Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/14/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/14/2010New information keeps coming in about the late failed Stockholm bomber, who killed himself and nobody else last Saturday night in Stockholm city center. In a surprise twist, some reports indicate that Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly was radicalized by his wife, despite her protestation that she had no idea her husband had turned to jihad. Al-Abdaly’s jihad group, a branch of Al Qaeda, says it plans to target Ikea and Volvo to punish Sweden for its many offenses against Islam.

In other news, Germany is pressuring the Czech Republic and Poland to abandon the crown and the zloty respectively, and join the Eurozone. Meanwhile Slovakia is trying to work out a plan to abandon the euro and return to its own currency.

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Zenster said...

Capitalizing on the Euro Crisis

The strategy could push Europe into the same financial dependency on China that is posing a dilemma for the US.

Thus possibly leading to a point in time where much of the entire world told China to get stuffed or they would all simultaneously default on their bond obligations.

China CAN NOT simultaneously financially prop up and economically undermine every industrialized nation on earth without both building resentment and eventual blowback.

Zenster said...

France: Few Chaplains for Muslim Convicts

There are only 150 Muslim chaplains in the French prisons, a number that is absolutely insufficient to meet the needs of the people in prison who, even though religious statistics are prohibited in penitentiary centres, over the last two decades experienced a remarkable increase in Muslim convicts.

Another interpretation of these statistics might reveal that there is no reasonable number of imams that can be hired in order to serve the outrageously disproportionate population of Muslim criminals being incarcerated.

Why should France be required to over-employ imams − far beyond the numbers needed to serve other faiths − solely because Muslim immigrants are conspicuously inclined to commit criminal acts?

Nilk said...

Ah, Keysar Trad. The parasite who once upon a time had a job, then went off on stress leave and has done nothing but prate about islam ever since.

Sucking up the jizya along with the oxygen.

goethechosemercy said...

Living amid an overwhelmingly large majority, the small Christian sects pose no conceivable threat to Islamic hegemony. One can only conclude that they are attacked merely because they exist amid Islamic majorities.
end quote.

The anti-Christian pogroms tell us more about the Muslims than the Christians.

sulber nick said...

"...some reports indicate that Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly was radicalized by his wife," And who 'radicalised' her?

BTW - how did Al-Abdaly find the money to flit back and forth across the world when his only employment (or so I understand) was as a sandwichman?

bewick said...

I can only agree with all of the above comments.
How do they afford to flit here and there (I have to seriously think before I do so)?
Well then . I know Sikhs who manage to live FAR beyond their declared income. (I happen to know by examining, at their invitation, their accounts).
They have the cultural mindset that tax is partially voluntary. It may be in India but it is not here in the UK.
They, in all sincerity,tell me that "the money in the till is ours. WE earned it". Not quite true but they DO believe that.

Now these friends were both born in the UK and are generally law abiding. They are Sikhs and honesty is a big issue in Sikhism.

So shift to the very much larger Muslim community. My Sikh friends may have questionable standards but my best guess is that such practices are much more common in the Muslim community. A form of Jizyya which enables the owners of poor businesses to buy the latest BMW X5 simply by avoiding, actually legally EVADING, tax.
Her Majesty's Inspector of Taxes has much to answer

bewick said...

Water cannon can blind. Should I care?
No I shouldn't.
Once in a lifetime event and the silly sod shouldn't have been there. Simple really. If water cannon is likely to be deployed (and it was) then avoid exposure.
UNLESS that is you set out to "prove" that the police were fascists.
I DO so hope that you eventually grow up