Thursday, December 16, 2010

Taqiyya and Dhimmitude in Stockholm

Yesterday we posted a TV news report about a Swedish politician who infiltrated a Stockholm mosque.

The Swedish blogger Cavatus has more:

…A Swedish politician, Daniel Arrospide Alata, from the environmental “Green” Party infiltrated one of the Stockholm mosques for 6 months. He did this in order to find out what is going on there behind the scenes of the “religion of peace”.

What he found out was not what he expected, if relying on the words of the imams. He found what we all fear and what we experienced last Saturday in Stockholm.

He says in his debate article that the official denial of the imam from the Swedish Islamic Society is downright hypocrisy. This is apparently a flagrant example of taqyyia. Al-Qaeda recruits men in a steady stream.

Arrospide asserts that the imam knew of this but did nothing to stop it. Arrospide also states in his article that it is time the security service and the police took reasonable measures to tackle the problem. Otherwise this will be just a big problem as were the Nazis once upon a time.

The mosque is known to be a Muslim Brotherhood operation, so radicalism among its congregants is to be expected. The extent of the problem, however, seems to have caught Sweden by surprise.

Cavatus adds this:
Daniel Arrospide Alata published a debate article on the discussion site Newsmill, which was altered by the editor. The article was first published according to his exact wording, but after a few days the editor-in-chief censored it a bit — he thought the text contained the word “Muslims” too many times, so he apparently deleted some of them.

His reasoning? The word “Muslim” is controversial today, according to him.

For more information, and links to the Swedish-language sources for it, see Cavatus’ blog.


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