Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video: Bombs Exploding in Stockholm

Below is footage of five bombs going off inside the jihad bomber’s car in Stockholm tonight. Many thanks to Kitman for YouTubing this from Danish TV:

Kitman adds:

TV2 [Denmark] is reporting that the bomber was carrying a rucksack full of nails. Swedish TV is a disgrace — they refuse to say that the killing is related to the bombing. And they won’t say the two explosions were related.

On Swedish TV they actually said that a car containing fireworks caught on fire.


Charlemagne said...

Are we sure this is the home of the Vikings? Fireworks? Really? Cowardice and pathological political correctness.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Why did the fire truck drive past the burning car? Surely they were in danger of being blown up??

Nick said...

Sky News in the UK wasn't much better. They had a Swedish bobbie on and he just rambled on for a few minutes and didn't say a damn thing.

goethechosemercy said...

The most essential comment can be made in one sentence:
The religion of peace bombs again.