Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fabulous Fifty

Doug Ross Top 50 (medium)Yesterday we were honored to be named as one of the winners of Doug Ross’ 2010 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards. This puts us in some illustrious company, because, as Mr. Ross says, they are “the most prestigious new media awards anywhere. Or at least in the 993 area code.”

Thank you, Mr. Ross!

There’s only one hitch (if it indeed can be called a hitch): our award was for “Best European Blog”.

It makes me a bit nervous every time Gates of Vienna is classified as a “European blog”. It’s not just that our good fortune might irritate the real European blogs. It’s not only the thought that Politically Incorrect, Snaphanen, or Europe News might take out a contract on us.

No, what worries me is that I might have to start acting the part. Must I wear a little beret? Bathe less often? Eat Emmenthaler? Stop pronouncing my r’s? Put diacritical marks over my vowels?

Fie on that!

You’d be surprised at some of the company we’re keeping in the Fabulous 50. Among the other winners are Matt Drudge, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and — wait for it — George Soros.

Do we really want to be in the same club as Soros?

Oh, well — Fausta is in there, too, so it can’t be all bad…

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The full list of the Fabulous 50 winners is below the jump. Take a peek — you never know who you might find there:


Steen said...

"European blog" - don´t worry, GoV. I thouhgt you were too back in 2004, when we both started. But then - I hardly knew yet what my own blog was :-)

Merry X mas to you and the US from Denmark and

mace said...

"Bathe less often"?
Australians returning from the UK a generation or two ago told stories of the inadequacies of the British plumbing and that the locals didn't seem to er..mind.

AMDG said...

Congratulations. If not European from the geographical point of view, GoV has a 100% European spirit.

Anonymous said...

I always knew you guys were fifth column, European surrender monkey cheese eaters. ; )

urah2222 said...

I know for SURE who I DIDN'T find there.

Dr. Shalit

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Congratulations on your Fab 50 Award!
Doug Ross is the Greatest!

filthykafir said...

World’s Dumbest Blogger (Lifetime Achievement Award): Matthew Yglesias


Congrats to the GoV team; well-deserved.