Saturday, December 18, 2010

Timo’s Speech in Paris

Assises Internationales sur l’Islamisation

Below is the speech given today by Timo of the Dutch Defence League at “Assises contre l’islamisation de l’Europe” (“Rally Against the Islamization of Europe”) in Paris

Update December 20, 2010: When he returned from Paris, Timo sent me a slightly longer version of this speech, which is the one he actually gave. The new version is below:

Let me introduce myself briefly: I am Timo, one of the persons behind the DDL. Some of you already know me because of my assistance in organizing the Amsterdam Media circus.

It is an incredible honor to speak here, as a representative of a small organization from a small country, in front of delegates of organizations we deeply admire for their courage and efforts in their battle against neo-barbarism.

Holland, a country just like France, was once known worldwide for her tolerance and freedom. Holland is a country known for her far-reaching liberalization and rights for individuals without, losing sight of the interests of the collective. A country that respects every religion and lifestyle. A country that always has taken the lead for defending dissidents. Or not? Nope. That is history.

  • In Holland homosexual people are being outlawed. In several cities gay people are being harassed with threats, spitting, humiliated and even beaten up. Homosexuals are moving in growing numbers out of the city. Even in Amsterdam, once known as the gay capital of the world, it is hard for homosexual people to have a normal life. Politicians are suggesting surrogate measures like to put in decoy -gays and decoy-Jews instead of dealing with the offending group directly. Yes, Jewish people also have reason to imagine it’s the thirties of last century again.
  • For Jewish people it isn’t safe anymore on the streets, and especially not for those with the outward characteristics of orthodox Jewish people. Undercover reports in Amsterdam are showing that Jewish people are being addressed because of the fact that they are Jews, insulted, and welcomed with the Nazi-salute. Ex-minister Bolkestein recently warned the Jewish community in Holland that it would be better for them to emigrate, because the Dutch government probably cannot guarantee their safety in the future.
  • Crime rates in Holland have risen explosively the past years. Moroccan criminals are over-represented in Dutch prisons, and research has exposed that their percentage of committed crimes is six times higher than that of the native people. Also the kind of crimes are changing: more and more violent, and many victims end up with serious injury, trauma, or even death.
  • The street image in many Dutch cities is being dominated by trouble-causing “youths”. These youths regard our entire western society in a very disrespectful way. Frequently women in the streets are addressed with sexual remarks, called “whores”, or even worse, brutally raped. Dutch girls often are picked up from the streets, drugged, raped, blackmailed and forced into a life of prostitution.

  • The safety of the reporting media is not longer guaranteed. Camera teams are chased out of no-go areas in a violent way, and newspapers are so often threatened nowadays that they change what they publish.
  • Firefighters and ambulance staff aren’t able to do their duty without a police escort. And many times complications appear, or people even die, due to the fact the emergency workers are being harassed while doing their jobs.

I don’t have to tell you which group operating from a certain ideology is responsible for this, and I also assume these facts doesn’t sound strange to you. The previously used word “neo-barbarism” is of course a synonym for radical Islam.

Neither the parents, the Imams, nor the community are checking or correcting these “youths”. They simply shrug their shoulders quickly and tell us they don’t have the situation under control. “These youths are a product of their environment.”

For us this was the reason to start our movement.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this speech, our new group, the Dutch Defence League, organized the international meeting in Amsterdam. We faced many threats from leftists and Islamist alike, and we had the full force of the Dutch establishment and state deployed against us to disrupt our efforts.

Our work in Amsterdam shows that even a small group of committed good people can organize events that capture the attention of a nation. The Amsterdam was a success long before the day of the demonstration and the additional publicity on the day was a bonus – our aim had already been achieved.

The DDL is proud to be actively cooperating with or friends across Europe. We were at the event in Berlin back in October, we are here in the beautiful city of Paris today and we join our English allies at the demonstration in the highly Islamized town of Luton in February. International cooperation is essential to our cause, and we must stick together in our collective efforts to defend freedom and democracy across our continent.

Today we stand at the foot of a mountain. It is a huge mountain, which will take a long time to climb. But we HAVE to climb it. Together, so we can support each other, share our knowledge, and be there for each other when it’s needed. Only in that way we will be able to reach the top and say to each other:

“It’s a magnificent view, isn’t it?”


Anonymous said...

This is music to my ears and that the rally was held is very good news.

I must add that I cringe instinctively when I hear the word 'lifestyle' as I have just finished my fifth reading of Allan Bloom's "The Closing of the American Mind"; it is relevant in this context as the book explains philosophically the troublesome nature of concepts as "lifestyle".