Sunday, December 05, 2010

Anti-Wilders Protesters in Tel Aviv

Many thanks to Brian of London for this photo of “activists” protesting against Dutch politician Geert Wilders at a conference in Tel Aviv:

Geert Wilders — demo, Tel Aviv

Can anyone read that sign in the middle?


Yorkshireminer said...

Can anyone read the sign in the middle? Why it contains the same crap as the other two signs

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Well, regardless of what the sign says, the monkey in the middle does look like the stereotype of a leftard, doesn't he? Maybe a picture of his entire body could have shown leather sandals on his feet. And his sign could be blocking the view of an image of Che Guevara on his t-shirt.

Juniper in the Desert said...

They are all sad, ugly leftards who can only get excited by attacking fellow Jews. Where else would such rejects meet anyone that fancies them?

Adam Keller אדם קלר said...

The sign in the middle reads in Hebrew "Wilders, you are not wanted here" with the "not" underlined. I should know since I am the "activist" who made it last night. The "activist" holding it, whose appearance drew so much comment here, is a good friend of mine, ever ready to demonstrate against racist bastards - be they Israeli, Dutch or whatever.

Sincerely Yours,
Adam Keller, Spokesperson of Gush Shalom (The Israeli Peace Bloc)

For anyone interested, here is a link to my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Adam Keller, is your good friend also willing to speak up against Islamic, Koranic, anti-Jewish racism? I doubt it. The only place where Geert Wilders and his words are not welcome are within weak and dishonest minds like yours which prefer infantile utopian fantasies to self-evident truth and common sense.
YOU are not wanted here.

Zenster said...

Saul: YOU are not wanted here.

While I have no authority to make any ironclad pronouncements here at Gates of Vienna, your own hostility may be out of place.

Dymphna and the Baron do a splendid job of keeping this venue open to most any opinion, so long as it is expressed in a civil manner.

Dissenting comments can provide a lot of useful perspective, especially when they are carefully deconstructed. You yourself made an excellent start by inquiring as to whether Adam Keller's friend maintained a similar degree of vigilance about "Islamic, Koranic, anti-Jewish racism".

I would look forward to his reply regarding this very legitimate and relevant question. Let's hope that Mr. Keller is able to furnish us with a response. It would be very instructive to know if he or his Liberal-minded friend have the intellectual honesty to acknowledge that Wilders is protesting against the world's most violent and intolerant ideology.

If that is not forthcoming, then it speaks volumes about the nature and validity of Mr. Keller's own stance along with that of his friend.

So, how about it, Adam Keller, do you or your anti-Wilders comrade have the courage to upbraid Islam for it's doctrinal advocacy of genocide and general hatred of all non-Muslims? Or are you suddenly mute with respect to the much larger danger posed by Islam?

The last time I checked, Israel − unlike Islam and its barbaric shari'a − did not have the avowed goal of violently imposing Talmudic law upon our entire world.

Zenster said...

Adam Keller: The "activist" holding it, whose appearance drew so much comment here, is a good friend of mine, ever ready to demonstrate against racist bastards - be they Israeli, Dutch or whatever.

I will say this much; Adam Keller has tipped his hand rather conspicuously by labeling Wilders et al as "racist bastards".

Mr. Keller, are you aware that Islam is NOT a race? Are you even aware that Muslims come in all colors and cannot be labeled as a race by any accepted definition of the term?

Or do you prefer to casually toss about such verbal hand grenades and hope that no one will notice your own abject stupidity while you attempt to stir up resentment with blatantly fraudulent smear tactics?

Yorkshireminer said...

Zenter stop buggering around, people like that make there statements feeling that virtue and truth are on there side, and then bugger off,you are simple wasting your time

Ex-Dissident said...

If what this inbred fool - Adam Keller says is true, then the guy in the middle was too dumb to make his own sign. What a trio of morons. It looks like the guy in the left doesn't know what's written on his sign. People this clueless can only achieve one thing in life - to become a victim.

Profitsbeard said...

The middle sign looks like a date


(the Osirak reactor attack was actually June 7, 1981)


"*S RAK"




to me,

all scrawled poorly.

An obtuse protest against striking Iran?

syntec said...

The three degenerate Left-Liberal stooges in the pic are merely typical adherents of the great unwashed TrotskyMarxist brigade, in other words, hippy throwbacks.

As far as the West in general is concerned, were it up to me I'd be rather inclined to round up such traitorous trash from out of the the towns and cities and literally catapult them over into the Muslim enclaves where those demented Mohammadans can perform their bloodlust practices upon such useless riff-raff from dawn to dusk.

In conclusion, in my view, it's time heavy subject monitoring was implemented by Hard Right organisations involving the employment of suitably trained monitoring agents placed in every classroom of every educational establishment across the country, to weed out Marxist Liberal/Islamic ideology and the accompanying indoctrination once and for all.

goethechosemercy said...

The "activist" holding it, whose appearance drew so much comment here, is a good friend of mine, ever ready to demonstrate against racist bastards - be they Israeli, Dutch or whatever.
end quote.

You have tragically misinterpreted the purposes for the activism of Mr. Wilders and this blog.
Perhaps you are not aware of this, but there is an acute conflict between Islam and the West.
One unites religion and state, the other separates them.
One constructs sin in terms of jihad and redemptive violence, the other constructs it as individual failing that is expiated through confession, repentance and amendment of life.
You know very, very little of what is going on here.

Baron Bodissey said...

I'm closing this thread to further comments.

I was out for a few hours, and things got out of hand while I was gone. Various people forgot the rules and descended to ad hominem, beginning with the first instance of the word "bastards".

I wasn't around to delete the first violation, and since multiple responses have already been posted, I won't try to selectively delete. I'll just let what's here stand, and cut the thread off where it is now.