Friday, July 22, 2011

Norwegian Media Report on Utøya

This article from rom (original in English) recaps what was reported here earlier:

At least ten people are killed in shootings at a youth camp only hours after a massive bomb blast in central Oslo.

One man has been arrested after the shooting and police see a connection between the two attacks.

The first reports of shootings on Utøya, an island outside of Oslo, came around 18.25 PM Friday night.

According to a witness the gunman identified himself as a police officer before he started killing people.

Almost 700 young members of the Labour Party was at the island for a youth camp.

Police now confirms that at least ten people are killed in the shootings at the island. An eyewitness tells VG Nett that more than 20 to 30 people are dead.

Police also fear it could be bombs at the youth camp and are currently securing the island.

The shootings came only hours after a bomb exploded in a government building in central Oslo at 3.30 PM Friday afternoon.

The explosion killed at least seven people and two people are seriously injured in the blast, confirms police.

Surrounding buildings was also affected by the attack. The bomb exploded close to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s office. He was not at his office and has not been injured.

Several blocks around the bomb are still evacuated and people are asked to stay away from the city centre.
VG Nett will return with more updates for our international readers.

Hat tip: Fjordman.


Avery Bullard said...

If this turns out to be a right winger then the left, not just in Norway, will have been handed a major political victory which it is sure to exploit to the hilt. Given their control of the media this could be a major disaster for European civilisation.

europyre said...

If it did turn out to be somebody other than an islamist, it would be a "black swan" exception, an aberration.

However in reality it would not change the fact that islamists are on the march across the world and engaged in terrorism in Israel, India, Sweden, Russia, China the US, the UK and beyond (to name just a few countries blighted by real islamist attacks in recent times.

Anyway lets wait for confirmation until drawing too many conclusions one way or the other

Fjordman said...

AB: Indeed it could. It would be the absolutely worst possible news in the current situation and will have repercussions far beyond my tiny nation for many years to come. It will have evil people from George Soros via the Muslim Brotherhood to Bill Ayers grinning with joy.

A Common Loon said...

If this act was perpetrated by an angry native, it may well be the kiss of death for Norway and possibly the rest of us. It will almost certainly be exploited to its fullest extent and used as the final clinching proof that ethnic Europeans and their culture are inherently evil.

Regardless of the reason or perpetrator, my sympathies for the Norwegians.

Nomadic100 said...

To Fjordman,

Any chance that, if the violence was perpetrated by rightists, Norway might still perceive that it is very vulnerable to attacks by non-rightists, and take appropriate security measures against Islamist threats which have already been issued?

Fjordman said...

Muninn: Yes, we should first of all think about those who were killed today. I stand by what I said: Muslim or not, that person murdered in cold blood a whole bunch of people, including unarmed teenagers, some of whom were desperately trying to swim away. My country does not have the death penalty. I deeply regret that today. In my humble opinion, a person fully deserves to be executed for doing what he did.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Two issiues come to mind:

1. There are Bosnians and Albanians who are blond and tall, and the islamization-by-design of the entire West has resulted in a number of white converts to Islam, even open jihadis. So it's premature to form conclusions.

2. Aren't the young people in this "Youth Camp" the same young socialist organization that sued (as GoV reported) Christian Tybring-Gjedde for "racism"?

Homophobic Horse said...

I would be very surprised indeed if it was a white supremacist of some variety. They wouldn't kill the children of their own even if they really hate what they believe.

Nick said...

Many of the people on TV today who are presented as 'experts' on terrorism have said that the methods employed in this attack are similar to AQ attacks. It's also been said time and again that the typical 'lone wolf' scenario doesn't seem to fit, because of the level of organisation required to do something like this, in two different locations.

On the other hand, the guy didn't blow himself up. He ended up on a killing spree, which is very Charles Whitman.

Lena Laserhjärna said...

Well Homophobic horse... u were wrong, the right wing can kill children aswell. 80 of them...

Can we just end this madness and let people have their beliefs?

Hellstream said...

99,6% of all european terrosism is done by others than ismlamists, with separatists at the top with 84,8%. So stop talking about the "islamic threat"!