Monday, December 13, 2010

Tommy Robinson on the BBC

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson appeared today on a BBC radio call-in program in his home town of Luton. Callers had been asked to talk about the reasons why people might be scared of visiting or living in Luton, and Mr. Robinson voiced his opinions on the issue.

When you listen to this audio, you’ll notice how skilled Tommy Robinson has become in handling hostile media presenters, even though he’s only been the public voice of the EDL for a few short weeks. He did a superb job of blocking and parrying every attack by his interviewer, and mounted several successful counterattacks.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing the audio and illustrating it with relevant clips and images:


imnokuffar said...
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Unknown said...

I am naturalised British citizen and Tommy made me proud again to be called British!

Anonymous said...

T.Robinson did very, very well in response to the host!!

I read, severally, that the Luton-grown bomber of Sweden had been "kicked out" of his mosque: I agree entirely with Robinson's position that this should be treated as unconfirmed. Let's not forget that the Quran permits and requires lying when the truth is harmful to "Islam".

Baron Bodissey said...

imnokuffar --

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imnokuffar said...

I am no big fan of the EDL but I have to say Tommy was excellent with that self-righteous [expletive] of a reporter ! He did not rise to the bait about masks and his colleagues being called "Cronies" and also when asked where he got his statistics was spot on.

He also made the local issue relevant and linked it to the wider international issue if Islam and terrorism.

I bet that [expletive] of a reporter went home scratching his head.


More please !

Nick said...

He did very well there. How absurd for the reporter to harp on about EDL people wearing a face mask wherever there's a reporter about because they want/need to keep their jobs, when as Tommy pointed out the subject under discussion was an Islamic terrorist who lived in the UK, and who had just tried to murder scores of innocent people!

When will people like that wake up? When a member of their family is killed by an Islamic bomber in their home town?

Nick said...

You'll notice too that he had no response whatsoever to Tommy's informed statement that new students are being recruited by Muslim extremists at university. The reporter didn't even touch that one.

Again though this just shows that what Tommy's saying is correct: there are working class people who are living in this situation, and there are politicians and members of the media who are not. Who actually knows what's happening then? Obviously not this reporter, anyway.

Nick said...

I think that when the EDL began, no one was sure what they would be, or what they could become. Certainly the biased reporting in the papers didn't help anyone to make up their mind.

However, the EDL seems to have made progress, as is shown by this young man being invited on to national radio, and being asked to speak on Sky News the other day too.

Well done!

Elan-tima said...

Mr Robinson knows how to hold his own against a media trying to sculpt the narrative to its own propagandic script. I think Mr. Robinson should in some cases point out the media's bias to the listening public at the time to further deligitimize the MSM, and perhaps openly mention sites like GOV or Politically Incorrect etc. so those outside the loop can be steered to more "diverse" reporting and commentary.

Vlad Z. said...

I think it is interesting to see the article referenced in the audio interview in the Mail.

It does paint a not-so-pretty picture of football hooligans repurposing themselves as EDL activists.

The organization should probably rethink some of their tactics and associations if they want to continue to grow.

Masks will never be well accepted in the West as legitimate. From the cartoon bandit, to the KKK costumes to the ubiquitous gang-banger with a bandana over his face it always amounts to someone who is doing something wrong, and is afraid to be seen.

It is impossible to make a moral crusade as a masked man.

The issue of the burkah is moot and doesn't provide cover for the masked EDL protestors.

Vlad Z. said...

Sorry, here is the link.

Nilk said...

vlad, it doesn't matter whether the EDL wear masks or not. Since they are not on the "right" side, they will be vilified by the press anyway.

They may as well protect their identity.

With the hoohah over the desecration of the Cenotaph, I didn't see any complaints about the "students" covering their faces.

Unknown said...

Completely agree the EDL will always get bad press regardless of what they wear.
And by the way vlad that daily mail article you just posted,
Is inaccurate lazy bias journalism and does not represent all 63.000 members of the EDL.

Nick said...

I think that Tommy's response (which has been employed several times before) to the question of some people wearing face masks whenever there are police filming is a pretty decent one. Compare it to the burka, and see if the reporter will say anything about that. If they can't, then in the context of the interview, it's suddenly time to move on ...

The second move is to remind the reporter that the topic under discussion is some fellow who 'scored an own goal' in Stockholm as he was trying to murder scores of innocent people. Where is the reporter's outrage about that? Doesn't he think that's 'scary'? Etc ...

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