Friday, December 17, 2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/17/2010

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/17/2010For the last several days there have been nationalist riots in Moscow, which had to be suppressed by the police. The trouble was sparked by the shooting of a Russian by Muslims from the Caucasus, and the targets of the riots have been people of Muslim ethnicities. Some of the nationalist anger has been directed at Vladimir Putin, and official news reports refer to the rioters as “racists” and “hooligans”.

In other news, authorities in the Washington Metro have announced that they will begin random bag-searches and hand-swabbing of passengers in the subway system. They acknowledge that there is no evidence of a specific threat, but want to be pro-active against a potential terror attack.

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Zenster said...

Some of the nationalist anger has been directed at Vladimir Putin, and official news reports refer to the rioters as “racists” and “hooligans”.

How odd, our beloved super-nationalist Russia, bastion of self-preservation, using the exact same poisonous and Politically Correct labels of racism and incitement against those who seek to oppose Muslim domination.

Go figure.

lurcherman said...

Islamic violence is spreading all over the world, seemingly encouraged by western politicians. The Aussies too are having a spot of bother:

Michael Servetus said...

what good will a random search and two finger swab do you? to say it is random is to say it is blind and without any intelligent ordering. Random means left to chance which means any success would be based on luck and not the result of intelligent purposeful direction. You might as well say we will send people out with blindfolds on to see, and we will see if they can by catch someone, like that game children play. To further draw it out, we can also say that this is purposeful misdirection and we are in a strange sense purposely trying not to see and not to catch and are playing a game ad we say we are trying to catch. If one were intent on real success and not playing children's games all one has to do is take the self imposed blindfold off.

Michael Servetus said...

The blindfold I speak of is mental and the sight or vision the light of reason. Lady justice can still keep her blindfold on for that role omly requires hearing merit, but law enfircement must never be blinded.

Anonymous said...

Actually putin is quickly becoming a contender for Dhimmi of the Year award. yesterday he claimed that Russian Orthodox faith has more in common with Islam than with Western Catholicism.

Zenster said...

lbertarian: Yesterday he [Putin] claimed that Russian Orthodox faith has more in common with Islam than with Western Catholicism.

Thank you, lbertarian. Got that folks? Do you need more?

Putin Calls Russia Defender of Islamic World

“Russia has always been the most faithful, reliable and consistent defender of the interests of the Islamic world. Russia has always been the best and most reliable partner and ally. By destroying Russia, these people (terrorists) destroy one of the main pillars of the Islamic world in the struggle for rights (of Islamic states) in the international arena, the struggle for their legitimate rights,” Putin was quoted by Itar —Tass as saying, drawing applause from Chechen parliamentarians. [emphasis added]

And you had better believe exactly what Putin is saying. Whether in its old Soviet phase or this new one, Russia helped to birth and has always abetted global terrorism and, itself, remains a net exporter of terrorism.

What Western country needs a container deployed cruise missile launching system?

It is feared that the covert Club-K missile attack system could prove "game-changing" in fighting wars with small countries, which would gain a remote capacity to mount multiple missiles on boats, trucks or railways.

Iran and Venezuela have already shown an interest in the Club-K Container Missile System which could allow them to carry out pre-emptive strikes from behind an enemy's missile defences.

Anyone who does not take seriously Putin's commitment to defend Islam is just another sap that this Russian conniver is busy triangulating against.

Why do yo think that Russia and China remain so silent and largely inactive regarding the Global War on Terrorism?

Both of them are sitting back and laughing themselves silly as America bleeds itself white trying to stop what only Muslims can put an end to.

When Russia or China must finally respond to Islamic terrorism, it will take them a few short hours to solve what we have taken a decade to struggle wth.

Many here at Gates of Vienna have routinely come to Putin's defense as an example of how a country's leader should deal with Islam.

Well, Putin's dealing with Islam. He's selling them more weapons and, most likely, cutting deals that keep the terrorists out of his back yard and in our faces for years to come.


EscapeVelocity said...

Indeed Zenster. They are still the same ole Russia, wanting to be European, but always on the outside seeking to dominate, not to join and particpate.

You cant change centuries of psychosis, overnight.

Zenster said...

EscapeVelocity: You can't change centuries of psychosis, overnight.

In this, Russia and Islam share much in common. Both are racing towards a precipice of total collapse and any change that might avert such disaster is so far over the horizon that there is little hope of it arriving in time.

Islam is doing so by pressing forward with a totally premature militaristic jihad that literally demands nuclear retaliation at some point.

Russia is doing much the same in that its reigning oligarchy has so demoralized the nation's core population of youth that alcoholism continues to ravage the entire economy and no amount of oil wealth can reverse the precipitous decline in replacement birth rate.

This latest nonsense only serves to bear out your own observation of, "always on the outside seeking to dominate, not to join and participate". It may be a feature of the Asiatic blood that distinguishes Russian culture from that of Europe.

Whatever the case may be, just like Islam, Russia is also hurtling towards a socio-economic precipice whereby over-concentration of wealth and corruption will permanently quash its own culture leaving a demographic vacuum that Islam will only be all too happy to fill.

Thus is Putin's alliance with Islam a transparent fraud aimed only at using global terrorism as a stalking horse to triangulate against the West while continuing the charade of cooperation in order to gain whatever erstwhile benefits can be harvested from gullible Western leaders.

Putin's KGB roots are obvious to anyone with even a slight understanding of recent history. Unfortunately, even that "slight understanding of history" is rarer than hen's teeth right now and the price of having to repeat every lesson of the Cold War, right down to an actual nuclear exchange (with Islam), looms ominously on the horizon.

Much like his touting of Islam as the Religion of Peace™, Bush's proclamation of Putin as a Western ally were both actionable offenses that should have permanently discredited his soft-core supposed conservatism. Bush's exposure to an Ivy League academia that was so thoroughly infected with Cultural Marxism forever tainted his ability to lead the USA.

Much the same can be said for his predecessor and successor. All of which is proving near-fatal for America.

Unknown said...

I'm Russian,

it's amazing to see how far from reality is the impression of Western people about Russian affairs.

I'm sorry but the sad truth is: Pootin is the opposite of a russian nationalist. He's best friend of radical islamists from North Caucasus, his closest advisors and cronies are from there, and his policy over the last 5 years or so has been to substitute ethnic Russian population with migrants from the south.

Unless the Western powers wake up and stop supporting him AND his Muslim friends (Chechens and the like) and support moderate Russian Nationalists instead, Russian State soon becomes a major radical islamist nuclear power, with ethnic Russians turned into slaves in their own country.

Yes, it needs to be repeated:
In terms of migrants and islamization, the situation in Russia is far worse than in Europe.