Monday, December 13, 2010

Tommy Robinson on Sky News

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, was interviewed on Sky News yesterday. As usual, the interviewer was more or less hostile, but he did give Mr. Robinson a chance to say his piece:

Hat tip: ICLA.


Anne-Kit said...

What an amazing young man! He didn't lose his cool for one minute, didn't rise to the bait and took his time to think through his answers, which he then delivered without hesitation.

(Presenter:) "The public see the EDL as a fringe group" Yes, because people like you portray them like that!

I salute you, Tommy Robinson! May God bless your efforts and give you grace and favour.

Michael Servetus said...

Good job Tommy Robinson, you conducted yourself well under pressure and gave all the right anwers in the tone they needed to be delivered. Keep it up. You didn't give your enemies any thing by which to gainsay you.

God Blessing to you.

Kinneddar said...

Tommy Robinson, for one so young and unused to the spotlight,is doing an amazing job. When he speaks, he is sincere and his direct message can't help but be noticed — even by interviewers such as this one.

His candor, his passion, his clear and quick thinking, all totally without guile, must make a good impression on the viewing public.

Waes Hael said...

I have to admit, for an average Joe like him who hasnt been trained to be in the limelight he hanled that quite well.

The political platform question was interesting though, I wonder how much the EDL can accomplish by just being a pressure group.

Rule Britannia:

Anonymous said...

Wow, this young man is a real leader. The interviewer seemed decent enough, too. Even though it wasn't a friendly interview, it wasn't excessively hostile, either, I'd say tough but fair.

imnokuffar said...

Once again, very impressed and the interviewer was fair - for a change.


Pity this courageous young man is not in our party as he supports many of our policies.

I hope the Muslim scum and thier lefty allies don't do a "Van Goght" on him.

Keep safe Tommy.

sulber nick said...

imnokuffar: "I hope the Muslim scum and thier lefty allies don't do a "Van Goght" on him."

What is a "Van Goght" and why is it in parentheses?

I'm afraid I'm beginning to find imnokuffar's contributions as irritating and irrelevant as the former Gordon's.

imnokuffar said...

Suber Nick, unfortunately for you and fortunately for those of us who value free speech, you are not in charge of this website.

You never heard of Theo Van Goght ?

Look it up, you might find it instructive.

Sorry I irritate you.

Merry Christmas.

Silly Kuffar said...

Tommy says he is against the BNP.
So what do the people of Britain do ?
Vote for the self same parties that have gotten us into this mess?

They need to grow up and stop being Football Hooligans.

They need also to understand that only Political means can sort this mess out and I don't mean voting for the Lib/Lab/CON/Kip.

The BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY has a clean sheet when it comes to Violence, Racism etc.

All the EDL are doing in regards to the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY is what the UAF are also doing.

imnokuffar said...

Silly Kuffar. I agree with you insofar as they need a political programme and that they need to realise that a political problem needs a political solution.

I think they are well meaning people for the most part but are sadly misguided. If they think that being a "pressure group" as Tommy puts it is going to get them very far they are in for a shock.

However, you cannot fault them for thier courage or for thier appreciation of the dangers facing our country and all of Europe.

So, I think its a bit off to call them a bunch of football hooligans. I for one, don't know many football hooligans who think in the terms that Tommy and a lot of his compatriots do.

I think they need to join us, but that is thier call.

In the meantime at least they are highlighting the situation and giving many Lefties and Liberals the heeby jeebies, that cannot be a bad thing.

If however, the EDL descends into factional elements and turns to violence then that is another matter entirely. I for one do not believe anything written about them in relation to violence etc. However, when the lefties and greenies get together and directly confront the EDL I think all hell will break loose.

I fear that the BNP will then be lumped in with them and become even more stigmatised than we are now.

Still, there is not a lot we can do about it apart from to keep our distance.

sulber nick said...

imnokuffar, no, I haven't heard of Theo Van Goght. Enlighten me...

Hesperado said...

It's spelled "Gogh".

Anyone who doesn't know who Theo Van Gogh is -- particularly someone who takes the time to come to this site -- is demonstrating rather colossal ignorance. Someone should open a anti-Islam Kindergarten for such individuals, where they can learn the basics, along with finger-painting, butterfly mobiles, and eating paste.

Richard said...

Jordan the TEA party has accomplished quite a lot by being a pressure group, the EDL may end up being a king maker in Britain.

sulber nick said...

Hesperado - I know precisely who Theo Van Gogh is, or rather was. The mis-spelling was 'imnokuffar's' - let's hope he takes your advice... and maybe also he could attend extra grammar lessons.

imnokuffar said...

Hi Suber,

Enough of this. I am all ployed out.
Perhaps we can now settle this dispute and move on.

Very amusing you would probably get on very well with Tommy, no doubt he could do with "grammar lessons" as well. I have no problem in believing that he would value your contribution to the cause. Perhaps you could contact him and ask him why working class people (like me) are thick ? Perhaps it's because they have been taught by superior people like you.

You really are a "Suber" person.

Parenthesis may be:Parenthesis, either of the ( ) punctuation marks that together make a set of parenthesesParenthesis (rhetoric), an explanatory or qualifying word, clause, or sentence; often used in farces, especially in the early 17th century.

Hope I got this right.

Thats enough finish and caput.

Merry Christmas.

Sorry misspelled the name.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

In hoc signo vinces


" ... why working class people (like me) are thick ? Perhaps it's because they have been taught by superior people like you."

lol :)

Vortac said...

Why they want to be a "pressure group" instead of a political party? And what is a "pressure group" anyway? They want to be English Tea Party?