levels. (As with Roosevelt, so again with Obama). The Left's third propaganda victory has been minimizing discussion of communism's butcher's bill of one hundred million within living memory while rehashing lesser Nazi sins ad nauseam (as crimes of the right).

The history of the two ugly leftist sister totalitarianisms communism and Nazism have both been successfully disguised. The communist branch lives on and thrives under the labels "liberal" and "green/environmentalists" while joining up yet again with the oldest totalitarianism Islam, control freaks all.

The Left has the ugliest most inhumane history but is brilliant in selling and reselling its poison whereas the right has the ideas that have resulted in the most humane civilizations of history but CANNOT DEFEND OR SELL THEM!

Col. B. Bunny said...

Exactlly right, Laine.

The debt ceiling problem is a minor example. The Republicans should have a list of no more than five talking points that they all agree on and repeat ad nauseum. We are standing fast on this issue for these reasons . . . .

I may not be hearing what they are saying but of the top of my head I can't tell you what the Republican strategy is. Fran Porretto at Eternity Road has some ideas for some delicious conditions to attach to any concessions that might be made to the Dems.

None of that gets done and the public is left to absorb the Dem position alone.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the Harry Potter series but a race realist blogger talked about it recently --->