Thursday, December 16, 2010

Prison Guard Burqa

A Muslim woman in Canada has applied for a job in a men’s prison. In order to comply with sharia strictures on the segregation of the sexes, she will be permitted to wear a special hijab with a face mask and gloves so that she never risks contact with any males.

Lowell Green, who hosts a call-in program on the radio station CFRA, engaged in an interesting discussion on the topic with a couple of callers. The first was a Somali Muslim, and the second was a female apostate from Islam.

Vlad Tepes has YouTubed the segment, and accompanied it with appropriate visual entertainment:


Anonymous said...

OH-h-h-h Canada-a-a-a!

(roflmao) I can't believe I watched the whole thing! I was in stitches during the segment (2:00-6:00) with the, uh, incorrigible inmate. (Thank you, Vlad Tepes.)

Anonymous said...

How many Muslim inmates are at that prison? I can't help but wonder if she will be a conduit for information and contraband between the inmates and the outside world.

Elan-tima said...

As a citizen of Canuckistan I welcome this development. Of course this "country" has been a running joke since it aborted its Euro cultural pregnancy after WWII and has proudly displayed how it is defined first and for most by how it is not American. The putrid confederacy has drank from the poison challace of Multi-cult PC bile providing the world with a blueprint on how not to develop.
The fact that this recieves any attention at all is a surprise since two decades ago a south asian high schooler won a court case allowing him to wear a sword to school for religious reasons.
Unlike Americans and Europeans we hear in the land of "reasonable accomidation" have nothing worth saving, so every new nail in the coffin of a moribund territorial corpse brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few things that you might find that are worth saving:

1. Your wives. Islam does NOT recognize non-Muslim marriages. Hence, when Islam reigns, Muslims may kidnap, convert, forcibly marry, and rape non-Muslim women - even those who are already married to non-Muslims. This horrifying Muslim practice is currently happening to the Copt Christian minority in Egypt with wives of Coptic priests!

2. Your daughter's clitorises. Although the Saudis have been very effective at controlling the international dialogue to pretend that the painful and primitive removal of clitorises from little girls (often 4-5 years old) is cultural to black Africa, the truth is that ALL Muslim sects practice clictorectomies on a majority of their little girls. It is believed that the only Muslim girls with a (slim) shot at avoiding clictorectomies are those girls from more "educated" families.

3. Your Western artwork and sports programs. Muslims forbid any human representation and fight for extreme modesty. Thus, Muslims would gladly destroy ALL Western artwork featuring people. Also, any ladies' sports would require full Islamic dress which would make creative ice skating very interesting....Look at the participation of Islamic countries in the Olympics to get an idea.

4. Your gene pool and your health care budget. The Muslim practice of cousin marriage quickly ruins any gene pool and significantly increases the amount of handicapped kids who require significant investment of Western health care resources.

5. Your monogamy and welfare budget. Muslim immigrants believe that Muslims are entitled to their four wives - even if three of those wives list themselves as single mothers and apply for welfare to support their average of eight kids per wife.

I'm sure that I could come up with more items given time, but this list will do as a quick summary of what Western nations need to save.