Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jihad Against Australia

This is what you might call a Counterjihad video for beginners. It’s a short introductory film about jihad, designed for an Australian audience, and does a good job of laying out the basics.

The beginning of it is “old material” as far as regular Gates of Vienna readers are concerned. But watch it through to the grueling audio segment from a call-in radio show near the end — Australian readers may want to send this to their friends who don’t “get it” yet.

WARNING: some of the images use in this video — particularly those from the Bali bombing — are graphic, and may be disturbing for sensitive people:

Hat tip: Nilk.


Richard said...

I wish more people were watching this and started to understand how much danger the west is in.

bewick said...

There ARE some good Muslims but sadly if there is one bad apple in the barrel then the whole barrel must be destroyed.

Anonymous said...

First they came for the Jews, you know the rest..........

noiseytappet said...

Petrodollars / Sovereign Funds have been buying into real estate and businesses in Australia and New Zealand for years, just like they have done in Europe. America and Canada for decades now. The West owes too much money to the Arabs [and Chinese] so no one will rock the boat. Thanks to puppet Governments and multinationals, moslem immigration everywhere will only increase.

Gregory said...

Yep, I see that soon there are going to be many 'civil' wars. I really feel sorry for the young people of today because they are going to pay for the wests indiscriminate decision to let ANY people of muslim faith immigrate..

Charles Martel said...

These odious creatures will stop at nothing but implacable force which the West is currently unwilling to employ. At some point however a critical mass will be reached. I do wonder what it will take. The Beslan school massacre, the Bali bombings and 9-11 were obviously not enough.

Until we reach critical mass these animals will continue to have their way. I wonder if we've become so "civilized," emasculated, dandified, sensitized, diversified, liberalized and multiculturalafied that we no longer are capable of mounting a retaliatory response.

Were we a rational society all Muslims would be expelled. But we are in the grips of a mass psychosis called liberalism and multiculturalism.

Hesperado said...

"There ARE some good Muslims but sadly if there is one bad apple in the barrel then the whole barrel must be destroyed."

The whole barrel must be "destroyed" (or at least collectively neutralized) only if we cannot separate out the bad apples from it.

The reigning wisdom throughout the West is that one should not attack the "barrel" because of "a few bad apples".

This metaphor becomes further reinforced due to additional factors about this "barrel":

1) it contains over a billion people living all over the globe

2) these billion plus people partake of a culture perceived to be a venerably rich culture with a centuries-long tradition, further imbued with the aura of a "world religion"

3) these billion plus people mostly look "ethnic", making any discriminatory action against them triply sensitive if not forbidden, given our dominant and mainstream PC MC in the West

4) even I -- one of the hardest anti-Islam individuals I know -- would concede that ostensibly, most of those billion plus people are not saying or doing anything overtly dangerous that would by itself warrant taking any action against them.

With these four factors in play, it becomes enormously difficult for the West to enlarge the problem from the TMOE (the Tiny Minority of Extremists) to Islam at large and its worldwide Muslims.

It seems, unfortunately, that it will simply take the repeated, regular exposure of Westerners to the hatred and intolerance Muslims demonstrated through their writings, words, and deeds (the latter including several more attacks on us, worse than 911, in decades to come), before the West is ready to move in a paradigm shift from the "apples" to the "barrel".

The good news is that once the West does make that paradigm shift, it will be lights out for Islam. The West is astronomically superior to Islam on all levels -- economically, technologically, scientifically, culturally, intellectually, psychologically, politically, religiously, spiritually, philosophically. The only thing keeping Islam afloat now is the West's unwillingness to take rational action against the outrageous threats its followers pose.

The Hesperado

las said...

Hesperado... yes, it is true that the West is superior in all those things you listed except one... demographically. And I am afraid, demographics trumps all the others listed.

KURSK said...

Demographics can easily be altered through attrition. Two World Wars during the last century killed tens of millions of White Europeans and millions of Asians.

We in the west are paying for that today.