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Eurabia: The Planned Islamization of Europe

“Europe is not occupied by any external force, but in spite of this fact the continent finds itself in the throes of one of the greatest demographic upheavals in its history…”

The following analysis of the Islamization of Europe was written by Michael Mannheimer in 2009 and originally published in German at the Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa website.

The translation below was adapted from a pdf document. Since the original has both footnotes and endnotes, I have taken the footnotes and converted them into endnotes with a different sequence, based on lower-case letters enclosed in square brackets (example: [a])

Vibevej Moske

Eurabia: The Planned Islamization of Europe
by Michael Mannheimer

“Thanks to your democratic laws, we will overtake you; thanks to your religious laws, we will rule over you. — Imam from Izmir1

The Example of Denmark

The Islamization of Europe is in full swing. The majority of Europeans are helpless against this development. They are informed neither about the true essence of Islam, nor about the background of Islamic politics on European soil. The Muslims have not come to integrate into European societies. Their goal is the transformation of Europe into an Islamic realm where Shari’a alone, the law of Islam, will rule.

This series of documents brings important information to light with regard to this issue with the hope that the expansionist desires of the Muslims and their supporters in the Western Elite will be met with much-needed resistance.

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Part 1: The Political, Ideological and Religious Background Behind the Islamization of Europe

The Plan of the Left for Islamization

— and its persistent realization to this day

At the beginning of the 1990s, the representative from Bündnis90/Die Grünen (Coalition90/Greenpeace) for German-French Europe and one of the leading leftwing politicians, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, announced accordingly the following:

“We, the Greens (Green Party), must strive to this end that as many foreigners as possible be brought to Germany. If they are in Germany, we must fight for their right to vote. Once we have achieved this, then we have the segment of voters we need to change this republic.”

Jürgen Trittin, Federal Minister for Environment, Natural Protection and Reactor Security under the chancellorship of Schröder (1998-2005), and then after October 2005 the Federal Minister for Consumer Protection, Nutrition and Agriculture, has preserved his 1968 Peace Movement spirit [68er spirit] to this present day. Even today he is beholden to his prior membership in the Maoist “Communist Federation” (Kommunistischen Bund [KB]) (Their motto being: “Never again Germany!”). Regarding this, he says:

“This is no sin of the youth[a]. I believe that there are even more things that a person can stand for to this day…”2

In the context of this declaration is Trittin’s interesting opinion regarding the concept of democratic elections.

They have not so much to do with the organization of parliamentarian majorities, but much more the attaining for oneself the power of

“dominant minorities and the leadership of opinion.”3

This is nothing short of post-Communist propagation of the Leninist Doctrine of a Dictatorship of the Proletariat on the part of a prominent German politician[b]. That was the same Communist justification for decades-long oppression of their citizens through a radical, arrogant, and above all decidedly left-wing/Fascist minority. With that same strategy of opinion control that has been successful until now, Trittin has sketched out a much more penetrating plan regarding the real relationships of power among Western European countries. Even the political scientists have not been able to achieve this with their long-winded analyses. It is true that parliamentary power lies mostly in the hands of the conservative parties in Europe. However, the leadership of opinion of which Trittin speaks, and the power that arises therefrom, has been overwhelmingly in the hands of highly-organized, primarily left-oriented minorities (Keyword: leftwing [fascist] opinion cartel) who still find themselves to be unchallenged regarding what is politically correct and what isn’t. We will come to speak more often of this.

Jilted Politicians Seek for Themselves Another People

How a political satire eventually becomes reality

Let us come to alpha-beast of the Greens (Greenpeace), the German Joschka Fischer, who was The long-time chief of his party and served previously as the German Foreign Minister. In his youth he was a militant enemy of his country, a police-fighter, RAF-sympathiser [RAF = Rote Armee Fraktion, “Red Army Fraction”, communist revolutionaries] and a hater of the Western system[c]. He blew the same horn as his party-friend and fighting companion Cohn-Bendit. Fischer (“I discover more and more how much I have remained a Marxist.”) reveals the political intentions behind massive immigration in his book with the revealing title “Germany — The Risk” (1994). The content of this book was summed up in the “WELT” newspaper as follows:

“Germany must be hemmed in from without, and within she must be heterogenized by influx (of foreigners) or quasi “thinned out.”4

In plain language, the idea of a voter fraud of historical proportions was crafted, the result being a stealthily and carefully executed plan with a pre-determined result. In 1960 only 600,000 Muslims lived in all of Europe, today, however, there are already over 30 million, and the greatest mass immigration in the history of man continues unabated. Each year 1 million new Muslim immigrants stream into Europe. This is done legally through the reunification of families, the process of asylum, or they come as “political fugitives” from their Islamic countries where human rights are trodden underfoot. Ever and again they receive residency rights, more and more receiving European citizenship without having to accede to rudimentary skills of culture, education or employment necessary to cope with the requirements of high-tech European society.

But they haven’t come here to integrate into Western society. This is forbidden by their faith[d] as well as their religious leaders who are highly organized and have long since held the real leadership over European muslims. Their primary political goal is to complete what their religion, what Allah has commanded: the rule over all “infidels” in this world. This is what it says in the Koran; this is what their prophet (Muhammad) also commands. And this is what every representative of Muslims strives for in every European country, regardless of what party they belong to.

World Domination is the principal goal of Islam

Whether it be Vural Öger[e] (German-Turkish SPD-Representative), whether Boumediennes[f] (former Algerian head of state), whether Izbetbegovic[g] (Bosnian ex-president), whether Erbakan[g] (former Turkish prime minister), or whether it be Ibrahim El-Zayat[h], (President of the Islamic Fellowship in Germany): every one of them knows well the mandate for world conquest, and every one of them is applying every bit of power they have to accomplish this end.

Only Western do-gooders and the leftist elite insistently refuse to acknowledge the Islamic push for world dominance, for they naïvely follow the motto of do-gooders and good-willers who think that that which is not allowed to exist simply cannot exist. But let it be said to all who refuse to accept reality: the Muslim doesn’t care one iota what the non-Muslim thinks of him. What Islam entails, what it really means, every Muslim understands perfectly. To express it coarsely, Western ideals of morality or other values are considered rubbish. Khomeini, among others, formulated this idea unambiguously when he said

“The rule over the world is the end goal of Islam”5

This statement is confirmed by all who know Islam. The German-Syrian orientalist and Islamic scientist, Bassam Tibi, says in addition:

“Everywhere, in that place where Muslims live, Islam claims for itself the sole owner of validity (dissenting ideas are invalid).”6

Even the Chief of Police in Cologne — bound to the requirements of his office not to take positions — concluded soberly as a result of unhindered border openings and the high birth rate of Islamic people that the German State will be overtaken in 2030. Since Islam is striving for world dominance, it could come to a bloody civil war in Germany and Europe.7

His colleague in Vienna, Alfred Ellinger, President of the Association of Austrian Criminologists (Vereinigung österreichischer Kriminalisten), sees it the same way. In a comment regarding the state of Europe in connection with Islam, he writes:

“A Moslem has the duty to defend his territory against attacks from infidels and at the same time to destroy the world of the infidels to the end that Islam will rule the whole globe. Jihad comes to an end only when all people have either accepted the Islamic faith or have bowed to its authority. The border of Islam is the border of the world.”8

Also, the Turk Metin Kaplan — who is smiled upon as the “Caliph of Cologne,” founder of the militant Muslim organization “Caliph-State,” Hater of Jews and Israel, and a recognized fugitive (Asylbewerber) — proclaimed in countless sermons the creation of an “Islamic Theocracy Germany” and prophesied the imminent coming of Islamic world dominance.9 At the end of 2008, the Islamic scholar of Indian origin, T.K. Abdullah declared in an open presentation in Qatar the coming takeover of the world by Islam after Communism and Capitalism have finally failed.10

Adolf Hitler himself had only a marginal understanding of Islam, but he collaborated with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in order to build a death camp for the Jews living in Palestine. Nevertheless, he was able to grasp the Islamic charge of world dominance better than most modern educated Europeans can.

“If we had become Mohammedans, we would have owned the world today.”11

Muslims everywhere are working toward the takeover of power, and neither an ostensible leftwing opinion or a Green opinion can hold them back. Muslim Coalition90/Grünen (Bündnis90/Greenpeace) politician Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg expressed this fact in an Education and Integration Caucus when a Frankfurt citizen complained about the overwhelming contingent of foreigners in his part of the city.

“Migration is a fact in Frankfurt. If that makes you uncomfortable, then you need to move somewhere else,”

she said.12

Eskandari-Grünberg, was born in 1965 in Tehran, and in 1985 she fled Iran as a political fugitive and was granted asylum in Germany.

How European Politicians Are Executing Policies Against Their Constituents with the Help of Muslim Voter Policy

The influence of Muslims in European daily politics and their political power have become overwhelming in the meantime. Remember Gerhard Schröder’s reelection bid (Audio Schröder: “Yes, I am a Marxist!”), which he barely won with a razor thin majority of votes. With the possible threat of a loss before his eyes, Schröder put his bets on the Turkish vote and promised that, under his watch, the way would be irrevocably cleared for the EU-membership of Islamic Turkey. This message was geared to the approximately 600,000 naturalized Islamic immigrants, the majority being of Turkish origin and on whom Schröder had placed his hopes. His approach was successful. Thanks to the Turkish-German voters who gave the majority of their votes to Schröder, the SPD and Greenpeace parties were able to garner a noteworthy mandate majority, an advantage of a mere 6,027 votes was just enough to get him reelected to the Chancellorship.13 This, however, was achieved against the will of the German people (which fact was kept silent), for without the votes of the naturalized Turkish-German immigrants, Schröder would have lost this election to the opposition by a margin of over half a million votes. Imagine this: politicians practicing politics against their own people. This is the very thing that Cohn-Bendit called for, and it is the implementation of the same plan all over Europe by the left-wing power cartel, which calls for the “thinning out” of the native Europeans proportion of the electorate. And now the fruit of this endeavor is starting to show.

The shifting around of population groups is by no means a novel invention. As a means of “non-military” final solution, this shift has been accomplished in foreign areas that were already occupied, or perhaps the conquered people had their original populations replaced over time by means of “gentler” methods of crowding out until the original population was no longer there. A fine example in recent history is North Cyprus. Occupied since 1974 by Turkey, hundreds of thousands of Anatolian mainland Turks have been placed there. The result today is that the relationship between Greek and Turkish Cypriots has shifted dramatically in favor of the erstwhile Turkish minority.

An example from Tibet: This giant, autonomous region of 1.2 million square kilometers (Germany area by comparison is only 350,000 square kilometers) came under Chinese occupation in the 1950s. Since then China has seen to it that millions of Chinese have moved to Tibet, so that in the meantime Tibetans have become the minority in their own land. In both of these cases the thing that holds true is that the redistribution of population groups was guided by the authority of the occupying power, and indeed the result was logically to the advantage of the ethnic group of that occupying power.

Europe, on the other hand, is not occupied by any external force, but in spite of this fact the continent finds itself in the throes of one of the greatest demographic upheavals in its history by means of new and mostly Muslim ethnic groups that are successfully replacing indigenous Europeans. This upheaval has been steered by Europe’s own politicians and was programmed long ago to stand against the interests and needs of native Europeans. Those politicians have neither asked their constituents for permission regarding this issue, nor do they react to the growing unrest of the European people, because such a mass immigration has led to the fact that Europe as the Europeans have known it is becoming less recognizable. In many places Europeans have become foreigners in their own lands, and from the beginning they have not wanted this large influx. This immigration policy carries with it all the signs of a totalitarian concept of rule from the political elite of Europe, and harkens back to the giant population shifts in the Soviet Union and Communist China under Stalin and Mao. These shifts were decided within the circle of a small political group, and were carried out without one single referendum by the indigenous people involved.

The plain and short: with regard to Europe, the left-wing/green power complex has been behaving for quite some time in certain essential political core areas (i.e. migration, EU expansion, citizenship) in a way that resembles an external occupation force. Since those who have been responsible for this mass immigration have been unable to win over their home-grown European voters to this political work, they have set out to cause the occupation of their own lands by millions of people with a foreign language, culture, and religion. Their intention, in the meantime, is to “thin out” the European portion of the population, and eventually to disempower them altogether.

This is nothing short of a new form of “ethnic cleansing.” Moreover, there are certain perverse warning signs: No controlling external occupying force, but rather a small and determined minority from within the indigenous population; this ruling minority will meanwhile and eventually in the long term exchange the current population for those who promise a stronger support of their policies.

The left-wing/green master plan is already producing the desired results. As an example, in Brussels, Milan and Oslo, the name “Mohammed” is now the most common name given to newborns. In England the traditionally most common name was “Jack.” However, in the meantime “Mohammed” has taken the lead. In 2004 in Holland, 56% of all the children and youth in the large cities were foreigners, most of them Muslim.

In Switzerland, the statistics for 2040 show that 76% the population will be Muslim, assuming the policies of this Alpine country do not change. According to an Austrian study, in 2051, every third Austrian pupil will be a Muslim. A study from the Islamic Archive in Soest (2006) regarding developments of the German population predicts that in 2045, the German population will stand at 51.72 million Muslims in contrast to only 45 million native Germans. A fact that has already been carefully calculated by the leading Muslim authorities for accomplishing the takeover of power in that most important country in Europe.

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Part 2: Facts about the Islamization of Denmark

For decades Denmark has been one of the few worldwide examples of a truly peaceful community with a nearly perfectly functioning state social system. For Europe and for others, this little country has been the example to follow, for it has a strong environmental conscience, one of the best education systems, and a low crime rate. For decades this was the cornerstone of the liberal policies carried out by the Danish Social Democrats.

However, in the ’90s disenchantment began to settle in, in parallel with the sudden explosion of immigrants from Islamic countries. The Danes came to a shocking conclusion as to how many Muslims already were living in the most important cities, and just how little if any desire they really had to integrate into Danish society. On the contrary, it became more and more clear that the leaders of the Muslims were beginning to attack the lifestyle of the Danes, using ever sharper language to express their contempt for so-called “Western decadence.”

Only gradually and much too slowly did the Danes begin to comprehend that, with the Muslims, they had taken in a group that not only could not accept the core values of the Danes (belief in the freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, equality for women, tolerance for other ethnic groups) but also would attack those values with ever-increasing force. In the place of “Western decadence,” they would set up the archaic societal model of Islam, which they would institute over time in Denmark as the future and only model of faith and justice to be desired.

Also, in Denmark as in other “lands of war[j], Islam is working on a massive infiltration of the country with the goal in the meantime of making Denmark into an Islamic state. The Islamic Party of Denmark is already declaring an imminent takeover of power in Denmark. The central and single assignment of the party is eventually to make Denmark an Islamic state through the occupation of important positions by Muslims. Moreover, they have threatened that a “wrong” treatment of Muslim children will be met with the unleashing of unrest on the part of Muslims living there.

General Facts

Like many other Western lands, the Danes are having problems with riots fomented by the Muslim immigrants. And this has not been just since the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons in the Jyllands-Posten in September 2005. Already in November 1999, several dozen youths in the heavily Muslim district of Nørrebro rioted while police looked on and did nothing. The Muslims smashed about 100 picture windows, set automobiles on fire, and threw stones at the police. According to the police report, the riot took place because of a judgment that was handed down for the deportation of a Danish criminal of Turkish origin. Ercan Cicek was to be returned to Turkey after serving a 3-year sentence.14 We should remember the recent Muslim tumults in France that were similarly tied to Muslim criminals and in which thousands of automobiles were burned and destroyed, as well as public buses having fire bombs thrown at them, and police being shot up with shrapnel weapons. The message the Muslims sent, not only in Denmark and France, but to others was this: “We are the future rulers of this country!”

In the course of the week-long raging protests by the Muslims after the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons by the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten (the result of the uprisings: 140 dead and over 800 injured worldwide), Denmark was also criticized by other Western governments. Sean McCormack, a spokesman for the US State Department, as well as the British Foreign Minister Jack Straw characterized the cartoons as “injurious”. To every democracy belongs

“in addition to freedom of opinion, aspects such as the fostering of understanding and respect for minority rights.”15

McCormack meant by his critique that the Muslim minority in Denmark had allegedly been oppressed by the Danes. Since time immemorial, the Muslims have boasted of their ostensible tolerance of religious minorities. Murat Hofmann, a German Islam convert, educated jurist, former diplomat, and author of numerous books, describes Islamic minority rights as

“the most liberal statute for other faiths that the world to this day has ever seen or used as a standard,”16

one of the many myths about Islam that doesn’t hold up when scrutinized more closely. Let’s look at an example from Denmark as to just how Islam really deals with non-Muslim minorities.

Because of Racist Muslims, Original Danish Natives Have to be Relocated17

The island of Greenland belongs to the little country Denmark. However, for years now, the native inhabitants of Greenland, the Kalaalit, do not have the confidence to go out into their streets anymore. The reason for this: the Muslims will throw rocks at them, or they regularly attack them in some other way. The reason for this is incomprehensible and at the same time surreal: many adherents to this “religion of peace” see the Greenland natives as “infidels” and even as wild beasts that have no human rights at all. And even though the Danish government has attempted by many means to improve the situation between the Kalaalit and the Muslims, no improvement has been achieved, and in may cases the situation has worsened. Among the actions taken by the Danish government was the creation of an Internet site in the Arabic language in which they attempted to show that in dealing with the Kalaalit, the Muslim were dealing not with beasts but really with people. Already in 2007, the yearly traditional festival of the Kalaalit in Aarhus (every June 21st) could only take place under the purview of police protection. And in 2008, the festival didn’t even happen, the result the increasing Muslim violence against the Greenland natives.18

Greenland — Arabic
This Danish Internet campaign in the Arabic language did not help the Kalaalit — even more Muslims are attacking them.19

Also, the natives have had to forego even their beloved football games, for the Muslims would throw rocks at them if the natives were caught practicing alone. The attacks have taken on such a great ferocity that the Kalaalit now barricade their windows in order to keep the Muslims from breaking into their flats. This problem has for some time already been known by the authorities, and they react just as any authorities in countries run by decent, unassuming people would react: instead of attacking the evil at the root, instead of arresting the perpetrators and putting them in jail, and instead of deporting them, the city council of Aarhus is financing the transfer to the Danish mainland for any Kalaalit who wishes to leave their homeland due to fear of the Muslims, and they are also subsidizing their search for flats outside of the large cities where the Muslim immigrants themselves have taken up residence. A step that the Muslims have already had in their sights, considering the exploding number of Muslims already in Denmark. Johanne Christiansen, one of the women from the Kalaalit group who gladly accepted the state assistance, says:

“I could not bear anymore being the constant target of their attacks.”

They have been exclusively attacked by Somalis and Arabs. “They simply have no respect for us.” Moslems tell the Kalaalits that they should “completely urinate upon themselves because Denmark is their country.”20

With the exception of one or two insignificant Danish local newspapers, the mainline European media have to this day remained silent regarding this issue. Much the opposite is happening, however; the Süddeutsche Zeitung, a leader in the suppression and denial of the “allegedly threatening Islamization” of Europe21, signifies on a regular basis that the few who are warning of the Islamization of Europe are in error, or are kooks or haters of foreigners, and they accuse them of mockery and malice.

And even the countless human rights organizations that would otherwise expose the slightest error committed by Western governments at worldwide information and protest campaigns have remained unusually quiet, and to this day they have not said one word in protest against these activities in Denmark. As with most Western journalists, artists, and intellectual individuals, the boldness of Western freedom and human rights activists consistently ends exactly where Islam begins. And this boldness mutates in the face of the dark determination of that theocratic totalitarianism, which threatens its critics and opponents with murder in order to get them to shrink away in cowardice and dishonesty, a totalitarianism that encourages its adherents not to shy away from committing murder to accomplish its goals.

In any case, a democratically elected administration that has been totally unable to protect its own native people from attacks by immigrants does not deserve to have the name “government.” The policy of relocating the Kalaalit is interpreted on the part of the Danish Muslims as exactly this: a further act of the successive subjugation of Denmark to the Islamic claims of lordship over that country — and as an indirect encouragement to the Muslims to continue their practice of terror that, so far, has been quite successful against the West.

The previously mentioned international criticism against Denmark because of their allegedly lacking respect for its Muslim minority is a farce, considering how much hate and lack of respect the Danish Muslims have demonstrated against their Danish native counterparts. This is scandalous when, in hindsight, we recognize how the rights of minorities in Islamic countries are actually implemented (or are actually not implemented)[k]. Moreover, this shines a light on the lack of knowledge or complete ignorance within the highest political ranks about the true character of Islam, which in practically all of its countries simply heaps the rights of minorities into a pile of dirt, especially when those rights have to do with “infidels.” Of a truth, there is no other religion that is nearly as antagonistic towards minorities in this fashion as Islam is. SPIEGEL (one of the few publications that even dares to attempt some criticism regarding Islam, even though it does believe that a moderate Islam is not evil) reports: “Violence, terror and a growing influx of Islamists threaten oriental Christendom. In some countries the unloved minority already struggles for survival — or seeks salvation in flight”22

Detailed Set of Facts

In the following section a few reports from Denmark will be presented with respect to the subject of Muslim immigrants.

1. High Social Expenditures for Muslims in Denmark

  • Direct immigration into the Danish social system

    Contrary to the oft-repeated and differing opinions of the politicians, immigration into Denmark costs far more for the state than citizens have been told. A Danish think tank estimates these costs to be up to 50 milliard Krone (about 6.7 milliard Euros) per year. The study mentions even further that if a sudden cessation of this immigration were to occur (especially that of Muslim immigration), gigantic sums of money would be saved. Another study states that one out of two immigrants lacks the qualifications for even the least skilled positions — especially among those immigrating from the Islamic world. This problem of direct immigration into the social system of Denmark is one that follows the pattern of other European countries where large increases in immigration has been an issue. The media, on the other hand, give a politically and Islamically correct report regarding these issues.23

  • Immigrants from the Third World

    Most of them are Muslims from such countries as Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iraq — they make up 5% of the population — but receive over 40% of the social expenditures.24

  • The average per-capita contribution to taxes and GDP by immigrants in Denmark, 80 percent of which originate from Islamic countries, is 41% below that of the Danes.25

2. the Extremely High Rate of Crime Among Muslims in Denmark

  • 70 percent of all crimes in Copenhagen are committed by Muslims

    In February 2009, the Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels published a book with the title “Among Criminal Muslims. The Experiences of a Psychologist in Copenhagen.” His conclusion: “The integration of Muslims in European societies is impossible.”

    Here is a segment of an interview with Nicolai Sennels:

    “Everywhere, there are painful measures being taken to integrate Muslims into society, but all these efforts seem to be futile. According to the Danish police and the Bureau of Statistics, 70 percent of all crimes in the Danish capital were committed by Muslims. Our national bank published a short study that shows that each Muslim immigrant costs on average more than two million Krone (about €300,000) in state subsidies, the sole cause for this being their limited participation in the employment market. Aside from this, they receive further benefits from the social system for unemployment, for the cost of translators, special hours at school — whereby 64 percent of the children of Muslim parents still can’t read or write properly by the age of 10 — plus the cost of social workers and, of course, the cost of more police personnel.”26

    The book had consequences. Nicolai Sennels says,

    “My comments led to a forbidden conclusion with threat of being fired if I didn’t change my conclusion. If one follows the Danish authorities, then one could say that the serious problems that Muslims have are caused by poverty, by the media, by the police, or by the Danes in general. What one absolutely is forbidden to do is: first to bring the cultural background of immigrants into the discussion, and second to point back to the personal responsibility of the immigrants to integrate into society.”27

  • The statistics in Germany are identical to those of Denmark

    Already at the end of 2002, the internationally famous historian Hans-Ulrich Wehler came to the same conclusion about the Muslims living in Germany. In an interview with “taz”:

    “The Federal Republic (of Germany) doesn’t have a problem with foreigners; it has a problem with Turks. This Muslim diaspora is for all intents and purposes unable to integrate.”28

    The statistics agree with Wehler: At 5.4 percent, the criminal quotient of immigrants in Germany is twice that of the general population. Indeed the level for foreign youth lies at 12 percent. Around 30 percent of all murders, rapes and robberies (with injuries) are committed by foreigners. The figures for the general population, however, stand merely at around 10 percent. Those who commit the extreme crimes are above all youth from foreign families — for example, in Berlin only one German in five is a repeat offender.29 What the authorities in Berlin will not say, however, is the actual degree of foreigners that take part in criminal activity in the German capital, for the real truth is that more than 80 percent of all felons in Berlin are of “non-German origin.”30

  • Terror in the streets: more and more Danish are fleeing from their own cities31

    Whether Denmark, France, Norway, Sweden or Holland, everywhere the same pictures of street wars between the Muslim immigrants and the police seem to appear. Such is the substance of reports from Danish newspapers that civil-war-like conditions exist in practically all of the large cities in the country, especially Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city. The media also report how, more and more, the native Danes are being threatened and tyrannized by the Muslim immigrants. Whole neighborhoods have been converted to quasi-Islamic territories and thereby declared as “no-go areas” for the native Danes. The young Muslims declared at a weekend riot in Aarhus that this was “their city.”32 Similar expressions can be heard in Holland, Belgium, England, France, Sweden, Germany and Austria. Danish police report how they are yelled at and spat upon by Muslim immigrants. In order to be politically correct, the mainstream media in Europe have remained silent regarding these inconceivable situations, thereby deceiving their readers about the true state of affairs in their countries.

  • Drastic drop in urban real estate prices

    Amid all of this, the value of real estate in almost every Danish city has plummeted, while at the same time rural real estate prices have shot up to heights hitherto unheard of. The reason: whatever Dane can afford to do so will flee from the big city and look for a quieter and above all more peaceful plot of land. It is here that the Muslims are — still — to be found at a minimum. It is here that the riots occurring daily in the large cities can be felt at a minimum, for in the large cities war has been the rule for a long time now. Only a short while ago did the Copenhagen Post finally declare the Danish capital a “war zone.”33

  • Mass rape as a new and hitherto unrecognized phenomenon

    Muslims make up only 4 percent of Denmark’s 5.4 Million population, but they make up the majority of condemned rapists in the country; a burning political fact is that practically all female victims are non-Muslim (Christian). Most of the media remain silent about this out of fear or political unrest. Similar ratios are to be found in other categories of criminal activity.34 As pertaining to mass rape of non-Muslim women, the same numbers are the case in Sweden and Norway as well.

3. Persecution of Christians and Jews in Denmark

  • The Church of Aarhus pays protection money

    Since the summer of 2008, the church of the 2nd largest Danish city, Aarhus, has achieved at least a little peace. After Muslim rioters — especially in the multicultural nucleus of Gellerup, a suburb of Aarhus — repeatedly tyrannized the Christians, the church finally paid Muslim bodyguards to protect the church from vandalism and protect the churchgoers on the way to and from their cars. Up until now, this measure has had complete success, and the church reports their expenditure as a success in multicultural integration.35

  • Arabs want to murder Jews in order to gain recognition among Muslims

    What originally sounded like a bad joke turned out to be fatally serious: a Danish Muslim of Lebanese descent, Wissam Freijeh, 27, at the beginning of 2009 in the Danish township of Odense, attempted to murder two Jews in broad daylight. In a pedestrian shopping zone, he shot a number of times at both Jews who fortunately managed to survive the murder attempt and are now healing from their wounds at a specialist clinic. In the meantime, the Danish newspapers, among others, found out the following information about the criminal involved: he had already been cited in a Danish newspaper in 2004 as “wanting to improve recognition among immigrants in Denmark.” He perceived this to be the most important duty that he had. Aside from this, Lebanese women who would leave their husbands were also to be killed according to Islamic laws.

    In connection to the near-death shooting of the two Jews, resourceful journalists have invented a new term, “sudden jihad syndrome,” in order to describe the immediate or sudden need of a Muslim to kill an “infidel.”36

  • Danish Jews require police protection

    Muslim violence threatens Denmark’s approximately 6,000 Jews who are having to depend more and more on police protection. Anti-Israel marches have been acted out in anti-Jewish street battles. One organization called Hizb ut-Tahrir openly calls for Muslims “to kill all Jews wherever they find them.37

  • Jewish pupils have to change schools because they are bullied by Muslims

    In August 2001, the principal of the Rådmandsgade School in Copenhagen-Nørrebro (Denmark) suggested to Jewish children that they attend another school because he could no longer guarantee their security there. Jewish children had been mistreated before by the Muslim pupils who are in the majority there.38

4. Refusal of Integration by Muslims in Denmark

  • Muslims remain more and more among themselves

    With the increasing number of Muslim immigrants comes ever-increasing separation from the native Danish population. Muslims, as the surveys and statistics show, wish to have fewer and fewer dealings with the native Danes. A more recent survey shows that only 5 percent of young Muslim immigrants would be ready to marry a Dane.39

  • Denmark: Muslim schools bully and beat up pupils

    In Odense, the fourth largest city in Denmark at 190,000 inhabitants, there also live numerous Muslims, many of whom come from Somalia. There is a special school for their children, the ABC-Skol in Vollsmose. However, this school is a special kind of school, for at this school the rules governing the school are not Danish but rather Somalian. For example, if the children answer the questions from the teacher too slowly, or if they give a wrong answer, then they are publicly humiliated and beaten in their Islamic home, usually with a rod on a finger and sometimes even openly in the face. This is hard for a person in Danish Odense to accept, for this type of punishment in modern Danish classrooms is now the stuff of history books. However, the police are now dealing with the new cultural enrichment provided by the Muslim teachers. Schoolmaster Muhammed Farah had often been warned to put an end to the violence in his school. He simply cannot comprehend why everyone is so excited about his school. After all, violence in Islam is forbidden anyway, the schoolmaster says…40

  • Forced marriages and murders “of honor” also in Denmark

    Forced marriage — In Denmark, newborn daughters are promised to male cousins in the homeland (of the family), and then forced to marry them under threat of death. This is a problem not only in Denmark, but in other European countries where Muslims live.41

  • Denmark is capitulating to her Muslims

    The Danes constantly experience civil-war-like conditions in their cities. The German journalist and critic of Islam, Udo Ulfkotte, writes about this:

    In January 2008, after there had been great unrest in the Danish suburbs where Muslims are majority populations, and after young Muslims in the township of Nørrebro set schools, apartment buildings, automobiles, and garbage containers on fire as well as attacking police, firemen and sanitation personnel, the security authorities searched for the cause. The young people had no reason for their excessive behavior. When asked by the media what they wanted in order to put a stop to their violent excesses, they requested that the police no longer examine immigrants regarding the trafficking of illegal substances and weapons. It is no longer allowed that immigrants be examined on the basis of suspicion in “their” neighborhoods. The Danish police responded in kind to this in January 2008 — and put a moratorium on suspect examinations in Copenhagen neighborhoods such as Blågårds Plads and Folkets Park, hotspots for oriental drug traffickers. The written statement from the police authorities was also shown on the TV-2 News show under the headline “Police Change Tactics” in which they reported the pullout of the police from the Copenhagen’s immigrant-inhabited quarters.

    Moreover, it is now no longer permitted for police cruisers to patrol the immigrant neighborhoods because the presence of security authorities might provoke the immigrant citizens to new rioting. From this time forth, the only security measures allowed in the immigrant neighborhoods will be just the local police stations.42

5. Terrorist Assaults and Support of Terrorism From the Muslims

  • Danish Green Party Candidate calls for terrorist assaults against Danish soldiers

    Imagine if a Chinese[l] or American parliamentary representative were to call openly on the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill any Chinese or American soldier whenever the opportunity might arise.

    Yet, this very thing is happening right now in Denmark. The Danish-Palestinian politician Asmaa Abdol-Hamid has called all her Muslim brothers to kill Danes wherever they might encounter them.43 Abdol-Hamid, along with her family, came as a Palestinian fugitive to Denmark in 1986 where she and they were generously awarded asylum — and where she enjoyed a first-class education. After she worked as a social worker and a family counsellor she was elected in 2005 as representative in the city council of Odense for the left-alternative party Enhedslisten. The political activity of Mrs. Asmaa Abdol-Hamid is considered in Denmark to be a “successful example of prosperous integration” and as “cultural enrichment.” Now, this is the same person that has called for terror attacks against Danish soldiers in Iraq. German and other European newspapers have remained most extremely quiet about the call for attack from this successfully integrated “Danish lady.”

    After confirming her call for the murder of Danish soldiers in several subsequent interviews, one would assume that Abdol-Hamid would no longer be worth keeping as the poster candidate for the Greens. However, the opposite actually happened. The Greens, meanwhile, have actually increased their dependence on this famous associate who continues without restraint to promote Islam openly.44

  • 30,000 Dollars as Blood Money rewarded for each Dane slain

    A 30,000 Dollar reward has been offered by a Muslim group in Denmark to anyone who kills a Jew in Denmark.45

  • Hip-hop singer of Moroccan origin challenges incarcerated terrorist suspects to “stay the course”

    Isam Bachiri is a Copenhagen-born Moroccan, a singer for the hip-hop band “Outlandish,” which was started in Denmark. The Danish media reports that Bachiri is supporting a 19-year-old Muslim incarcerated as a terror suspect in Denmark with money, clothing and ideological support. In numerous letters to the detainee are written challenges to “stay the course.”46

6. And in Denmark the Muslims Want the Power

  • Copenhagen: Murder attempts against critics of Islam

    On Sunday, 21 October 2007, the Danish organization SIAD — critics of Islam — had planned to demonstrate against the increasing Islamization of Europe. Before the protest began, out of nowhere leftwing individuals appeared, armed with iron rods, and their faces showing the intent to kill. The demonstrators were attacked by these individuals and were seriously injured. One of countless indicators that the leftists of Europe are ready to engage themselves — even to the point of inflicting death — in order to bring about the Islamization of Europe. Neither the Danish nor the German media reported anything about this documented occurrence.47

  • Murder upon conversion to Christianity

    Even in Denmark, Muslims who convert to Christianity must fear for their lives. Such a thing happened to a Kurdish woman living in Denmark. She received many death threats after she revealed why she had left Islam and converted to Christianity. Ever since her public declaration, she has had to hide in fear for her life.48 Murder and threats of murder have for a long time been a successful means by Islam to keep its “umma” together and to prevent any possible internal criticism and solution to that criticism from happening. Internal and external terror — these are unmistakable signs of a religion with a license to kill, even a religion that is called “the religion of peace.”

  • The goal of an Islamic Denmark

    Muslim leaders openly declare the institution of Islamic law as their goal — Shari’a — as soon as Denmark’s Muslim population has grown enough to enable it. This reality of this is not too far off in the future. One sociologist figures that if the current trends hold out, in 40 years 1 in 3 inhabitants of Denmark will be a Muslim.49

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Part 3: The First Summary Regarding the Islamization of Denmark

Muslims want to rule Europe

The list of facts in connection with the Islamization of Denmark can be arranged in virtually any order. However, they mainly show three things:

First, when evaluating all immigrants coming into Denmark, it can be concluded that where criminal activity is connected to religion, the Muslim immigrants stand out the most.

Second, Muslim immigrants are in unrelenting pursuit of the takeover of power in Denmark. This will not be a normal transfer of government, as in normal democracies, but rather a complete transformation of this Christian Democratic country into an Islamic country under the laws of Shari’a — a Muslim Denmark. Muslims in all other European countries are pursuing this same goal where they now live as immigrants.[m]

Third, it appears that Denmark’s Muslim problem is not limited to Denmark. Every Western country in which a notable Islamic diaspora lives has to battle with similar or identical problems. For Islam is no religion — and especially not a “religion of peace” — but rather totalitarianism with an unconditional claim to world dominance. All of this has been going on successfully for the past 1400 years under the disguise of “religion.”

What makes this so difficult to understand, among other things, is the giant vacuum of knowledge that non-Muslims have about Islam. Another problem is that a trusting and well-intentioned[n] global citizen has difficulty accepting the idea that Islam could be such an exaggerated exception among the major world religions. Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Taoism may more or less have their problems, but at their heart they are mostly tolerant and peace-loving. Without exception they teach their believers that the good things they do in this life equip them for the next.

Indoctrination in Islam is Indoctrination into cadaver duty and the ruthless killing of “­infidels”

Islam represents the exception: the capture of world dominance is the ultimate goal; all other goals must be subordinate. The Islamic ban of killing counts only for Muslims, not for “infidels.” Islamic peace will be achieved only by the fulfillment of Muslim world dominance; so the motto goes: When the whole world thinks and believes the according to the will of Islam, only then will peace reign in this world. Communism assumed an unrealistic image of man (in which they put forth the doctrine that all persons are equal) and failed as a result of this flawed perception. Moreover, Islam has an unrealistic image of man because it assumes that every person will eventually believe in one God — the Islamic God — and this image does not fit into to the infinite psychological, intellectual and creative diversity that is characteristic of every human being. The species called “man” is far more diverse, sophisticated, intelligent, creative, chaotic, and ultimately unpredictable than the archaic image of man given by the analphabetic[o]-founded Islam. The “dar-al-Islam,” the Islamic concept of a future world, one in which all inhabitants are Muslim, is nothing more than an unrealistic — and even surrealist — Utopia that will never happen.[p] However, as long as the Muslims strive for such a world and artificially divide our planet into “believers” and “infidels”, as long as they have this sense of a god-like charge for an eternal Jihad against the world of “infidels,” for this long the name Islam will be associated with war, terror and violence.

This continual war against non-Muslims — jihad — is declared by Islam as a religious and holy duty for every single Muslim. Audio from Khomeini:

“The Christians and Jews say, ‘you shall not kill’! But we say, that killing achieves the same value as a prayer when it is necessary!”

There’s more yet: Islam lures its contract killers with the alleged entry into Paradise where numerous dozens of virgins await the “jihadists,” and with whom they will enjoy sexual pleasures forever. And should a Muslim have problems with his conscience about the killing of an “infidel,” there is help and religious support directly from the Quran. In this passage they can read the redeeming words of their god, either before or after their act of murder:

“You are not the one who has slain them, rather Allah slew them. And you are not the one who has fired the shot, but rather Allah fired the shot, in order that He might show great grace from Himself.” Surah 8:17

To make it clear: their Islamic God, the “all-merciful”, not only expects his believers to kill off the “infidels,” but also he caringly provides the necessary therapy to deal directly with the situation. Their god has also seen to it that the sufferings of his hired killers will be kept in check by freeing them from all personal responsibility for their murders, and by taking that responsibility upon himself personally. One can observe this scenario from well-known mass murders in recent times (i.e. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot), where the State said: “You are not the one that did the killing; I, your State, am the killer. You are merely my instrument. When authority commands it (especially a god-like authority), it is seems easier to commit murder.

No other world religion has such a perfidious form of murder-culture; no other world religion schools their followers so systematically in how to kill innocent people of a different faith; no other world religion accepts such an outright devilish invention of general immunity for their believers so that they are free from the guilt of murder — and this is written in their “holy scriptures.” Getting to the point, if there really is a Satan, then the name of his religion is Islam, and his prophet is Muhammad.

Islam is therefore precisely the religious “worst case scenario” which normal citizens of the world can neither imagine nor acknowledge. Islam is the only world religion that educates its adherents from youngest childhood on up in the systematic and ruthless killing of non-Muslims. In 206 places (!) the Quran alone gives challenges for rape and murder against the infidels as well as the violent propagation of the faith. This fact alone regarding this “holy book” is what fundamentally distinguishes it from the holy books of the other remaining world religions. In 1800 further passages, their prophet Muhammad himself charges each Muslim to refer to the texts from Sunna and Hadith.

Conclusion: there are evil persons in every religion. But it takes a religion like Islam to make an evil person out of a good person.

The following fact cannot be repeated often enough: Europe has virtually no notable problems with Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish and Christian immigrants. The name of the European immigration problem is ‘Islam.’ In spite of this long indisputable fact, Muslim agents have a clever method for presenting the immigrant problem that they are causing: classify it as a “general problem with foreigners.” The facts however demonstrate very clearly: remove the Muslim statistics from the Danish crime statistics (and for that matter the other European countries’ statistics), and the immigration problem presents itself more amicably.

The notion of religious freedom is once again in great need of reconsideration. If the religious texts of a given religion, its internal foundations and/or the declarations of its prophets can so blatantly violate the unalienable human rights declaration of the UN, as is the case with Islam, then the status of “religion” must be removed by the highest courts. Otherwise any imaginable human injustice would be allowable and legitimized by law when it is committed in the name of “recognized religion,” and it would therefore be classified under the protection of “religious freedom.” Since this change of status isn’t happening, it is now high time for enlightenment to begin by means of international consensus (excluding, of course, Islamic countries).

It cannot and should not be permitted any longer for Islam to remove historically developed legal systems from power over the countries where they are already established, such as has been happening for a while now in most Western countries. Moreover, religious law must not be allowed to break constitutional law. In the future, it should be called this way:

Constitutional law breaks religious law!

No ifs, ands or buts.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Part 4: The Western Enablers of Denmark’s Islamization

Without the active support of Western intellectuals, pastors, politicians, artists, media personnel, authors and journalists, the Islamization of Europe would never be successful. The following chapter will show in particular what this support looks like.

Politicians as Enablers of Islamization

Copenhagen’s Integration Commissioner, Jacob Hougaard, called in all earnest to increase the visibility of Islam in all Danish schools and in places of employment, and to make the Islamic religion a solid component of public life in Denmark. Audio Hougaard:

“Islam must become a component of public life.”50

He refined his challenge by effectively demanding general school vacation days occur on Islamic holidays, calling for separate bathrooms/washrooms for Muslims, and for a general honoring of the daily Islamic prayer times by private employers, and access to “halal”-slaughtered meat.51

Also, the previous Danish Foreign Minister and a liberal, Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, belongs to the party of appeasers. Ellemann-Jensen sharply criticized the publishing of the cartoons, and on 7 February 2006, he even called for the resignation of the chief editor of the Jyllands-Posten, Carsten Juste.

When the Polish Rzeczpospolita reprinted the Muhammad cartoons, they were promptly criticized by the Polish administration. Even more: Poland’s Foreign Minister Stefan Meller bent the knee unbidden and officially apologized for the reprint by an independent newspaper, in quick and early obedience to all Muslims in this world. Things like this always please the Muslims of the world because they expect nothing else from the non-Islamic part of the world but their collective subjugation under the Islam’s authoritative claims. After this, the chief editor of the monthly newspaper Wiez, Zbigniew Nosowski, followed up with this criticism of Poland’s government:

“This publication was a provocation that has been amplified by the additional media coverage. Journalistic provocations can be essentially useful when an uncomfortable truth cannot be disclosed by any other means. The only new information that came from the cartoons was … the level of ignorance concerning things religion.”

Here we see a typical Western Journalist who has arrogantly set himself up to speak eloquently of “provocation” and “ignorance in things Religion”, and in this he has proven that he has absolutely no understanding of the essence of Islam himself. You can’t just outdo his commentary; it bristles of ignorance, stupidity and arrogance.

It is a given that Turkish prime minister Erdogan would sharply criticize the cartoon publication. However what he didn’t indicate in his harsh criticism was that this was only a drop in the bucket compared to what he demanded from his party in 1997. As coauthor of his party’s manifest, he called for no less than the total annihilation of the Jews. That is the correct thing to do within the context of the Quran’s anti-Jewish contents, and Islamically correct according to the declarations of Muhammad. These things are not and will never be criticized by any Islamic association or leading Islamic theologian.

Media silence

Western “quality” media have kept Erdogan’s declaration silent to this day — a declaration that is not inferior to those of Hitler and Ahmadinejad. Coincidence? Not on your life. If the editors had been able to unearth such declarations by an American or Israeli president from their archives, then they would certainly have dominated the headlines of the world for weeks to come!

Erdogan’s monstrous call for genocide of the Jews of this World seems not to be worth a single headline for most of the media, but for Erdogan it also seems to pose no moral problem as well. On the other hand, exercise any criticism of his prophet Muhammad who challenged his followers many times to wipe out the Jews, and who himself had countless Jews killed, and this causes no small stir. It is well known that the murder of non-Muslims is allowed in Islam. However, the one who exposes this Islamic license to kill, the one who calls it by name and criticizes it, the same is regarded by Islam as an unforgivable offense to the prophets and the religion. That is the hierarchy and hypocrisy of the moral principles of this “religion of peace.”

I accuse the majority of the media of nothing less than complicity with the totalitarianism of Islam and with its most important political and spiritual leaders, whether intentional or unintentional. The reasons for this (often unintentional) complicity has three names:

  • Hate against the society of Western citizens
  • Anti-Americanism
  • Anti-Semitism

These, as well as total ignorance about the tenets and goals of Islam, are the essential portals between Islam and the greater portion of left-leaning Western intellectuals, whether they serve as publicists, media personnel, artists, or politicians.[q]

Journalists as Enablers of Islamization

The Western press normally recognizes no taboo: whether the subject is Christendom, the pope, Western or non-Western politicians, artists, countries, scientists, ideologies or ideologues, religions or sects. Everything can be analyzed, criticized, caricatured — and the freedom to do so is right.

However, the Speaker of the German Journalist Association (Deutscher Journalistenverband — DJV), Hendrik Zörner, of all people, vehemently criticized the reprinting of the Danish cartoons in German newspapers making a reference to the “Code of the Press.” According to the Code, “publication in Word and Picture that in Form and Content can be possibly injurious to the religious sensibilities of a people group violates the stipulations agreed upon in the Code” (numeral 10 of the German Press Code).52

The question is, whether Zörner will forego any publication of Hitler or Stalin cartoons in the future with respect to the sensibilities of the ever present and internationally recognized standards of the numerous fellowships of neo-Nazis and Old Stalinists? Perhaps he should even call for a cessation of George W. Bush cartoons because the millions who voted for him might have their sensibilities offended as well. No, one can conclude that he wouldn’t do that. But neither personal audacity nor journalistic ethics were the guidebook here: rather the confidence that no danger would threaten him from any corner. Apparently Zörner is not versed in Islam, nor in the ethics of his career and the personal duty of his journalistic guild. These all command the journalist to write with unwavering clarity and with boldness, to write down the truth, even when it is not politically correct to do so, as well as to fight against any form of totalitarian exercise of power — even, and especially when, this exercise of power cloaks itself in theological clothing.

In France, the Nouvel Obs prints an interview with the philosopher Regis Debray who has aligned himself with the international scenario for subjugation to Islam, and who has done no less than called for a voluntary self-control of expression of opinion with respect to Islam. Debray says:

“We cannot transfer our thought categories and our systems to another culture that has a history and where it has played a structural role like it was with us 300 years ago.”53

The Values-Relativist Debray may be a philosopher, but he understands very little: little of his own history, little of the French Enlightenment, little of the most destructive consequences of an appeasement philosophy — and even less of Islam who, in the above citation from Debray, “today would be the “peaceful religion” in power in France,” but tomorrow might burn even its non-Muslim supporters.[r]

Numerous newspapers and periodicals in the USA have also refused to reprint the Muhammad cartoons. The critical US historian and columnist, Anne Appelbaum, writes about this in the Washington Post:

“Hypocrisy among the cultural left. Dozens of American newspapers, the Post included, have declared that they will not print the cartoons, but that they would rather — in the words of a self-righteous editorial — ‘cease from superfluous attacks against religious symbols’”54

Appelbaum and the German sociologist Wolfgang Sofsky were a couple of the few voices who could correctly classify the religious and political background of the conflict regarding the cartoons and properly conclude that Islam’s aggressive nature was the real cause of that conflict. Sofsky writes in the Welt:

“The crowd is by no means is looking out for democratic freedoms … the impulse that drives them is much older. The righteous multitude desires to have control of their arch enemies; they desire to slay and burn them. In general, they have the West in their sights. The only freedom they are not finished with is the freedom to kill.”55

Authors as Enablers of Islamization

Already back in 1919, the German author Kurt Tucholsky had formulated an answer to the question where the limits should be set for enlightening writings, and especially those that are packed with satirical criticism. His answer became famous:

“What is allowed in satire? Everything!”56

Only a short century later, the German Literature Nobel Peace Prize winner, Günter Grass made the statement about the publishing of the Muhammad cartoons, that it was

“a conscious and planned provocation by a rightwing Danish newspaper.”57

Mr. Grass had already reached an “understanding” about the terror attacks on the New York twin towers and had admitted to a certain sympathy for the Islamic terrorists.

And here he is again: the automatic left-wing reflex of casting each and every criticism of Islam immediately and unchecked upon the right-wing political camp. In an interview with the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), he utters not a single word about the worldwide agitation of Islam against the “infidels,” not one word concerning the threats of murder against the Danish cartoonists and countless publishers, writers and journalists in the whole world who were bold enough to criticize Islam. Not one word was issued about Muhammad who committed numerous misdeeds against children, the thousands of objectors he had slain, who declared women to be second-class persons, who had a whole Jewish clan beheaded because that clan would not convert to Islam, and who for a long time (though dead) has waged a war, the 1400-year Jihad, in order to increase his borders to his own benefit. And now, today, he is in the middle of Europe, standing ready to take over this continent.

Now, these and similar themes make up the elements of the cartoons that Grass declares to be drawn by the “right-wingers.” However, in contrast to Grass’ opinion, this “Danish paper” puts its fingers into the gaping wounds (caused by Islam) and depicts some of the gravest grievances against Islam. Grass, however, goes so far indeed in his friendship with Islamofascism as to seriously propose on the occasion of Lübeck’s candidacy for being the “cultural capital of Europe” that a Lübeck church be rechristened as a mosque.58 Whatever is preached there doesn’t seem to interest him anymore. Let’s bring to mind the nature the Quran texts[s] that are preached in mosques throughout the world:

“And if you meet the infidel, then off with the head until you wreak massacre among them; and then fasten the bonds!” Sura 47:4

“And strike them (the infidels) dead wherever you encounter them.” Sura 2:191

“And if they turn away (from Islam and give no ear to your challenge to believe), then seize them and kill them where(ever) you find them…” Sura 4:89

“Oh believers, take neither Jew nor Christian as friends.” Sura 5:54

“Oh you who believe, battle against that one of the infidels that is neighbor to you.” Sura 9:123

Etc., etc., etc.

There are only two possible reasons behind Grass engaging himself in this theofascism. First, Grass has no concept of Islam. Second, Grass does know Islam. In the first case, he is an ignoramus. In the second case, he is a friend of a fascist religion.

We could possibly excuse his membership in the Waffen-SS — a confession that came much too late — as the expression of inexperienced youth. However, in his great age, where one should be able to ascribe wisdom and worldly understanding to him, to be a champion for a murderous, people-disdaining, child-raping prophet, and for that religion, is inexcusable. In his blind enthusiasm and criticism-free advocacy for that “religion of peace,” Grass himself has become a danger to the freedom that he believes he has fought for his whole life.

Psychoanalysts as Enablers of Islamization

One other icon of the 1968 Movement, caller of the shots and leading figure of the Peace Movement, is the German psychoanalyst Horst-Eberhard Richter. Like Grass, Richter also sees the fault for the cartoon conflict as primarily belonging to the West. Audio of Richter:

“The West should desist from all provocations and call forth feelings of humility and humbleness. We need to esteem the cultural identity of Islamic countries more highly.”59

This sentence needs to be analyzed. Richter is an icon of the left wing and the Greens, a leading figure practically worshipped by a whole generation of peace-driven deniers of reality and Easter marchers. He exercises no criticism against the cutting off of hands, flogging for no reason, or the stoning of women who have committed no crime other than that they wanted to be free from their husbands. He exercises no criticism against the fact that in Islamic lands today critics of “the religion of peace” have their eyes put out without anaesthetic, that girls at just two years of age are forced to marry dirty old men, that women according to Islamic law (Shari’a) are condemned to be second-class people.

He exercises no criticism against the highest courts who give their blessing to the worst of all forms of paedophilia: sex with nursing infants.60

Does he not know all of that? Now, perhaps twenty years ago we could have let Richter get away with this because of his ignorance regarding things Islam. Today, though, after 11 September, after Bali, after Madrid, after London, after the inexpressible activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, after the mass killings of homosexuals in Iran (and now recently in Iraq), and now the historically unmatched persecution of Christians that is currently playing out before us in practically every Islam-ruled country, Richter has no excuse. He cannot and will not be allowed to escape the dishonor and disgrace due him, in the face of screaming anti-Western and pro-Islam misanalyses, and in the face of his cowardly and hurried kowtowing to fascistic Islam. Richter, himself a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist for decades, not only in Germany, but well-known in all of the West, passes up no opportunity to ascribe as many aggressions as possible to the West. Indeed he seeks to discredit Western systems by describing them as “power-possessed devils61 and accuse them as being phobicly and paranoidally disturbed.62 However, in the case of the worldwide Muslim uprisings that followed the publication of the Muhammad cartoons, this judge of the system and of capitalism makes an astonishing mutation from a rigorous accuser to a loving grandpa-like figure:

“We know about such temper outbreaks in these countries. We should not heap the rioters and the vandalism of furious masses in with the basic form of the majority…”63

Not one word about the 140 casualties from the uprisings, not one word about the murdered priests and nuns, not a single word about the destruction of dozens of churches, nothing about the killing of the innocent, while Richter, through his description “temper outbreak” trivialized the worldwide persecution of Christianity by Islam. How selective this distortion of perception is. It borders on paranoia, and it comes from one of the “most influential” psychoanalysts in postwar Germany. To think that such incomparable ignorance would come from Richter, “the one who understands Islam,” who on one hand makes out “man” to be an “inhumane being,” and on the other hand engages himself for Islam — expressly for the most inhumane, most murderous, most morbid variety of masculomania on the globe!

Just like most of his scientific colleagues, Richter addresses the problem of Islam primarily through communications theory. He addresses the issue of a so-called Western deficit of dialog and understanding, a so-to-speak mechanical dialog that occurs because there has been no effort or only a rudimentary attempt to deal with the issues of Islam. For the family therapist and experts in communication deficit, the whole world relies consistently on familiar processes such as the conflict between children, parents and adult-id and therefore it is reduced to treating narcissistic illnesses. For Richter, this is practical because he believes, as a degreed psychotherapist, that he has the correct answers for the political and religious conflicts of the world. This is how an individual psychologist mutates directly into a psychological world philosopher without having to grapple with the issues of politics and religion. But there is a certain point of ignorance about issues where even the best generalist, when lacking the knowledge of facts, starts to mutate into nothing more than a dilettante, an amateur. Richter shows these symptoms in his approach to Islam in his essay that is characteristically titled, “Islamophobia — a symptom of the ‘psychological illness of unrest (lack of peace)’.” In this writing, he poses the rhetorically targeted question:

“Is Islamophobia a symptom of psychopathological restlessness (lack of peace)?”64

Correct diagnosis — but incorrect patient. For Richter exchanges cause with effect. The critic of Islam is not the one that is “psychopathologically without peace,” as Richter would have it, rather the “religion” of Islam. In order to make it clear and without question, one of the most well-known and respected psychotherapists in Germany, one who fights against masculomania and totalitarianism (as Richter says of himself), analyzes the criticism against theofascism and the male-religion Islam as illnesses — ex cathedra, so to say. The killer phrase “Islamophobia” can have no other meaning.

Given such a grave misdiagnosis by an expert, we must be allowed to ask one question. The question is this: If Richter had lived three-quarters of a century earlier, would he have come upon the same diagnosis for critics of national socialism and titled it “Naziphobia”? Or for critics of communist totalitarianism as being “Stalinphobia”? Or perhaps “Maophobia” for critics of Chinese communism? Beside the point? Absolutely not! Many of his colleagues in communist countries have made this very diagnosis and have had critics of communism committed to Middle-Ages-class psychiatric care units only to disappear forever.

And like Grass, Richter may be just as famous. But he writes, like many of his colleagues, about things of which he has no understanding. This may be a form of megalomania, even a sign of self-glory that can be observed of many old 1968ers to this day. In any case, Richter makes so many unqualified comments to an especially successful accomplice of the “psychopathologically peaceless” Islam, and there are still hundreds of thousands of young Peace Movement individuals that believe every word that comes out of his pen.

The Left as Enablers of Islamization

The burden of critical discussion about the theme of Islam that is led by a vast number of persons and parties — that the left-wing opinion makers usually blame on the right-wing camp — can really be blamed on the left-wing-Green-self-righteous crowd. Since the left wing refuses to have open debate about totalitarian, inhumane Islam to this day, they have abandoned the political field of “criticism of Islam” to others by which they doubly refuse through demonizing this criticism as “hostile to foreigners.”

However, this strategy of demonizing the right as employed by the left has developed into an ideological boomerang, because in the long run the steadfast and constant assignment of the term “hostile to foreigners” to “criticism of Islam” makes it nearly impossible in the spectrum of the left, even in the most valid and obvious cases, to become actively critical of Islam. In this case, this accusation of “hostility to foreigners” may fall back on to them with full force, a substantive and argumentative vicious circle for which the left-wing do-gooders will have no escape, and in the end, Islam will be the real winner.

Danish Converts to Islam as Enablers of Islamization

In Denmark, a trend toward conversion to the “religion of peace” can also be seen. As in Germany and other Western countries, a large portion of the almost 4,000 Danish converts to Islam have settled into the leftwing and Green spectrum of politics. This fact is clearly seen in a study at the University of Copenhagen.65 According to this study, the subjects being dealt with were converts to Islam and open opponents of the Western model of democracy and who want Islam to be the form of rule in their country. This internal about-face of values of an erstwhile leftwing Islam convert is astonishing:

  • away from communist-correct atheism and straight to a religion where any doubt about its god and his prophet is punishable by death, and to a religion that desires to force the whole world under Allah’s banner.
  • away from the demand of equality between man and woman — to a religion of gender apartheid, where according to the law and religious manuscripts (Sunna and Quran) the subjugation and position of the woman with almost no rights is sealed for all time
  • away from equality for all people to the equality of all like-minded individuals, the Muslims. In contrast, all other people, according to the Quran, according to Muhammad and according to the agents of the “religion of peace” can be killed with confidence.

This is only a small piece of cloth from this new religious coat those Western converts have slipped on over their previously leftist scene when they decided expressly to become Muslim. One wonders, if at their conversion into the “religion of peace,” somebody told them that there is no return to their pre-Islamic life, and in the case of turning away from Islam they would be killed according to Muhammad’s personal challenge:

“Kill every one that leaves the religion (of Islam)!”66

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Conclusion: After Failing With Hitler, the Western Appeasement[t] Crowd Does So Again

With its “politically correct” reaction to minority hatred by its Muslim immigrants, Denmark now lies within the general mainstream of the political reactions by practically all Western governments. Apparently, these countries have not learned their lesson from the devastating appeasement policy that the Allies had exercised as a response to Hitler’s expansionist plans. Just as it was then with the National Socialists (Nazis), even so now they feed the Islamic “crocodile” (Churchill) hoping that they will be last ones consumed by it.[u] The “never again war” mentality that Western countries have summarily taken from the Second World War is as wrong as it is absurd.

Appeasement is wrong because societies dedicated to this maxim present themselves as an easy prize, and, as we see in the current case of this massive Islamization of Europe, they will surrender due to lack of defenses.67

Appeasement is absurd because historical experience shows that almost without exception the rogue regimes of this world have had to be overcome by violence. It was this way with Hitler, it was the same way with the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and it was so with the cannibalistic regime of Idi Amin in Uganda, who in the end had converted to Islam.

Auschwitz, Sobibor, and Treblinka were not liberated by self-righteous peace demonstrations in London, Paris or New York, despite what one might think. They were liberated at the price of hundreds of thousands of civilian and military victims of the tanks of the Allied War Forces and Red Army. Pol Pot was not overthrown by peace vigils of concerned do-gooders in the West. It was by means of massive military insertion by the troops of Vietnam, in this case at the cost of 1,000 dead. Those who have chosen freedom for nothing have already chosen oppression.

No, the only correct conclusion from the Second World War must exclaim:

“Never again toleration of intolerance!”

If this sentence would have been included in the preambles of the constitutions of free countries, then such an intolerant and totalitarian system like Islam would not have been able to nestle itself in among the countries of the free world and be validated because of the guarantee of religious freedom provided by these constitutions, but this has happened without exception. If this sentence had been a part of the constitutional conventions in Western lands, then a religion like Islam would have been quickly recognized as an acute danger to freedom and would have been forbidden by the highest constitutional courts. Instead of the policy of chumming up to Islam by means of clergy, intellectuals, politicians, jurists and artists, and instead of the flood of mosques being built in the West, the Muslims would have been confronted by a value system that is well advanced and — with respect to science, culture and human rights — that is decidedly superior.

But the Western elite to this day cowers away from such forms of confrontation against this theocratic barbarism. Maybe it is because they have forgotten that freedom must be defended and recaptured anew every day. Maybe it is because they have a private or open hatred of their Western system. Perhaps either they do not realize the existential threat emanating from Islam, or, since the rapid and unexpected end of communism, they deep down secretly wish to collaborate with Islam in its ancient endeavor, and with Islam’s help, overthrow the Western system. However, let it be said to all appeasers and all foes of Western freedom: the Islamic crocodile will consume you first!

The Collective Failure of the Western Elite

To be qualified to speak on this and other truths about the unique essence of the “religion of peace” as a journalist, politician or author requires intense activity concerning Islam. It is precisely for this reason, time and content, that most Western journalists and intellectuals have cowered away from this subject. And because of this retreat from the issue they have failed in their main task: the commitment to advocate for freedom and the relentless enlightenment of their readers.

Politicians and jurists are guilty in another area: they have opened their borders, practically without limit, to a historically unmatched mass immigration by Muslims. Every year about one million new Muslims stream into the various countries of the European Union, while at the same time in their original Islamic countries, non-Muslims are mercilessly persecuted, thrown into prisons, tortured, and killed. These politicians, judges and attorneys hold the prime executive responsibility for the establishment of parallel Islamic societies in every European country. These societies are not only unwilling to integrate in Europe, but on the contrary and by every implication, they are working to remove the liberal European constitutional laws and eventually replace them with an Islamo-European Caliphate (“Eurabia”). Where realization and defense are concerned, not only have jurists and politicians miserably failed, but even worse: by their inaction regarding the fatal Islamic threat against their countries they have broken the oath of the office imposed upon them by the constitution that they are to defend their people from harm.

A complete and historically developed value system — that of the Western enlightenment, of human rights, of freedom of thought and of the freedom of the individual — has collapsed in the face of an international scenario because of cartoons that:

1. were legitimate in content
2. were formally legitimate because of the freedom of criticism or debate, even if they might not have been correct in content,
3. were a blot on the face of Islam, especially when considering the humiliation and scorn of Christianity, Jewry, and of the West that are the daily way of life in Islamic countries. Anyone who has at least once seen the hate-filled genocidal cartoons drawn up by the media in the Islamic world knows that the agitation regarding the Muhammad cartoons was lop-sided, reactionary, and hypocritical.

Islam pays such fussy attention to not being criticized — but by the same token, it is limitless in its constant and destructive criticism against the non-Islamic world. Muslims in the whole world believe that they are allowed to burn, shred and spit upon the “holy” symbols of non-Muslims and go unpunished. One seldom sees a Muslim demonstration in which the flags of Western countries are not shredded, set on fire or trampled underfoot. Muslims know no limitation when they seek to agitate the West with their verbal attacks. And they hold no limits when they follow up these verbal attacks with their cowardly and malicious terror attacks in the world — mostly against innocent civilians, men, women as well as children. This call by Islam for the ban of criticism against them is the greatest and potentially the most dangerous single attack against the Western-Enlightened world, and in the face of the daily hate and war rhetoric coming from the “religion of peace” against all non-Islamic countries, the ban of criticism against Islam shows itself to be a farce and ultimate hypocrisy.

The cartoon conflict has demonstrated that there can be no compromise between the following: the demands of Islam for criticism-free recognition and subjugation to all of its values on the one hand, and on the other the tradition of Western Enlightenment, according to which no theme is allowed to escape critical evaluation (religions included).

It’s either the one or the other. There is either only thought control, as in Islam, or there is complete freedom of thought, as dictated by Western Enlightenment.

However, because Islam, since its early existence, explicitly threatens each criticism and each critical inquiry and scrutiny of its matters and persons (Muhammad), there can be no permanent political and societal coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims. A look at the history of Islam as well as at the current political situation demonstrates this fact. Islam accepts only one single form of such a coexistence: the absolute predominance of Islam over all other religions — the subjugation of all other religions to its authority to the end that the only choice is to convert to Islam — or be killed.

The belief in a peaceful coexistence as accepted by most Western multicultural adherents, and that governs most intellectuals and politicians, is born out of factual ignorance of the total character of Islam, and in the end it will turn out to be a fatal illusion. As long as Europe stays on this course of ideological and political paralysis, at the end of this “peaceful coexistence” the only winner, as is already established, will be the “religion of peace.” The Muslims themselves know best that Islam means “war” — and by no means “peace”.

“Every one of mine who preaches and declares that Islam does not have the slogan ‘war, war, all the way to victory,’ and that this slogan isn’t in the Quran are right. The Quran demands much more, it demands ‘war, war, all the way to total annihilation of their corruption.’” Ruhollah Khomeini68

The one desiring to stop Eurabia from happening can no longer rely on politics or justice. The one who wishes to stop Eurabia must himself become active (in the following):

1. Cast no more votes for pro-Islamic politicians. Cancel subscriptions to pro-Islamic newspapers and periodicals.
2. Readers need to send letters en masse answering articles and commentaries that categorize critics of Islam as being rightwing extremist and/or articles and commentaries that deny that the Islamization of Europe is really happening.
3. Send E-mail chain letters to radio and TV editors who put on Islamophilic (Islam-friendly or Islam-loving) shows.
4. Mass advertisements are in order for judges and attorneys that bend German/European law who aren’t actively involved in immigration criminal law.
5. Cast no more votes for mayors and parties that have actively engaged themselves in the support of building mosques, and widely publish the names of those who do so.
6. Send protest letters en masse to town halls, mayoral offices, party offices.
7. Organize sit-ins and both small and large demonstrations where possible.
8. Inform friends and acquaintances regarding Islam — for example, the forwarding of articles exposing the true nature of the issue and other information by E-mail
9. Share knowledge about Islam with friends, partners and acquaintances
10. When voting (whether local, state, federal, or European, vote only for those parties that recognize the danger of Islam and stand against it.
11. Encourage those politicians, journalists, intellectuals, artists and other citizens that are bold enough to exercise criticism about Islam and to accept the stigma of “radical right” that the left and Islamic associations will attach to them.

Everything is now laid out on the table. But one truth now stands firm: “Whoever does not fight has already lost the battle.”

— Michael Mannheimer



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Following is an excerpt from Michael Mannheimer’s Essay “Worldwide Persecution of Christians by Islam.” This article can be found at Of a truth, Christians have never been as persecuted in history as they are this present day. Every three minutes a Christian is killed for his faith — overwhelmingly so in Islamic countries. The Catholic Church of Switzerland reports that each year 100,000 Christians are either murdered or tortured to death for their faith. According to data from the International Society for Human Rights, every tenth Christian, or more than 200 million worldwide are victims of discrimination and violence. In a television documentary from PHOENIX regarding the theme “Persecuted Christians” it is reported: “Christians live with danger in many Islamic countries. The basic right of religious freedom shows only on paper here.“ According to the World Persecution Index of the human rights organization “Open Doors” from the years 2005 through 2008, Christians worldwide are by far the most persecuted religion. “Millions of Christians suffer discrimination or persecution because of their faith — whether in Islamic countries, totalitarian states, or in regions where violence rules. They are often classified as second-class citizens whose basic humanitarian foundational rights have been refused them.“ The conclusion of this globe-spanning study is both fearful and enlightening: Islam is the ruling authority in 6 of the 10 countries with the harshest persecution of Christians as well as in 37 of 50 documented countries. Another conclusion of the study: The salient form of government in all 50 “Persecutor States” is a distinct state-run or theocratic totalitarianism.”
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Unknown said...

Here is the Hungarian translation of "The Principle of Abrogation...": A felülírás elve a Koránban and this one:Eurábia: Európa előre megtervezett iszlamizációja

ib said...

Holy $#%^! This article blew me away. It enraged me & it lifted me up. Thank you Michael Mannheimer for giving me hope. You had me when you said;"Getting to the point, if there really is a Satan, then the name of his religion is Islam, and his prophet is Muhammad." and when you said:".....then the status of “religion” must be removed by the highest courts."

In all my thinking about how to solve the problem of islam , after having decided it must be of the devil if the devil existed, removing the title of "religion" from this cult has also seemed like the the only common sense option to me too.

I've only read your article once but I look forward to reading it again with relish. You need to know that I am famous for ignoring any articles I call long-winded, so that is a a huge compliment from me. Thank you so much for writing this & sharing it.

Anne-Kit said...

"Imagine this: politicians practicing politics against their own people"

The truth about such politicians, though, is that for them there is no such thing as "their own people". Left wingers, Marxists etc. are internationalists who believe nation states must be abolished so we can all become a "brotherhood of man" - of course with an elite (themselves) at the top and holding the power.
An elite who know what's best for everyone at any time. "Animal Farm" all over again.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Muslims aren't doing anything that we're not allowing them to. They're just exposing how farcical the idea that citizenship should be granted on any other criteria besides blood.

Just like they're doing civil war like things because we're not crushing their attempts. I'm actually glad that these things are happening to a certain degree - time to destroy universalism and egalitarianism forever. It's fairly obvious that we wouldn't be having any of these problems if only Germans could be German citizenship and they'd be the sole owners of certain rights.

>>Without the active support of Western intellectuals, pastors, politicians, artists, media personnel, authors and journalists, the Islamization of Europe would never be successful. The following chapter will show in particular what this support looks like.<<
If the people didn't accept the farce that civic nationality is, none of this would be happening. Sure, we can point fingers to whoever you want, but ask the average European if he thinks people outside of his ethnic group should be able to become citizens of his country. Everyone who answers yes is part of the problem.

I also don't see the failing with Hitler nonsense happening if a certain country wouldn't have meddled into a war that wasn't her business and imposed a ridiculous peace and destroyed the power structures that Europe had. The Enlightenment is failing in front of Islam because of a single reason, by the way. Because it ignores reality.

Anne-Kit, the brotherhood of man thing is the American citizenship system since America was created, even if it excluded non-whites until 1865. So the brotherhood of man thing is an Enlightenment value.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Great analysis, Michael knows the European elites and sees through them.

Unknown said...

Its the probably best and by far most complex analyis I have read so far about Islam and the backgrounds of islamization of our western countries. A real eye-opener!

I have already passed that link to all my personal contacts, aslking them to read that great essay and pass it to their contacts.

A must-read especially for all those, who are engaged in politics, science and writing...and for all people in the world, who dont want loose their freedom to an enemy, who comes as a religion, but in fact is pure barbarism.

goethechosemercy said...

The Left thinks:
"We will protect the Muslims. We will empower Islam. And then the Muslims will love us so much for it, that they'll allow us to rule them."

Yeah right.

kloutlichter said...

My father fought in yemen in 1968 with no knowledge of Islam.His experience and further developments in the middle east,plus reading, convinced him that Islam wanted to take over the world.
As a young boy he would tell me this and as a young adult I would tell him he was wrong.
After 9/11 I have tried to understand Islam more and with an open mind I have now come to the conclusion he is right.
Mr Mannheimer has said that we should tell freinds and family and pass on e-mails,and I have started doing this around 6 months ago.
So far my wife thinks I am obsessed and turning into a nazi.Most of my friends laugh and say I am a racist and just being paranoid'.Most muslims are nice people'they say and I agree but add that most nice people do not want to weild power.
It is ironic that my friends all say this to me,as I lived in a mostly muslim area for 5 yrs.I am the only one that has been to dinner with muslim men,been invited to a muslim wedding,(I went),Considered a friend by a muslim man.
They dont seem to understand that the Nazi's would put me against the wall first due to my resistence to totalitarian regimes.I have a very large mouth.
I have two children and will keep trying to educate those around me.

Freyja's cats said...

Interesting article. Thank you, Baron, for the work it took to prepare and post it. That was quite a mouthful!

Peter North said...


rasp said...

Thank you for making this article available here.

Would you be able to offer this in a .pdf format as this would help more people access the information.

Baron Bodissey said...

dailyrasp --

I have no way to make the pdf available. It was emailed to me, and has been edited to produce this version. I don't know of any URL for it.

Green Infidel said...

"Casting no more votes" for pro-Islamics is good - but how much good will that achieve once there is a similar number of Muslims voting for the opposite?

A friend from London was telling me about a mother who went into a London maternity ward to give birth. It turned-out that she was the only white mother there - yet this was not in a typical London "ghetto" - but in the middle of a mostly-white area. I've heard other similar stories, leading me to believe this has been going on for some time (maybe since 2000) - and not just in London, but across much of Europe. The vast majority of immigrants being born in these hospitals (of whom a majority is likely Muslim) will grow-up by 2020-2030, and may have the power to decide a new government. But even if it doesn't, or does not want to vote - it will have the power to cause serious disturbances, that will make the French carbecues look like a storm in a teacup.

Therefore, the time to "do something" is surely now, before it's too late?

Hesperado said...

Mannheimer wrote:

Adolf Hitler himself had only a marginal understanding of Islam...

Actually, Andrew Bostom over two years ago called attention to an apparently little-known, but extremely important, colloquy between Hitler and a Muslim jihadist from India, al-Mashriqi, which indicates persuasively that Hitler knew quite a bit about Islam, already in the 1920s.

I don't know why practically everybody in the still inchoate anti-Islam movement (except Bostom and, thanks to him, me) seems to remain ignorant about this important information about Hitler and Islam, and all they do is keep recycling the same old stuff (important as it is in its own right) about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

This Muslim, al-Mashriqi was born in 1888 and met Hitler in 1926 (at a time when Hitler’s political career was on an upward course and when he had already become leader of the National Socialist party in Germany).

Al-Mashriqi founded the Khaksar Movement, an Indian Muslim separatist movement. In one of his writings, he expressed designs that go far beyond a mere regional concern in northern India:

“...we [Muslims] have again to dominate the whole world. We have to become its conqueror and its rulers.”

Al-Mashriqi also wrote a book called Tazkira which, as Bostom describes it, “produced a quintessential message of Islam enshrining the ideals of militaristic nation-building”—i.e., it promulgated and highlighted the supremacist expansionism through militant means that is essential to Islamic doctrine and Islamic history. What is startlingly noteworthy about this is revealed in al-Mashriqi’s own account of his meeting with Hitler in 1926:

“I was astounded when he [Hitler] told me that he knew about my Tazkirah. The news flabbergasted me. . . I found him very congenial and piercing. He discussed Islamic Jihad with me in details. In 1930 I sent him my Isharat concerning the Khaksar movement with a picture of a spade-bearer Khaksar at the end of that book. In 1933 he started his Spade Movement. ”

Al-Mashriqi also commented about his meeting with Hitler:

We shook hands and Hitler said, pointing to a book that was lying on the table: “I had a chance to read your al-Tazkirah.” Little did I understand at that time, what should have been clear to me when he said these words! “The astonishing similarities—or shall we say the unintentional similarity between two great minds—between Hitler’s great book and the teachings of my Tazkirah and Isharat embolden me, because the fifteen years of “struggle” of the author of “My Struggle” [Mein Kampf] have now actually led his nation back to success.

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