Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Setting Up of Tommy Robinson

“We will continue to do this. You can put us in prison. You can put me in prison. I will continue to do this. We will have an HMP English Defence League Division in the first prison I go to.”

The video below, which was just released today by English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson, is very timely, thanks to today’s arrest of Guramit Singh.

In his video testimony, Mr. Robinson describes what has been happening to him and members of his family over the last few months. He has been set up by the police, subjected to repeated raids on the flimsiest of pretexts, and arrested in front of his children by officers carrying automatic weapons. His parents and other family members have been terrorized by the police to put pressure on him. His bank accounts have been frozen.

Worst of all, one of his old friends who is facing a serious criminal charge is being offered a walk if he sets up Tommy Robinson. As Mr. Robinson points out, if this attempt fails, there will be another one after it, and another one, until one of them finally succeeds and he is sent to prison.

This brave man refuses to be silenced. He made this video as a testament to what has happened to him, so that when the cell door eventually clangs shut behind him — as it surely must, sooner or later — his suffering and struggle will not have been in vain.

If you support the English Defence League and its struggle against the Islamization of England — or if you support the resistance to Islamization anywhere, in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and elsewhere — spread this video around, mirror it, forward it to your email lists.

Tommy Robinson’s voice will not be silenced. “We will never surrender.”


Zenster said...

That odd whirring sound accompanied by muffled grinding and strangled hysterics is Geroge Orewell laughing through gritted teeth as he spins in his grave.

A Common Loon said...

"Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison... the only house in a slave State in which a free man can abide with honor." -Thoreau

imnokuffar said...

What can one say ? This is truly shocking and an indictment of the entire Criminal Justice system. It is also an indictment of the the whole Politically Correct/Multicult culture that has infected every aspect of our soceity and wholly corrupted it.

Some time ago I foretold what would happen to Tommy and to the EDL.

However, even I am shocked at the lengths these scum have gone too in persecuting, trying to intimidate and coerce this brave patriot and more shockingly still, his family and friends.

Tommy recently praised the Police in one of his speeches for thier resraint. I bet he wishes he had never uttered these words.

The fact is that those Police who are sympathetic to his cause are totally powerless to intervene.

So we have the ludicrious and tragic spectacle of the Judiciary persecuting someone (and not just him) for daring to question the current corrupted social, political and judicial precepts of British soceity, whilst at the same time defending with all the means at thier disposal the Islamic scum who would seek to further undermine destroy it with the help of those fellow travellers the Liberals, Marxists and the policial elites.

Where are Tommy's Human Rights ?

Where are all the Human Rights groups and Lawyers who come out in droves when a Muslim is arrested on terrorism charges ?

Not a word of this on the MSM - nothing.

We are living in a Police state.

I am utterly disgusted

Anonymous said...

Tommy needs to pay a little more attention. He absolutely should not accept prison as inevitable. That's because (in my opinion) the purpose of putting him on remand is to get him killed in prison. There are far too many Muslim inmates in English prisons for him to avoid them, many of whom will be ordered to kill him. Not by the Powers That Be, mind you, not in any traceable way. They need merely place him where he can't avoid his enemies, and let their bloodlust do the rest. An entirely deniable assassination.

Anonymous said...

I have the same concern as randian, that T.R. is at high risk for assassination in prison. What are the alternatives? He can leave the country or go underground, or ...? It's clear that the legal system is so corrupt, he might as well show up for an audience with the Godfather.

1389 said...

Mirrored on 1389 Blog, per your request.

Zenster said...

imnokuffar: Some time ago I foretold what would happen to Tommy and to the EDL.

Please elucidate. If you have predicted this, then it is to your distinct credit for having done so. All of us would benefit from knowing just how far in advance someone else managed to foretell this sordid event.

randian: There are far too many Muslim inmates in English prisons for him to avoid them, many of whom will be ordered to kill him.

While I should have been able to predict this with equal clarity, my own calendar is sufficiently clogged whereby it simply did not occur to me.

This ghastly prospect is on a par with a death sentence by proxy that can only be an eternal shame for Britain's legal system.

I am a long time supporter of the death penalty. That said, either a government implements a genuine death sentence or it does everything in its power to avoid any sort of ex post facto execution of same.

Anonymous said...

This video is going viral. The world IS watching.

If authorities are concerned with the effect Tommy Robinson and the EDL has on public opinion outside of prison walls, perhaps they should consider the effect of such influence within those walls. Despite the degree of cultural enrichment within prison walls, there is no doubt the non-muslim population is fed up with the inequality of perks given a certain devout population.

Tommy Robinson stated: ". . .We will have an HMP English Defence League Division in the first prison I go to.”

Since it is apparent Tommy Robinson got wind of the authorities continued illegal attempts to bribe prisoners to bear false witness against him, don't these same authorities realise that non-muslim prisoners are just as informed of what is going on outside those prison walls with the EDL? Can the authorities have any doubt the degree of EDL influence within prison walls should they follow through?

British authorities may soon realize imprisoning Tommy Robinson to silence the EDL has the potential to seriously backfire - actually triggering the very consequences they thought imprisoning Tommy Robinson would avoid, but this time exploding within prison walls as well as in the general public. Talk about unintended consequences.

goethechosemercy said...

We can't control what the corrupt "Special Branch" et al do, but we certainly can control the lesson they draw from it.
Imprison Tommy Robinson and you will find yourself with thousands of Tommy Robinsons.
His adversaries saw how rational he was on the BBC the other night. That is what has prompted this campaign of harrassment.
What the Multiculti left and Islam don't realize is that the leader is not the movement (Robinson cannot be compared to Mohammed), the movement pre-existed the EDL and will exist regardless of what happens to the EDL et al.
I hold British authorities, such as they are, in contempt.
As should the majority of the British population.
Her Majesty's Government is now Islam's government.
Do the British yet feel themselves to be subdued?

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

I can’t see the vid from our crappy free connection here in KAF, but having followed the EDL from there start, I’m not surprised by the dhimmis antics of the police. It is also not very odd that the MSMs have ignored that the latest jihadist martyr in Sweden came from the very place, Luton, where it was the screamin’ antics of Islamists which resulted in the creation of the EDL.

If Tommy does go to prison, he’ll be in grave danger as prisons all over Europe are filled with large numbers of Islamists with nothing better to do than become even more radicalized, and whose jail antics are encouraged by the prison’s misplaced perception that the in-house muslims are entitled to religious rights. I think if Tommy goes to prison, he’ll just find a worse multi-cultural hell trapped within four walls.

imnokuffar said...

In reply to Zenster.

I think I predicted this about 2 months ago, not the actuality but a fair approximation of events as they have unfolded. Unfortunately I do not have the communication to hand.

It does not take a genius to work out that if someone with no political backing, no real
organisation, no legal backup and who is politically naive puts himself in front of the fascist scum currently in control of the levers of power, that person will be treated to the full severity of what is laughingly in the UK called the law.

As you seem to be a clever person yourself I am suprised you did not predict it also.

I have witnessed first hand as a member of the BNP just what lengths these scum will go to persecute and defame anybody who stands against them.

Having said all of this, I am full of admiration for the courage and forthrightness that Tommy has displayed.

Gregory said...

I put the video on my facebook page. Why does the english government keep screwing up? Because they are rich people who can leave england the moment things get to uncomfortable or threatening to them. So, they say, "screw us white people. Changes are needed around here and the ugly huking muslims might just be the ticket". Englands governments have never been know for wisdom or strength.

nanette said...

All has been said, so I just say:
G-d Bless Tommy Robinson and the EDL. I pray for him and the EDL. The English government and police are as the first commenter said, Orwellian.

I will post this video and keep posting.

Vortac said...

The history is repeating itself. This sort of repression will completely obliterate democracy in Western Europe and we have already seen what happens next.
I have a good job now, a family, high standard of living... and I am wondering how many years I've got left before poverty & war knocks again on our door, just as Tommy Robinson is wondering how many days he's got left before they finally put him in prison.

Zenster said...

imnokuffar: As you seem to be a clever person yourself I am suprised you did not predict it also.

It is to my personal shame that I have obviously underestimated just how craven the British establishment has become.

Having said all of this, I am full of admiration for the courage and forthrightness that Tommy has displayed.

I am morally obliged to heartily second your sentiments.

To close, I will only add that in the grand tradition of Liberalism's inability to comprehend the Law of Unintended Consequences™, it is most fitting that a mindset which continues to proclaim that "killing terrorists only creates more terrorists" somehow cannot manage to understand that imprisoning and, thereby, endangering the life of Tommy Robinson will only serve to create a thousand fold of counter jihad warriors like him.

rikdergis said...

I hope that the EDL's message spreads like wildfire and for every EDL leader that the corruptocrats persecute two more rise up to take their place.

Richard said...

Do the Brits really want to make a martyr out of Tommy? They should study some history or popular unrest before they do that. And they need to remember that it was the lower middle class and the upper lower class that built the English Empire. They built it and managed it and ran it until it was safe for the upper class to move in and take over. These are the groups they are making angry with their martyring of Tommy.

Sigbrit said...

Well done Tommy. Hero. The Police are meant to protect Liberty, not attack it. Sean Gabb was right, we are now living in a Nazi Police state. The Fascists have got in by pointing the other way and are petrified that people are beginning to realise that.
Tommy Robinson and Nick Griffin for Nobel Prizes now.
Nationalists unite and fight.