Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Pat Condell on Sweden

Pat Condell holds forth on the new, improved, multicultural Sweden, the rape capital of Europe and staunch enemy of Islamophobia:


Gregory said...

I listened to this and then sent it off in an email. This guy is good at analyzing problems, but I don't hear him coming up with many answers for the problems.

Zenster said...

Gregory: … I don't hear him coming up with many answers for the problems.

That might be due to the fact that a very few answers exist. Most of them involve extra-judicial sanctioning with extreme prejudice and just mentioning such a measure, much less suggesting it, would probably land Pat Condell behind bars for more than a few years.

For the nonce, we're obliged to ignore all those Muslims who publicly display signs like "Behead Those Who Insult Islam", "Butcher Those Who Mock Islam", "Exterminate Those Who Slander Islam", "Massacre Those Who Insult Islam" and any number of variants on this routinely homicidal theme.

Clearly, giving such miscreants a dose of their own medicine is an exercise in Neanderthal behavior that must be avoided at all costs, even at the risk of handing Britain over to a bunch of terrorist Muslim thugs with IQs no larger than your shoe size.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Zenster is right... Who knows if there is someone from the British police watching Condell's videos, just waiting to find something that they can use to bring "criminal" charges against him.

You all know... While anyone with basic knowledge of inbred bedouin savagery knows that concessions to mahoundian demands only embolden them and make those demands increase in number and in the way they violate secular laws and equality for all, the British elites continue to bury their heads up their behinds and pretend that appeasement and surrender are the best strategy for dealing with the mahoundian threat. Regardless of the number of concessions that the British elite has made, the UK terror-threat level continues to be sky-high. Never mind that mahoundians there have:

- opt-outs from sports classes because they don't want their non-penis-possessing chattel to mix with boys, especially kafir ones
- sharia courts
- jail sentences and fines for anyone found "guilty" of "hurting muslim feelings"
- bans on food during ramadan at Scottish NHS hospitals and Londonistan city-council meetings
- First-Amendment-like Freedom of Speech for muslims only
- No deportation for muslim robbers, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, terrorists and human traffickers (we can't say the same about gays and atheists born in muslim countries though)
- the dhimmi queen going to the Arabian Peninsula, dhimmi-ing-down on a visit to a mosque; while William Hague, with his wife in a mobile-tent in tow, babbles about how British foreign policy ought to be in tune with the desires of Arabs (aimed at destroying Israel, that is)
- fat welfare checks and free council homes for mahoundians to sit on their asses all day watching al-Jazeera, when they're not burning poppies or raping infidel women

None of this, and none of what I've forgotten to include on the list of concessions above, has made the UK any safer from mahoundian terrorist. I reckon some of those dhimmis must have figured that banning the EDL and arresting Pat Condell might be just some of those few things that still have to be done so that they can declare that there is no terror threat against Britain anymore. That's why I suppose Condell won't say anything that could end up getting him behind bars. And I think we're all better off for his caution, because his silencing would deprive us of a great eye-opener to the dangers of islamization.

JJ said...

You don't ask much for leaving comments

Anonymous said...

It does appear the the Swedish Government has declared ethnic Swedes the enemy.

It's a modern day tragedy that Pat Condell is correct in what he says.

E. REX said...

I have lived in Sweden for 8 months in the past year. It remains a great place. Possibly the greatest country that has ever been. Just beautiful. Are Swedes worried about Islamification? Not that I've noticed. Sure, there's the occasional comment. But they reassure me that things will be fine in a few generations. (hello UK)

I worry about Sweden's future. A great demographic change is taking place and Sweden is changing. Vi gillar olika- "We Like Different" is a recent slogan dreamed up by the elite, in response to a right-wing pro-Sweden party. Outsiders like me like 'different' too, and old Sweden is the different that I like. There is only one Sweden and too much 'different' will make Sweden less Swedish. Eventually there will be one less 'different' in the world. An irony lost on these buffoons.

The United Nations Development Program recently published a report. The projections are depressing. My beloved Sweden may not have the best future.

Feli said...


Ann-Marie said...

E.Rex, you are so right! Swedes who rely solely on the media and do not read blogs are blissfully ignorant of what is going on. They have been brainwashed from day one to believe everything the governement tells them, it's sad but true. And we, who blog are nothing but racistnazifascistislamophobes who have not right to exist.

sulber nick said...

Anne-Marie: "Swedes who rely solely on the media and do not read blogs are blissfully ignorant of what is going on..."

This is worrying, of course, but it would be far more worrying if the majority of Swedes did know what was going on. The fact that so many are "blissfully ignorant" gives us cause for hope - for at some stage they will know what's going on and not all of them are going to be happy about it.

Ann-Marie said...

sulber nick; we can only hope people will wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late. I believe tha once one Western country falls there will be a Domino effect and the West is doomed. I guess that's why we continue to comment and blog hoping for a miracle.


The gender madnesss is rolling on
- - - - -

A number of female feminists in Gävle has been awarded a number of
state millions for the final sinking of subjects such as biology, ethology, genetics, medicine,etc. that is, if they for their further survival's sake firstly dress themself up in the fool's hood of intersectional and queer gender-studies" -- wrote the commenter 'Info' at the home page of parliament member Thoralf Alfsson's (SD) blog, presenting the following piece from the online magazine 'Free Times'.

Published December 2nd, 2010 at 07:07
Science is, yes you are right, too scientific for the current Swedish political climate where more and more is about culture, identity formation and critical theories from a leftist perspective. Therefore, a research group in Gävle, has got a SEK 5.5 millions appropriation to transform the
teaching of science - and its contents. The groups that the researchers want to influence are the "students that will become future teachers" and by extension the young children in primary schools.

The new decade seems to start in the sign of gender-science. Never before has so much money and so many resources been invested in getting the Swedish school system to adapt to the worldwiew of gender-science.

Sciences based on logical thinking, empirical data, hypothesisis and replicable experiments have long been a thorn in the eye of the gender-scientists. Therefore, a research team at the University of Gävle from 2011 to 2013 will get 5.5 millions of taxpayers money "for their research in subject-contents and gender-awareness interplaying for a more inclusive general science".

The research team consists of Anita Hussénius, lecturer in chemistry, Annica Gullberg, senior lecturer in biology, and Kristina Anderson, lecturer in biology.

-In our research project, we are interested in investigating how to
increase gender-awareness among future teachers at the primary
education levels and if it ultimately can lead to a change in the teaching of science, both in terms of contents and design, says Anita Hussénius in a statement.

In the project, the relationship of teacher-students to the art of learning as well as teaching science shall be explored "from a gender perspective". The project appears to be prescriptive in its approach, as it inter alia is about changing teachers' science-outlook and their teatching of science after the subject-contents have been highlighted from a critical gender-perspective.

-We are interested in how you can create an identity as a science
teacher and how this identity-formation-process can be affected by didactic skills and gender-awareness.

According to the press release the reserch group are to follow a cohort of teacher-students and parts of the course will deel with how critical perspectives on gender in relation to science can be integrated in order to highlight science as culture. The goal is to create new and deeper
understanding of gender and science learning.
@ 2010-12-02 13:45:25
[translated by LN; the text in Swedish is absolutely horrendous, I guess the translation is not better!]

Feli said...


Unknown said...

I'm starting to suspect that soon the Nobel Prize committee will be gradually changing its composition, namely arab-muslim names will appear in it, and consequently some prizes attributed to arab-muslim winners, in order to overcome their unbearably long embarrassment and 'offense'(of course) for their conspicuous absence, year after year...
crystalclear k.


This video is heartily recommended in particular to two Swedish idiots with foreign background, (1) the Muslim and "green" member of parliament Mehmet Kaplan, and (2) the Jewish artist Dror Feiler. Perhaps these two gentlemen should have been appointed double-idiots, because both, after they with 'Ship to Gaza' arrived to an Israeli port and later, before their ignominious departure from Israel, had to signe agreements not to come back to Israel without a prior obtained permission to enter. Yet, this late autumn both gentlemen returned by plane from New Sweden to Tel Aviv without any visa or written authorizations and consequently had to go back by the next return flight to New Sweden, the country that thanks to Pat Condell now is known worldwide as a home of stupidity, political correctness, multiculturalism and absence of freedom of speach, and whose oikofobic oligarchs harbor a morbid longing to replace the indigenous population with people from the MENA countries and Subsahara enticed to come by promised liberal wellfare, and who to a large extent the last 1400 years have devotedly cherished cousin marriages.


Multiculti, you've been livin' hell to me
You've prisoned me since nineteen seventy five
I've seen 'em come and go and I've seen them take
And not long ago I started askin' why

Multiculti, I hate every inch of you.
You've cut me and have scarred me thru an' thru.
And I'll walk a wiser weaker man;
Mister socialist Congressman why can't you understand.

Multiculti, what good do you think you do?
Do you think I'll be different when you're through?
You bent my heart and mind and you whart my soul,
And your stone walls turn my blood a little cold.

Multiculti, may you rot and burn in hell.
May your walls fall and may I live to tell.
May all the world forget you ever stood.
And may all the world regret you did no good.
Multiculti, I'll hate every inch of you

Certainly multiculture more and more is perceived like San Quentin.
All those PC-preachers allmost with violence are trying to convince
us that we shall be so happy and relieved in this hellish PC-heaven.
The most obvious things that are accumulating are impressions of conflicts, increased crime, poor social services, increased insecurity, increased public stupidity, loss of reliance, etc. One wonders how on earth the establishment can continue this crazy experiment, when more and more of us just must discover that the country is going to pot, as
Pat Condell so veraciously describes the Swedish situation.
[Thanks to 'nesse' and 'unknown']

Johnny Cash - San Quentin: