Saturday, December 18, 2010

Updates From Paris

Assises Internationales sur l’Islamisation

Today’s event in Paris — “Assises contre l’islamisation de l’Europe”, or “Rally Against the Islamization of Europe”) — has now concluded, and a few reports are trickling in. Everyone who contacted me said that the meeting was a huge success.

The venue had seating for 800, and all seats were filled. In addition, about 400 standing-room-only attendees squeezed into the room, bringing the total to roughly 1,200. After reaching that point, the building was packed, and latecomers had to be turned away at the door. It was the largest indoor Counterjihad event ever held in Europe.

As mentioned earlier, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Oskar Freysinger of the Swiss People’s Party, René Stadtkewitz of Die Freiheit, and Timo of the Dutch Defence League were among those who spoke at the event. Videos of the speeches (in French, German, Russian, and English) as well as in-between activities may be found at Bivouac-ID. You’ll notice that Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council was one of the speakers.

Security at the event was very tight. A member of the audience who left the venue to have lunch said that he had to pass through three police checkpoints on the way back in.

A would-be assassin of Oskar Freysinger (leader of the Swiss People’s Party) was caught by security before he could attempt to attack his target. He is said to have been carrying a large knife.

From the report:

Oskar Freysinger explique être « refroidi » suite à cet incident. « J’ai tenu le couteau dans la main. Cette arme était destinée à tuer », a-t-il indiqué.

Which I translate as [updated with a correction by Mox]:

Oskar Freysinger described himself as “concerned” after the incident. “I held the knife in my hand. This weapon was intended to kill,” he said.

I’ll report further information as it comes in — probably not until tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Translation correction : "refroidi" as Oscar Freysinger said it does NOT mean "cool" but rather "worried" or "aware of the danger".

Baron Bodissey said...

Mox --

Thank you! My French is abysmal, and I can always use expert help.

I made it "concerned" -- I think that should suffice.

Unknown said...

Yes, "concerned" is even better.

It's a pleasure to help ! Feel free to drop me an e-mail whenever you need help with French (will send you an e-mail so you know how to contact me)

All the best !

Hesperado said...

Actually, I think "concerned" isn't strong enough to capture the flavor of refroidi.

Literally, that sense would be "chilled", but in English we only use the form "chilling", denoting the quality of something being very scary.

Thus, in this instance, perhaps "spooked" would best convey the sense.

I certainly would be more than "concerned" to find out that a maniac had only minutes before tried to stab me to death with a long knife.