Monday, December 20, 2010

Traumatized by Ham

Cultural Enrichment News

A secondary-school pupil in Spain was so upset by the mention of ham in his geography class that his family filed a complaint with the National Police about the teacher’s “racism and xenophobia”. Guess what religion these folks practice?

Many thanks to Marian at La Yijad en Eurabia for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling the news video. First, from Diario de Cádiz:

A teacher at the Institute Menéndez Tolosa in the city of La Línea de la Concepcion has been denounced by a Muslim family in the same city. The family believes that its son, a student in first year of secondary school, was offended during a geography class, it was reported to this newspaper.

The teacher was giving a normal lesson about the different climates on our planet, and he used the locality of Trevélez [Granada] as example of a cold and dry climate. For an anecdote, the teacher explained that precisely this climate was best for the curing of hams. Then the student demanded of the teacher, “Don’t speak about hams,” because this subject was offensive for him as he is a Muslim.

This paper’s sources at the center explained that the teacher answered him that it was “simply an example and that in his classes he doesn’t bear in mind the religion that his students practise.”‘

This might have remained simply an exchange of opinions, but the family of the minor, who never went to speak to the teacher, did not hesitate to file a complaint against the teacher with the National Police.

Though nobody contacted the teacher, apparently a relative of the minor went to the educational center to speak with the Director of Studies and to protest the example that the teacher had used in geography class.

The agents of the Court went yesterday to the secondary school and took an affidavit from the teacher with the facts about what happened during his class. In addition, the civil servants have requested the disciplinary and academic documentation of the minor in this educational center and in the previous one in which he was enrolled.

The teacher is accused of being an author of a supposed crime of mistreatment, and of having racist motivations and xenophobia.

The Provincial Delegation of the Council of Education also confirmed yesterday to this newspaper that it knew for certain that these facts had been produced, and that a teacher had been denounced to the National Police, but declined to elaborate any further.

Teachers and students are infuriated by this situation, because the teacher has taught with devotion for two decades now, and has never had a problem of this type. These accusations have affected him greatly.

In spite of going through a difficult moment, the teacher continues working at the center and he observes his obligation to his students

The State police have opened an investigation of these facts as denounced by the family of the minor, and it will be necessary to wait for the judicial authority to issue an opinion on whether the case “lacks merit” [a sort of tribunal with a judge].

The subtitled TV news story and a full transcript are below the jump:


0:00 Larby [phonetic] receives us at home because he hasn’t gone to school.
0:04 In the morning I don’t feel like getting out of bed.
0:07 I feel quite bad.
0:10 Their family denounced one of his teachers after he told his geography class
0:14 that the cold dry weather of Trevelez [Granada] is favorable for the curing of hams.
0:18 I said to the teacher: Teacher, would you not speak of the pig around me?
0:24 He began to tell me that if I didn’t like it, I could return to my country.
0:29 After the denunciation, the police went to the secondary school to interrogate the teacher.
0:33 The teacher has been charged with mistreatment motivated by xenophobia,
0:37 but he denies the charges, and in a press release has explained what was actually said.
0:44 Here [in class] there are 30 students, and one of them must adapt
0:47 to the 29 others, and not the 29 others to the one.
0:50 And if you don’t agree with the learning and the knowledge that we impart
0:54 in this center, you always have the possibility of choosing to go to another center.
0:59 The child’s mother nevertheless denounces the xenophobic treatment.
1:03 Never in all my life have I had any trouble with pigs, on the contrary.
1:07 And the teacher assures us that in his 27 years of teaching he has never offended
1:11 either students or members of the educational community.

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Hat tip: Jano.


filthykafir said...

My son breaks out in hives at the mere mention of "binomial equations." I think I'll sue his math teacher. I smell retirement and a condo on the beach.

What a wonderous civilization that contains such opportunities!

darcy said...

Fine. If the practioners of Islam are so offended by the normal everyday practices of the host countries they are seeking to destroy, the host countries have no recourse except to deport them. Muslims are proving that they are not worthy of the freedoms that Western civilizaton provides to them. I really do appreciate their making such a big stink about their so-called "sensibilities." All the better to identify those who CHOOSE not to assimilate. I guess they have never heard the term: when in Rome do as the Romans do.

Deportations await. Simply identify yourselves and we will be delighted, yes delighted, to pay your way back to the oppressive regimes from which you escaped -- but that we are deadly serious you will not import to us.

And a very good riddance to you.

Ex-Dissident said...

sounds like the student comes from a family of pigs.

William Stout said...

Europe's capitulation to Islam has drawn a circle about its liberties tighter and tighter until they have no freedom of expression left. Europe must now endure the tight and uncomfortable collar of the Dhimmi because that is the world that she created with multiculturalism.

Angela Merkel spoke to this unintended consequence of leftist lunacy, but she was shouted down by her peers for daring to speak out against fraying the fabric of Europe with the culture of the outsider. All of the nations of Europe have seen a dramatic rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity and Islam is not done yet.

What we are witnessing is the slow and tortured fall of Europe to the Moor. Where is Charles "the Hammer" Martel when you need him?

Zenster said...

Clearly, the ham-fisted handling of this case can only be attributed to well-larded Spanish style pork barrel politics and some obscure prosecutor’s desire to hog the limelight in a dim hope of bringing home the much-needed bacon when he obviously lacks whatever legal chops are required to carry the proverbial legal pigskin down to the goal line of his courtroom’s ultimate verdict.

It is this sort of swinish behavior and cloven-hoofed treading upon the same ideals which saw Grenada invaded that must inspire a fiery blaze of Serrano-type heat amongst those who bristle at any opposition to the rasher of newly made laws that continue to assail free speech.

Whosoever ribs these stout protectors of the same tradition that saw Piglet and Pooh enshrined in English literature must know that what promises to follow will be no picnic and can only be the very wurst sort of opportunity for opponents of freedom to belly up to the bar of oppressive ad hock legislation that continues to make a pigsty of good governance.

This is an obvious attempt to sow appeasement among the suede-clad porcine elite that suckle upon suppression of any discord and benefit most from this sort of crackling assault upon legal dissension. Leave it to them if there is not going to be a “shoat and tell session” which makes these pigs out to be the crashing boars they always have been.

Amusing Bunni said...

I break out in fits of vomiting having to read about the latest crap from these morons. They just do this stuff for attention, and to sue good people.

I hope someone puts bacon grease in his lunch ;-)

filthykafir said...

Mercy, Zenster; you certainly knuckled down on that comment above. Yes, that's a compliment, and you can take it to the bank.

Fabulous and impressive job, I say, squeeling with delight.

Dymphna said...

OMG, Zenster!

In my bleak midwinter dolorium, I've been reading reams of Anthony Trollope. For a moment there, I thought he'd escaped the musty pages of the 1860s and had plunked himself down in our comments.

Kudos, sir.

Hesperado said...

I tried to think of some pun or play Zenster overlooked, but having failed, I must applaud his prose for being so succulent with not a wart in sight or any reason to chide "tusk, tusk"; nor once did my eyes glaze over, other than with the brine of tears of glee.

The Hesperado

Hesperado said...

All seriousness aside (as Steve Allen used to say), I recall a case among one or more Mohammedan pupils in France who refused, in math class, to draw or work with the plus sign because of its resemblance to the Christian cross.

If I can find a link to that, I'll post it.

The Hesperado

Westward Ho said...

I feel traumatized by the mere idea that this is a real, non-Onion incident.

Anonymous said...

If all people are alike with equal rights, shouldn't all meats be alike with equal rights, too?

How can an enlightened society say that pork is worse than beef or lamb or fish? To differentiate among meats might offend those meats - which would be hate speech based on discrimination - and we all know that discrimination is illegal and immoral!

To wit, some Muslim terrorist is free to plot the violent jihad death of non-Muslims while the State Police (scary description) waste time on this "investigation" of the effect of mentioning curing ham on the delicate feelings of one hysterical discriminatory student.

DAD said...

To protect himself, perhaps the Teacher could ask at the begining of each lesson,
"If I make a reference to the animal Pig, will any of you be offended?"

If anyone objects then he can claim that he asked the question so that if there was an objection, he would use other animals as an example; such as a dog.

Zenster said...

To all: Confronted with an act that was clearly lifted from the theater of the absurd, it became imperative for me to answer this tidy little farce with a script in kind. Thank you all for your appreciation.

Westward Ho: I feel traumatized by the mere idea that this is a real, non-Onion incident.

Le bingo.

I can only suggest that this poor put-upon and traumatized Muslim yoot be locked up for a week inside a windowless room with his only company a fine, well-aged Serrano ham along with a jug of water.

Perhaps leaving an underfed dog in the room with him might speed up the process a bit, who knows?