Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paris in the Winter

Assises Internationales sur l’Islamisation

An event called “Assises contre l’islamisation de l’Europe” (“Rally Against the Islamization of Europe”) is underway today in Paris.

I just received a phone call from one of the attendees, and he reports that there are about eight hundred people present. There were many more who wanted to attend — interest in the event was so great that the organizers have had to turn people away at the door. Security at the venue is said to be “massive”.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has spoken, as have Oskar Freysinger of the Swiss People’s Party, René Stadtkewitz of Die Freiheit, and Timo of the Dutch Defence League.

Tommy Robinson of the EDL was also scheduled to speak, but he lost his passport and was unable to obtain a replacement in time. However, the speech he planned to give is worth reading. Below is the text prepared in advance:

First of all I’d just like to say a huge thank you to our French friends and associates who have made this event possible. Sadly, in today’s world it seems a very hard job to organise dates, venues, and the facilitation of our democratic right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Anyone who is able to navigate their way round all the obstacles put in place by our governments is someone who should be recognised, congratulated and emulated all over Europe. I salute any freedom-loving people who are prepared to take that stand and make a difference, through adversity we find strength!

Unfortunately, European countries seem to be moving slowly away from these fundamental human rights as they capitulate to left-leaning do-gooders who peer down their noses from their ivory towers and huge salaries to tell the “common people” about what is right and what is wrong, when they are never around to see the problems we actually live with and face on a daily basis. These people are so out of touch with reality it beggars belief. These kinds of people do not represent me or my kin even if they purport to do so.

Such people are the Achilles’ heel of the European Union as we know it, such ignorance coupled with the deliberate deconstruction of national identities all over Europe undermine our individual cultural identities, and because of this our freedoms ebb away on a daily basis. This is something that Europe needs to deal with, it needs to be dealt with very quickly indeed, because I’m not very happy about any of our so-called “leaders” surrendering any of my freedoms in my name.


Anyway, I am here to just briefly give you all an idea as to what the English Defence League is all about, why we evolved into the largest street movement in Great Britain, and what we stand for in Europe, in the wider world. We face domestic problems caused by political apathy and appeasement by an ever growing political elite who have absolutely no idea of how to deal with the threats raised by Islamism and those who wish to implement Sharia law in our Western secular democratic societies.

Sharia law is the antithesis of Western democracy and the rule of law, I will go on to explain this further in due course.

So without further ado let me explain why the English Defence League formed…

In March 2009 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment, known as the Poachers, paraded through Luton town centre as they returned from active service in Iraq. The poachers had lost men who were liberating Iraq from a despotic regime lead by Saddam Hussein. His murderous family members and fellow cohorts wreaked death, destruction and apartheid through sectarian means to stay in power and control the masses; let’s not forget that.

When these disgusting Islamists berated our brave soldiers calling them “rapists, murderers and baby killers” the atmosphere in Luton changed dramatically, it was as if someone had flicked a switch, from rapturous applause and joviality emerged an anger I have never ever experienced in my whole life. The crowds of people — men, women, children, the young and old, from all ethnic backgrounds — turned on these disgusting Islamists and erupted in a patriotic outrage, incensed by the actions of Muslims who hate our country, who routinely abuse its hospitality only to peddle their hatred and intolerance during a homecoming parade.

As a reaction to this the “United People of Luton” came out in force, as I had personally distributed tens of thousands of leaflets calling for people to actually rise up, make that stand and be counted. The call was answered, and from that point a brand new patriotic resistance had been formed, one that transcends race, religion, creed and colour. It was a movement that would take to the very streets that fell prey to Islamisation, in order to claim them back and send a very clear message to those who wish for us to become slave-like dhimmis in the country we love and respect. That message was loud and clear: “We have had enough and we are going to do something about it!”

That fateful day disgusting Islamist swine ironically become the catalyst of their own demise, for want of a better expression they had become the straw that broke the camel’s back. It would be fair to say that the actions of these grotesque excuses for human beings had awoken a sleeping giant, a giant that evolved into the English Defence League!

From that moment we have opposed Islamism in whatever shape or form it has manifested its ugly, medieval, barbaric, theocratic and totalitarian agenda, we will continue to do so because we will never ever surrender our freedoms and our democracy to those who seek to destroy it!

Luton, my hometown, is a hotbed of terrorism where Islamists propagate and promote Islamic theological tenets that represent 7th century Arabian totalitarianism and warped “morality”. It is a disease that infests almost every corner of the earth — this is not a British problem; this is not even a European problem: this is a worldwide problem. Al-Muhajiroun, a proscribed organisation, was working (and still is working but under different names now) to breed the next generation of Islamist aggression. Afzal Munir and Aftab Manzoor were two such members of this jihad front who were killed in a retaliatory bombing raid by US forces in Kabul, any guess whose side they were on?

Salahuddin Amin was one of the key members of the so-called “fertiliser bomb plot gang”, who discussed blowing up the Ministry of Sound nightclub or Bluewater shopping centre. He claimed he had met several senior terrorist commanders in Luton, including one, Abu Munthir, at the mosque in Leagrave Road. Is it any surprise that this fertiliser gang were introduced to the radical Muslims who would become the July 7 bombers, I ask you?

Then there’s our latest famous Lutonian export…

Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, the suicide bomber who blew himself up in Sweden, is thought to have been radicalised while studying and living in Luton. But it gets even worse because so called “moderate” Muslims knew of his extremist views, and they did absolutely nothing to tip off our security services. These so-called “moderate” Muslims should have played their part and done the right thing by notifying the police, but as usual they were complacent — indifferent, in fact. I mean, for all the rhetoric that comes from the Islamic community about this man who did not represent his religion because Islam means peace (well it actually means submission but I will leave that for another day), so in effect the Muslim community decided to publicly denounce his actions yet they did absolutely nothing to try and stop this Islamist radical from taking innocent lives. I thank God that there were no fatalities other than his own in Stockholm, may many more terrorists die in such a way because the only life worth ending is their own!

Luton has been continuously connected with Islamism and its radical variants. A leaked intelligence report, compiled by MI5, Special Branch and the Ministry of Defence, appears to back up concerns about the town by listing Luton as a “notable” centre for “extremist networks” in the south of England. Even Douglas Murray, director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, said: “It’s an extremely segregated place — it is divided as a town and the Muslim area is extremely Islamified. If you go down the high street after Friday prayers, you meet all the radical groups one after the other.”

Yet these political spineless ostriches who allegedly govern our town (I include Bedfordshire police in this context) seem to think that we living in a utopia of multicultural harmony tolerance and love, when the reality is intolerance, hatred, suspicion, and segregation. If that is their “multicultural utopia”, then they deserve to experience it, see it breathe it and live in it like I have to on a daily basis.

The list goes on and on. It’s almost exhaustive, but the worrying trend is that this problem is replicated up and down the country. Almost every town, every city, every county in Great Britain has had to deal with this creeping social cancer, and in most cases it has been allowed to thrive and grow through political correctness and this failed social experiment called multiculturalism. It’s a disease that embeds and infests, ultimately poisoning its victim until it has been rendered helplessly impotent. the English Defence League is the surgeon that will remove it once and for all! People will learn from the history we are making today, for it is a new day, a new era, it’s a calling that people ignore at their own peril, the time to take action and resist this intolerant menace is now. Europe must play its part!

The English Defence League stand against homophobia, racial discrimination, Islamisation, the appeasement of a minority over a majority, enforcing halal products on an unaware public, the wearing of burkhas, and let’s not forget the most barbaric and backward political/social and legal system in the entire world….

Shariah law!

This 7th century draconian system of “righteous morality and exceptional piety” is nothing less than the antithesis of secular western democracies. It promotes the beating of women, the marriage, molestation and RAPE of young children. It does not recognise marital rape, it considers women to be worth half of a man, it creates an empowering system of misogyny, homophobia, intolerance, and hatred of the very nation and its people with whom it comes into contact with. It creates a state living within a state.

It breeds segregation and the regressive nature of 7th century ideals that lives parallel to our secular democracies, slowly but surely eroding the foundations of our success. We MUST stop the rot, and we must stop it now, before it becomes dangerously malignant and too aggressive to control.

The European Court of Human Rights ruled the following about individual European states and Shariah law and I quote…

“In its judgment, the Court first noted that freedom of thought, of religion, of expression and of association as guaranteed by the Convention could not deprive the authorities of a State in which an association, through its activities, jeopardised that States institutions, of the right to protect those” “institutions. It necessarily followed that a political party whose leaders incited violence or put forward a policy which failed to respect democracy or which was aimed at the destruction of democracy and the flouting of the rights and freedoms recognised in a democracy, could not lay claim to the Conventions protection against penalties imposed on those grounds. Such penalties could even, where there was a sufficiently established and imminent danger for democracy, take the form of preventive intervention. Noting that the Welfare Party had pledged to set up a regime based on Sharia law, the Court found that Sharia was incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy as set forth in the Convention. It considered that Sharia, which faithfully reflects the dogmas and divine rules laid down by religion, is stable and invariable. Principles such as pluralism in the political sphere or the constant evolution of public freedoms have no place in it”. According to the Court, it was difficult to declare one’s respect for democracy and human rights while at the same time supporting a regime based on Sharia, which clearly diverged from Convention values, particularly with regard to its criminal law and criminal procedure, its rules on the legal status of women and the way it intervened in all spheres of private and public life in accordance with religious precepts”.

In other words, Europe, you have laws that actually enable you to deal very effectively with the threat of Islamism and the encroachment of Shariah law, so why do you not use them to their fullest extent, and remove this threat to our culture, our rule of law and our democracies?


The left-leaning Islamist sympathisers who have absolutely no grip on reality would still insist we live in a multicultural bordello paradise where everyone loves each other equally, where everyone respects one another equally, who think there is absolutely nothing wrong with Shariah law. Even if a European Court of Human rights rules otherwise, they still do not believe, they still refuse to accept these things — how utterly deluded are these people? Do they work for “Common Purpose”? Are they the chosen few who will infiltrate positions of power, and influence our futures for the better?

Our fight is clearly not just with Islamists but also with those who allow them to go unchallenged, those spineless politicians who are far more afraid of being branded “Islamophobic” than of the people who have actually voted them in. Why has this limp-wristed idiocy taken hold of political opinion the length and breadth of Europe? Good governance is only ever achieved by listening to the people, working for the people, while avoiding the appeasement of minority theocrats who find stories like “The Three Little Pigs” offensive.

The onus should never be for a host nation to change and accommodate the cultural and religious sensitivities of people whose beliefs reflect the barbarity of historical imperialism; the onus should be on those who come from foreign lands to assimilate, integrate and become positive members of our communities. I’m sure if I went to Muslim countries demanding the same I would be locked up or deported at least. Actually, let’s not rule out death, either; I mean, what else could we expect from shariah law?

Ah, the Islamic law that our politicians don’t think is all that bad, a system of law that they say can run alongside our democratic laws, but this just simply isn’t true, as pointed out by Civitas, a government think tank who exposed the flaws of sharia tribunals and mediation, or is it arbitration? The facts speak for themselves again through our legal systems, Sharia law rules on child custody can be quite cut and dried and were indeed described by judges in the House of Lords as ‘arbitrary and discriminatory’, such things cannot and should not play any part in our rule of law.

To conclude…

We have court rulings that clearly expose Shariah law as a barbaric legal system with twisted morality, something that is incompatible in western secular democracies, yet Shariah courts are popping up all over Europe! So let us all unite and fight this encroachment tooth and nail. Make your stand, fight it on the streets, fight it in the courts, fight it and push it back to the sands of 7th century Arabia from whence it came, the only place it truly belongs!

Europe, your time to resist is now, for jihad comes in many guises, do this for your children and your children’s children, or surrender their freedoms right here and now and become Islamic subjects, second class citizens in your own countries, and impotent dhimmis living under the shoe of Shariah.

I am the English Defence League and I will never ever Surrender!


sheik yer'mami said...

Tommy Robinson lost his passport and was unable to obtain a replacement in time?

As a European national he should be able to travel with any form of identification, such as ID cards, driving license etc.

Why should that be an impediment to such an important event?

Anonymous said...

From the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website -

"You need a passport valid for the proposed period of your stay to enter France."

It's because the UK isn't a Schengen member.