Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Snake of Kosovo

For more than a decade the media snow job on Kosovo has been remarkably uniform: Serbs bad, Kosovars good.

According to conventional wisdom, the Serbs attempted genocide against the Albanians in Kosovo, who were innocent victims until they became valiant freedom fighters with the help of the United States Air Force. This fairy tale is remarkably resilient, and has enjoyed bipartisan support in the United States for the last eleven years. Back in 1999 there were a few dissenting voices among American conservatives, but they never came close to dislodging the mainstream message: the evil Serbs got what was coming to them.

I remember reading detailed investigative reports about the KLA back in 1999, and that’s when it became obvious that we were on the wrong side. It was clear that we were pushing for the establishment of a well-armed Saudi-bankrolled gangster state in the Balkans, and that is exactly what we got.

Now the chickens have finally come home to roost. Someone in the European establishment obviously had second thoughts about Kosovo, and has allowed a devastating report to escape from the Council of Europe. What used to be a paranoid fringe theory — that Kosovar gangsters were systematically harvesting human organs and selling them on the black market — now has the imprimatur of a respectable rapporteur at the CoE.

The alleged ringleader of this ghastly criminal enterprise is none other than Kosovar prime minister Hashim Thaçi, known to his detractors as the “Snake”. Balkan Studies has a detailed report:

Hashim Thaçi, Kosovo’s Organ Trafficking Boss

by James George Jatras

The Council of Europe’s rapporteur Dick Marty has accused Hashim Thaçi, Kosovo’s self-styled “prime minister,” of heading a mafia-like operation that included murdering captives, mainly Serbs, to sell their organs on the black market. But will it matter? asks James Jatras.

One can’t help but wonder how many times we have to be hit over the head before it begins to sink in that America’s intervention in Kosovo was based on a pack of lies from the start. The “accepted” narrative of Kosovo as the great success story parades under the headline: U.S. and NATO Allies Nobly Stepped in to Stop Genocide by Evil Serbs. The reality was U.S. Dragged NATO Allies Kicking and Screaming Into Support for Muslim Mafia Committing Genocide Against Christian Serbs.

Comes now the Council of Europe’s human rights investigator Dick Marty with damning accusations that Hashim Thaçi, a/k/a Gjarpër (“Snake“), currently masquerading as “prime minister” of the illegal separatist administration in Pristina, heads a “mafia-like” operation that included murdering captives, mainly Serbs, to sell their organs on the black market. Is even that ghoulish revelation enough to force a reconsideration of the preening self-justification of a “humanitarian” intervention most Americans have long since forgotten? We can hope. But did the plotted attack on Fort Dix changes any minds? No. Now we have organ trafficking. Let’s remember the organ-trafficking story first broke over two years ago and seemed to be withering away in the face of brazen stonewalling by “authorities” in Pristina and Tirana (with full backing from Washington, of course.)

Release of Mr. Marty’s report, just as Thaçi is claiming victory in Kosovo’s recent elections, suggests that somebody in Europe wants to jump off this bandwagon to disaster. But for Americans, the question is: How horrible do the facts need to be before we start looking behind the curtain to see what our government is so desperate to conceal?

In the unfortunate partisan myopia that plagues American politics, some of my fellow conservatives might be tempted to blame it on Bill Clinton and leave it at that. Of course, it was largely a “Clinton problem” back during the 1999 NATO war against Serbia. To their credit, most Congressional Republicans voted against the war, which our Razorback Rommel illegally launched even though the House of Representatives had voted down the authorization to use military force. But while Republicans mainly voted No, the neoconservative establishment was whipping up support for the Clinton White House. Unfortunately, with neocon domination of the George W. Bush administration’s foreign policy, and their desperation to win Islamic friends after 9/11, the Bush policy on Kosovo was even more Clinton than Clinton, leading to the decision to try to force the issue of Kosovo’s independence in violation of every principle of international law and national sovereignty.

So, what will Washington do now about “our” guy Thaçi? Do a Google Image search for his name with almost any top U.S. figure of either party you can think of and you’ll see him in a warm handshake, often a chummy embrace with a virtual Who’s Who of the American establishment: George W. Bush, Condi Rice, Bill Gates, Clinton (both of them), Joseph Biden, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark, etc. (See “Snake and Friends“ at the end of this message.) One would like to think some one of these worthies would now have the decency to say (even if only in virtuous hypocrisy), “What? I didn’t know! I’d never have supported these guys if I had!” But the problem is, even aside from these organ-trafficking peccadilloes, the U.S. establishment did know — from Day One — that Thaçi and Co. (the “Kosovo Liberation Army,” KLA) were a bunch of thugs. So did the intelligence services of our allies. (And make no mistake — it’s not just Thaçi. If Thaçi needs to be dumped, we can guess that “Plan B” will be to install in his place another of his equally vicious KLA colleagues.) They — our government — knew the KLA were criminals running the drug, slave, and weapons rackets throughout Europe. They knew the KLA was supported by Osama bin Laden (with whom Thaçi met personally in Tirana in 1998 to plan the jihad in Kosovo, according to the former head of Albanian intelligence), the Iranians, the Saudis, the Turks, and other supporters of an Islamic re-re-conquest of the Balkans. And we supported them anyway, shredding every rule of law and decency in the process. Now what? In all probability, circle the wagons, hope it will blow over, and keep twisting arms around the world in support of the illegal separatist terrorist entity “KosovA.”

As for Serbia — if there were a respectable government in Belgrade, instead of a group of quislings, they wouldn’t be preparing to meet with representatives of Thaçi’s “government” in direct negotiations. Instead, conspiring with their U.S. and European supporters and collaborators in the Serbian Orthodox Church, Belgrade’s recent “contribution” to the Kosovo fiasco is their persecution of Vladika Artemije, Bishop of Ras and Prizren and Kosovo and Metohija, who over two years ago was calling for then-President Bush to refuse to meet with Thaçi and demanding an accounting for the organ-selling outrage!

Let us hope that Mr. Marty’s fine work doesn’t get thrown down the Memory Hole with any and all other facts inconvenient to Washington’s policy. But it’s not enough just to track down the individual perpetrators, or even to pack Thaçi off to jail (though both would be a good start). It’s time for the lies that have undergirded our entire Balkan policy to be exposed, for the United States to stop its obsessive support for Islamic jihad against the indigenous Christian population, and specifically to back off from our absurd and destructive global lobbying on behalf of the KLA regime.

Some might argue that “we’ve come too far” to reverse course now, that American commitment to “KosovA” is irreversible. But it’s never too late to stop doing the wrong thing and start doing the right thing. If Mr. Marty’s organ-trafficking revelations can be a catalyst for a truthful reassessment of American policy and of the events of recent years, the victims will not have died in vain.

Go over to Balkan Studies for more, including numerous photos of respectable world leaders being very, very friendly with Hashim Thaçi.

Hat tip: Srdja Trifkovic.


Mother Effingby said...

I tremble for my country when I think that God is Just.

Unknown said...

The commissioning and tabling of the report is rather surprising, more so given the reports findings. Probably theyve been watered down by Mr Marty but even so they are damning. Nothing may come of the report however it has been officially tabled and accepted by the Council of Europe. lt is now on the public record. This in itself is a major achievement. This is the most positive Kosovo development we have seen in ten years. We need to keep the pressure on the various governments and bodies.

Anne-Kit said...

"How horrible do the facts need to be before we start looking behind the curtain to see what our government is so desperate to conceal?"

Will WikiLeaks bring forth these terrible secrets? Somehow I think not, because that wouldn't be "sticking it to the Man" now, would it?

Arius said...

It's the usual story: Muslims can do no wrong in the eyes of the Western elites.

Anonymous said...

There's another aspect of this scam: where I live, Northern California, there's a huge community of ex-Yugoslavia Muslim "refugees." There are lots of young women in headscarves, all with toddlers and pushing strollers. (I'm pretty sure they're from that community, because there are so many, I can recognize the look and language.)

How can this be? When one faction is the obvious winner in an ethnic war, why do the winners get to be refugees and move here? If there are Christian Serbs in California, they're invisible. The Muslims are very visible.

It's as if, after WWII, there were a huge, open influx of Nazi refugees to America, and a few Jews lived here discreetly.

Anonymous said...

^My analogy is terrible, but I'll let it stand & qualify it. After WWII, the "winners," the Jews, were allowed to immigrate here, so in that sense it's exactly what we're seeing now, with the Muslim winners in former Yugoslavia also coming here. But it's different because, after WWII, the Jews still had no territory in Europe and it was better for them to leave, while the Muslims in former Yugoslavia have expanded their existing territory, in addition to winning the war, so if not for the obvious corruption of American immigration policy, it would make more sense for the Muslim winners to stay in Europe and enjoy their new territory.

Mel said...

@latte island, There have been Serbs in California, including Northern California, for more than 100 years. CA's first female Senator, Rose Ann Vuich, was the daughter of Serbs. The difference is that Serbs assimilate and become Americans pretty quickly, while maintaining their Faith and heritage privately. The biggest concession that they've ever gotten was that the lights on the State Capitol stay up until after January 7th when they celebrate Christmas, and Rose Ann did that one on her own.

During the 1990's Balkan wars, Serbs weren't allowed to immigrate here, because the US Gov did not want Americans to see the Serbs as "victims". I know, because we had to pull every string in the book just to get a 6 yr old Serb girl run over by a tank, a medical visa. Then, we were told that her visa would immediately be canceled if any news media were alerted her story.

I am an American, born & bred, of Serb descent --raised to kiss the ground of America for having given our family a home and a life. I have never been ashamed of that Serb descent, but during the 1990's, I was for the first time ashamed of my country, the USA.

Misanthrope said...

Sort-of off topic: Back in 1999 I was taking a 20th Century history class at a small college in Kansas. I ran into the professor one day who introduced me to her brother who worked for FEMA, there to talk about government "service".

I mentioned that I saw a report in the news from the State Department on how the KLA was listed as a major drug runner from Afghanistan. Which shocked my professor, but not her brother. This was never brought up in class; I am older now and would have waited to class to bring it up.

Live and hopefully learn.

Simon said...

US treatment of the Serbs reminds me of Britis treatment of the Afrikaners in the Boer War. In both cases our countries have behaved terribly and committed horrible crimes. At least in the Boer case there was a case for a national-interest argument, while there was no real US interest in the attack on Serbia and the genocide of Serbs in Kosovo.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces

To march and protest (which I did) against the "humanitarian intervention" and in supprt of Serbia resulted in hostility from all sides of the political spectrum, how times change.

Yorkshireminer said...

Nicola Tesla was a Serb, and a great American, without his invention of AC current and the AC motor the industrialization of America in the 20th century would have been far more difficult.

CubuCoko said...

Just one small correction: Thaci's moniker ("Snake") wasn't something his enemies came up with. It was his nom de guerre in the terrorist KLA, and not for a surfeit of humanitarianism. Reportedly he earned it by ruthlessly murdering any actual or potential rivals. Albanians actually live in abject terror of Thaci and the KLA.

michael farris said...

My position on the Yugoslavian conflicts beginning in the 90's hasn't really changed. There are no good guys (collectively speaking).

There was lots of blame to go around for Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks and Albanians alike. Like I said, there were no good guys.

Yes, Albanians aren't liked by anyone and are, quite understandably, the second least popular neighbors in Europe (behind Gypsies) but that doesn't make the 90's regime of Milosevic any better than it was and did not change the fact of demographic change in Kosovo to primarily ethnic Albanian.

Serbs haven't been a majority in Kosovo since sometime in the 19th century and did nothing to gain or deserve the allegience or support of the over 80 % Albanian majority.

michael farris said...

"Serbs haven't been a majority in Kosovo since sometime in the 19th century and did nothing to gain or deserve the allegience or support of the over 80 % Albanian majority."

Slight clarification. I mean that the Serbian government of Milosevic did nothing to make the local Albanian majority want to stay under Belgrade control.

And I hope no Serbs still really believe that Milosevic cared anything but his own power. Serbians were ultimately victims of his ruthless totalitarian ambition too.

Mel said...

There are no good guys (collectively speaking). There was lots of blame to go around for Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks and Albanians alike..... And I hope no Serbs still really believe that Milosevic cared anything but his own power. Serbians were ultimately victims of his ruthless totalitarian ambition too.

Milosevic was a ruthless character who deserved no better than a bullet in the head -- that may be true. He wasn't a benevolent politician, but whose politicians are? But what ever evil Milosevic did, our own leaders did also, but with ten times the force and ruthlessness. We've accomplished more permanent ethnic cleansing than Milosevic ever dreamed of. And we've created evil and hostile Muslim states, which have become hotbeds of al qaeda, drug running and worse. Now we Westerners are the ones who are victims of our own politicians' "ruthless totalitarian ambition". And we are MORE to blame than any side in the Balkans, as they were at least defending their homes and country. What was our excuse?

Anonymous said...

There is a discussion of the USA's shameful participation in the Kosovo war on my blog, beginning around here.

Jerry Low said...

I encourage you to read my analysis of my Kosovo studies. I spent two weeks there in 1986 helping build the first evangelical church in modern time and have been interested in the country ever since.

I believe Kosovo was the center of the Serb culture 600 and 700 years ago. Whether they were forced out or just birth demographics worked against them, the Kosovars have carved out a somewhat dysfunctional country that they dominate. I do believe that just as Greater Serbia was a bad idea, so is Greater Albania a bad idea. I know Kosovo was illegally taken from Serbia but I also believe Serbia lost Kosovo over fifty years ago.

syntec said...

This article, in common with many others in its vein, highlights the enormous depth of total corruption, vice, perversion and depravity into which Western political and even Christian religious leaders, and the bulk of their ambivalent and decedant native populations have sunk.

Unless, the said Western political and Christian religious leadership start rekindling a healthy respect for their ancestral birthrights by reacquiring the absolutely essential ethnonationalist mindset for the preservation AND defence of their respective indigenous brethren, their heritages, languages, cultures, traditions and literary, scientific and technological achievements which will involve propagating a rediscovered pride and ruthless killer instinct towards non-indigenous enemies currently in residence on Western territories, the West is definitely lost to the enemy within.

Ideally, it's time to start rounding up all Western leaders for trial and execution.

Let's face it, they have already proved their grevious guilt by their words and deeds on the world stage for far too many decades now and the onus of innocence must be placed upon each and every one of them. After all, was it not, for example, the judicial and legislative wing of the European Union and as far as I am aware, the equivalent in the USA, who fairly recently removed trial by jury and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty!!!!!!

The time has come to replace them all by any and every means found necessary regardless.

Mel said...

@Associated with Based on your assessment of "Serbia" having "lost Kosovo 50 years ago", then we should be prepared to cede California, Arizona, & Texas to Mexico in the near future based on Hispanic demographics! No, sorry, I will not drink of the socialist KoolAid that says some third party has the right to give away someone else's property to those "who need it more" and "have a better use for it".

Kosovo Metohija translation : "Kosovo, Land of Monasteries" Serbia's use of their property was "monasteries", not mosques, not drug running, sex trafficking, not arms dealing, not organ trafficking -- and NOT a NATO Base! Sovereignty is a country's equiv of private property, and you throw out one, you throw out the other, whether you realize it or not.

However much good you think that you are doing with your Protestant churches in Kosovo, in fact you are spitting on those Christians who fought and died keeping Kosovo "The Land of Monasteries" for generations by providing propaganda cover for those who who want to keep Kosovo an Albanian Mafia stronghold. And based on reports, your people are not fairing any better with that Albanian Muslim Mafia than the Serbs are!