Wednesday, July 13, 2011

“I’d Rather Go to Court Than Be Killed”

This sounds like a sane man living in a crazy system:

For our readers in the Netherlands, here’s the story from de Gelderlander.

I Google-translated a few random comments from that news report:

1. Kamerbeek is quite right. I think he ‘experience qualified’ enough to be able to choose who he can and can not have in his tent. And yes, it jumps a ‘population’ from. But dear people, who it be, that’s all we know, only Kamerbeek has the guts to speak it out. Long live the PVV!

2. Jamal Al Mubaraki, owner of Fendy Jeweler in Nijmegen will now get more clients…

3.We have enough of those opvreters here in the Netherlands. The deal is good in our diseased country. deeply ashamed that we have slipped so far.

Dutch readers who want to take their opinion survey, it’s at that same page on the sidebar down to the right.

This reminds me of the time the Commonwealth’s Attorney threatened to put me in jail…

He had subpoenaed me to testify in open court against an untreated schizophrenic, a man who had already beaten up a judge in our previous court encounter. In that same incident, the fellow also managed to rip off his wife’s clothing and throw a very heavy microphone at her head (it missed). Before they got him subdued, he’d injured two policemen and a bailiff.

When they finally got him in check and put on the handcuffs, I asked for leg chains this time, even if it was just to walk from courthouse to the jail’s van. As they had ignored my pre-hearing request for handcuffs during his appearance before the judge (because I knew how violent he was), they laughed at the idea of leg irons. "He ain’t going nowhere with those handcuffs on, lady".

It took them five hours, chasing this fellow all over the city, before they were able to put him in the van for the trip back to jail. As predicted, he’d booked down the street as soon as he saw daylight. When they finally cornered him those handcuffs were broken, still attached to one wrist. Oh, but this time they did put leg irons on to get him back to the van. Seems like some people are always one war behind.

Now, months later, we were in court again and I was supposed to testify about what had happened back during the first hearing. But they expected me to do this in front of the defendant who — as had been the case in his first appearance — was not in restraints of any kind.

I refused to enter the courtroom. Repeatedly, courteously, I refused. A policeman sitting next to me patted my hand and said, “don’t worry, honey. Ain’t nothing gonna happen in there”. To which I replied, “I was a virgin witness back then, but I’m not any more. I will not enter a courtroom with that man if he’s not in restraints”. Period.

That’s when I got threatened with jail. I explained incarceration would be a whole lot better than being in the Intensive Care Unit with brain damage. “Just give me time to go back to the office and collect a book or two to read.”

In the end, they managed to convict him without my testimony. I recommended they have his schizophrenia treated but even a prisoner has “rights” to refuse medical treatment. Go figure.

As you can see, I fully understand this now-crippled store owner’s firm resolve to refuse to let people into his store who are likely to steal his valuable inventory and beat him up for fun. In this country, these groups of lawless “youths” are called “flash robbers”. They text one another, mob up for the attack and then they’re gone. So what if the proprietor ends up in a wheel chair? Big deal.

Is there any difference here? Some. In the states with “concealed carry” gun laws (which permit you to arm yourself), flash rob mobs are less likely to form. Those kids may be crazy but they’re not stupid. They won’t go up against an armed store-owner.

Some of our strictest gun control states and cities are beginning to rethink their position.

Poor Europe. Many of your nations have disarmed you “for your own good”. As everyone knows, when the citizenry can’t have weapons, the lawless will do a good business selling guns to one another on the black market.

I wonder if the robbery rates are any lower in Switzerland? Does anyone know?

Hat tip: original video @ Snaphanen’s Youtube page.

Here’s Steen’s blog.

Thanks also to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video to the MRC TV site so we could fold the page despite Blooger’s limitations (with Youtube, at any rate).


Papa Whiskey said...

Regarding "flash-mob" robberies, a few points bear noting:

1. The phenomenon got its start in Barryhusseinville, otherwise known as Chicago, Ill., where indeed one cannot legally arm oneself.

2. The perpetrators have been "African-American," the targets white.

3. Such attacks are a very good reason to resist the Obamachine's call for a ban on high-capacity magazines -- and to invest in quantities of the same while prices are still resaonable.

4. Walk heavy and watch your six.

Dymphna said...

I thought it started in LA, with the target being Korean grocers.

The Philly stuff has been more random but publicized. Scared ppl who were sitting in restaurants eating. One woman with experience in South America 'youth' behavior kept her cellphone and wallet in her lap, but some of her table mates weren't so lucky.

I saw a good name for it today: Obamageddon. That will probably catch on.

As I said the main problems will be in states and cities with strict gun control laws. With Rahm Emmanuel in charge, Barryhusseinville is begining to re-assess that dumb law. Some summers they've had more gang deaths than we've had military personnel killed in the sandbox.

The yout gangs don't pick on whites particularly, they're just out to grab what they can. No problem with "doing" a brother, it's just that there are so few of them.

It'll be like LA after the riots. Those stores will close one by one as they're picked clean by these barbarians. And then the b's will complain about the discrimination bec. no one wants to open stores near them.

In his autobiographies, when Obama writes about living in da ghetto doing his community organizing, he realizes he can't change anything. Too bad he didn't stick with that insight.

Dymphna said...

BTW, the only reason I'd resist Obama's foot under the tent with restrictions on the kinds of guns is because I think a victory would be permission to start pressuring for more and more restrictions.

That slope is so slippery it's greased with lard.

However, a conceal carry law is the most effective tool we have. In those states, as Mark Steyn has pointed out, the lawless are at least hesitant...some Texas school just got back the right to concealed carry on campus.

gsw said...

tut, tut, how extremely un-PC of him.

I think it would be appropriate for all those nice 'ethic' minorities who are so offended at his refusal to sell/give away his wares to boycott his store as a punishment - the same way they boycott Jewish stores!

That way way everyone would be happy.

matism said...

When will people recognize that it is "Law Enforcement" who is most to blame for this? Whenever a "Law Enforcement" officer is attacked or killed, just how long does it take for them to identify and punish the perpetrator? Now compare that to when the victim is a Mere Citizen.

Wonder WHY there is that difference. I'm sure it must be a mere coincidence. Don't you agree?

Screw the concealed carry. If "Law Enforcement" is permitted open carry, Mere Citizens should be as well. Although the words "shall not be infringed" seem to ring a bell. It doesn't MATTER what the meaning of the word "is" is. The stench is overwhelming.

Elan-tima said...

The Media and the Government in the Netherlands are more afraid of people like the store owner than the untermensch punks who crippled him. Why? Because he and a growing number of Nederlanders are actually thinking and deciding for themselves what is the best course to take to ensure their lively hood instead of staying in the socialist trance, sleepwalking to zombieland.
You never can predict the creative mind of a Dutchman striving for civility. I applaud the store owners solution, he's the tip of an iceberg hidden in a ocean of EU government complacency.

Dymphna said...


I don't want to excise your comment but in future please refrain from the 'edgy' words or i will have to do that.

As we mentioned repeatedly, home schooled children read our blog and we want the exchanges to stay on the 'cool' side. Words can inflame inflame the discussion. Instead, your sentiment could as easily be phrased, "forget concealed carry..." That is less aggressive rhetoric but still gets your point across.

Word choice aside, I disagree with some of your assertions.

1. Concealed carry works. And the notion of a Wild West where everyone walks around toting a six shooter on his hip isn't conducive to a peaceful commons. In fact, this is a good example of discretion being the better part of valor. When weapons are out of sight, those wishing to wreak havoc don't know who is armed and who isn't. Thus, c.c. makes for a greater safety and civility.

2. Uniformed policemen are supposedly 'peace' keepers. They are specifically licensed to maintain the law and it makes sense that their weapons would be visible.

3. Police don't work in a vacuum. In the Netherlands (and everywhere else)legislative bodies, officials and bureaucracy all decide who will be targeted and which laws will be enforced. Thus in many cities in the US loitering gangs openly selling drugs are ignored. But that's not a police decision. They're at the bottom of that pecking order.

4. The police in the Netherlands aren't any help (see Gregorius Nekshott). I agree they are part of the problem, but the center of the this issue is what the courts and law makers permit. For example, the police didn't open the borders and invite enormous numbers of Muslim immigrants into the country.

A more prudent course would be to listen to what Elan-tima says:

You never can predict the creative mind of a Dutchman striving for civility. I applaud the store owner's solution, he's the tip of an iceberg hidden in a ocean of EU government complacency...

There was a headline today from Italy which uses a similar metaphor to describe the situation. Except it said that the EU was the Titanic and not even being in first class would save anyone from the iceberg...

Anonymous said...

Dymphna :

"I wonder if the robbery rates are any lower in Switzerland?"

Robbery is exploding in Switzerland. I'm writing this from memory, but I think the figures are now similar to France, which is saying something.

Switzerland used to be a country where you could leave a suitcase in the street, come back a few hours later, and collect it. Now it's overwhelmed by foreign robbers who consider it a playground for their activities.

Robbers are mostly "French", meaning Arabs from city estates just across the border, Albanian, former Yougoslavs or Gypsies. When a group of Gypsies prepares to settle somewhere, the police canvass homes, and warns people not to leave tools outside, to lock doors, etc.

The police would be prosecuted in France for doing that. There's still something refreshing with the Swiss.

There is a regular occurence of violent robberies against banks or jewellery shops, where serious weapons are used.

Fortunately, Swiss policemen are a tad less timid with their own weapons than their French ounterparts, and this can leave some yoofs bewildered... or just plain dead.

A group of "French" Kurds went once on a fishing expedition to nearby Switzerland in order to "acquire" a new luxury car -- this is a trend. "French" muslims consider Switzerland as a giant free supermarket they can loot at will. Cars are especially a target. The Kurdish gang openly admitted that they had a habit of doing that.

The police chased them. The yoofs disregarded attempts to stop them. They probably tried to run over the police. A policeman took aim at the fleeing car as it was coming out of a tunnel, and fired something like six or seven shots, with his submachine gun, in non-automatic mode.

One of the robbers was killed. There was a noticeable amount of Schadenfreude aired on conservative French blogs. At last, someone is doing something about "our" thugs.

Afterwards, the grieving family went to mourn over the highway, in full view of the Swiss media, lamenting how the deceased was such a sweet guy, his friends liked him so much, that's really unfair, you don't deserve the death penalty just for stealing, etc, etc.

I even think (but I may be mixing two different incidents) that one Swiss journalist who went to interview the family in France, in order to "understand", found his car with all four tyres slashed when leaving.

A car with Swiss plates in the middle of a French muslim ghetto. He could as well have left a big sign : "Come and vandalize me".

There is even a Swiss blog which is the equivalent of Thugreport :

Anonymous said...

Also refreshing : the Geneva police has its own Thugreport Daily News, and the nationality of the (mostly foreign) perpetrators is not whitewashed.