Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Surviving the Coming Crash

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
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RiotAs I have stated my essay The Coming Crash, I think we need to realize that the current ideological order is broken and beyond repair. There will probably some sort of pan-Western economic and social collapse in the not-too-distant future; I fear this is too late to avoid by now. The people who support the ruling paradigm are too powerful, and the paradigm itself contains so many flaws, that it cannot be fixed. It needs to crash. Instead of wasting time and energy on attempting to fix what cannot be fixed we need to prepare as best as we can for the coming crash and hopefully regroup to create a stronger and healthier culture afterward.

White GuiltWe are currently in the middle of the White Guilt Gold Rush. If you are a white Westerner you may not have fully realized this, but I can assure you that the rest of the world knows this. The trick is to keep the white man on the defensive and vaguely guilty at all times so that he can be squeezed for money. The climate quotas for carbon dioxide constitute a thinly disguised form of global Socialism through the UN-sponsored redistribution of wealth.

The recent scientific scandal about fake data regarding man-made global warming is just the tip of the iceberg. There are currently so many different layers of lies from “gender equality” via IQ differences to climate that it is virtually impossible to deal with all of them. Our entire society has essentially become one big lie. Our media, our schools and our political leaders repeat these lies every single day; those daring to question them are immediately ostracized.

EU Skull Dragon

Since the EU has forced through the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty and in essence abolished not just popular influence on EU policies but dissolved dozens of nation states, the self-appointed European elites have in effect banned any legal opposition to their rule. It is no longer possible to formally oppose their policies within the regular political channels. Given that the same elites appear hell-bent on running the entire continent into the ground, this leaves the options of rebellion or a structural collapse. I don’t think we will see open rebellion just yet, although this could change if the economy deteriorates further. This means that the most likely way out now is a structural collapse, and I fear that’s exactly what we are going to get.
- - - - - - - - -
Didn’t the Obama Administration with international aid “save” the world from a looming financial crisis? Of course they didn’t. The main problem for the USA is that the national debt keeps rising while the national IQ keeps falling. This hasn’t changed one bit in the past year. On the contrary, it is worse now than it was before, and it looks like it will be worse still next year and the year after that. As long as this situation remains unchanged, my bet is that the price of gold will continue to rise as people seek safe harbor from the collapsing US dollar.

Although other industrialized countries have heavy debt loads, too, the case of the United States is especially serious because of its sheer size. Had the USA been a private person he would probably have been declared bankrupt a long time ago. But the United States is not a private person; it is still the world’s largest economy and has the world’s largest armed forces. As writer Takuan Seiyo states in the latest installment of his brilliant From Meccania to Atlantis series: “The strongest, most admired country in the world until just a few years ago is now a cautionary tale of the wages of sin and stupidity told to Chinese schoolchildren.”

I don’t know what the future holds for the USA. It could split apart along ethic and ideological lines in a Second American Civil War, or it could become just another Latin American country along with Canada, in which case all of America will be Latin America.

I could add that I don’t hate Latin America. If we do end up with a series of nasty Multicultural civil wars in Western Europe it is possible that some areas of South America could be better places to live than Birmingham or Marseilles. However, Latin America never has been and probably never will be a major force in world politics. If the United States declines this will shift global power back to Eurasia, where it has been throughout most of human history. China will in all likelihood be a leading player and perhaps the dominant one.

I am increasingly convinced that some of the developments we are witnessing are deliberate and that there is a long-term goal among certain powerful groups of breaking down Western nations to facilitate the creation of a global oligarchy. The lies we are being served are virtually identical in every single Western country. I’ve had discussions about this with my Chinese friend Ohmyrus who thinks this is caused by a structural flaw in our democratic system. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but there are other forces at work here as well.

According to Herman Van Rompuy, the newly-installed President of the European Union, the climate conference in Copenhagen is a step towards the “global management” of our planet. As author Bat Ye’or has demonstrated and as I have confirmed in my own book Defeating Eurabia, the EU is actively collaborating with Islamic countries to rewrite the textbooks in European countries to make them more “Islam-friendly.”

Euro MedIt is well-documented that there are detailed long-term plans to expand the EU to include Muslim North Africa and the Middle East. This has been publicly confirmed by several high-ranking officials, including the British Foreign Minister in 2007. One newspaper leaked EU plans to import 50 million (!) more Africans to Europe in the coming decades, although urban communities across Western Europe are already in the process of breaking down due to mass immigration. A high-ranking official from Tony Blair’s Labour Government in Britain openly confirmed that they promoted mass immigration to import voters and alter the ethnic composition of the country. Similar policies are undoubtedly being promoted in countries from Germany to Australia.

In June 2009, only a few years after a group of Arabs killed thousands of Americans in a Jihadist attack, former US President Bill Clinton told an Arab American audience that soon the USA will no longer have a majority of people with a European heritage. He believed that “this is a very positive thing.” It wasn’t that first time that Mr. Clinton expressed such views.

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the then Social Democratic Swedish government, during a radio debate stated that “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” He took it for granted that the natives will become a minority in their own country and that they have no right to oppose this.

I could add that Sweden has no colonial history. Neither have Finland or Norway, which gained their independence as late as the twentieth century, yet both countries are still force-fed mass immigration of alien peoples. The “colonial guilt” argument used against the natives in Britain, France and other Western European countries is bogus. The real issue is that we white Westerners should not have any countries to call our own. Our countries should be giant Multicultural theme parks for everybody else, financed by brainwashed white taxpayers.

Arguably the leading academic Multiculturalist in my country, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University in Oslo, who has received millions in government funding for his projects, in an interview stated frankly that “The most important blank spot exists now in deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.” This is the ultimate goal of Western Multiculturalists. Make no mistake about it. Needless to say, this agenda is only pushed in white majority Western countries. All other countries are allowed to retain their demographic profile; only the West is required to commit suicide.

Law and order is rapidly breaking down in major cities across Western Europe, and indeed the Western world, as immigrant gangs rule the streets. The law is only upheld against the “racist” white majority population to ensure that they keep on paying ridiculously high taxes to authorities that do nothing but lie to them, insult them and aid their national destruction.

As the eminent English writer El Inglés says, “The nature and severity of the problems we face are now sufficiently clear for European patriots to start asking themselves what actions they and others like them will eventually be called upon to take when the failure of the state reaches a critical point, and what sort of battlefield they will be arrayed upon at that moment.”

Karl MarxOne thing we absolutely need to do is to break the stranglehold that Marxist and Leftist groups have successfully established over the media and the education system in Western countries. These people need to be squashed. Maybe some readers think this sounds too harsh, but I firmly believe that we cannot deal effectively with our external enemies as long as our internal enemies control the information flow. We must reject those who promote a Globalist world, including multinational corporations that desire unlimited access to cheap labor.

Imagine if you have a person jumping off a plane without a parachute because he is convinced that he has “moved beyond gravity.” If works for a little while, until it suddenly doesn’t. That sounds too crazy to be true until you realize that this is what the entire Western world is doing right now when we pretend that we have “moved beyond ethnic divisions.” It is hardwired into the human brain to look after your people and “tribe” first. The only ones who are not currently doing this are whites. If, or rather when, white Westerners start behaving like everybody else our countries will quickly become Balkanized nightmares of competing tribes.

We must switch from a “save the world” to a “save ourselves” mode. In the early twentieth century, people of European origins made up one third of the global population, maybe as much as 40%. In the not-too-distant future this figure will be down to less than 10% and falling. This sharp reduction has not been caused by a plague but by a massive population increase in Third World countries, ironically facilitated by the global technological civilization created by European advances. We have given alien peoples the technological ability to multiply, move to our countries and colonize us. This cannot be allowed to continue.

We must start looking after our own interests just like everybody else. Self-preservation is a natural instinct for all living things down to plants and bacteria. The first thing we must do is to bury the entire notion of “racism,” which is anti-scientific nonsense exclusively designed to intimidate whites. It is perfectly conceivable, indeed highly likely, that there is a major genetic component to culture. This would imply that the preservation of the European cultural heritage can only be accomplished through the preservation of our genetic heritage.

It is becoming more or less mandatory for teachers in many Western countries to disparage European peoples, their culture and their heritage. We don’t need to have special reeducation camps because the media and the education system ensure that our society is virtually one large reeducation camp. Unfortunately, that’s not much of an exaggeration. In Hollywood films such as the disaster movie 2012, which I had the misfortune of seeing, all whites are portrayed either as evil and selfish or as losers whereas the non-white characters are portrayed as selfless and heroic. In reality, whites are today among the most selfless and least ethnocentric groups on the planet, and we are being punished heavily for this trait.

The truth is that whites create superior societies. Not only are others not capable of creating what we do, most of them are not even capable of maintaining it. The one major exception would be Northeast Asians, the only other large group of people on this planet apart from Europeans capable of sustaining a technologically sophisticated society. If anybody replaces us as the world’s leading civilization it will be them, for the simple reason that they are the only ones who possess a genetic intelligence to match ours, and they are not suicidal.

ImmigrantsBecause we create attractive societies other peoples want to move to our countries, but in displacing us they will gradually destroy what made our countries desirable places to live in the first place. They both hate and secretly envy us, and our children suffer needlessly from the violence and verbal abuse caused by this. If whites put up a colony on the planet Mars, I am sure others would hitchhike there on our space ships and demand that we let them in. Once there they would not exhibit any trace of gratitude. On the contrary, they would constantly whine and complain about how evil and racist and oppressive the white man is.

Muslims would demand respect because we owe all our scientific and technological advances to medieval Muslim scholars and because the Martian colony is the 63rd holiest place in Islam. In case you thought the latter sentence was intended as a joke, think again. In 1997 three Arab Muslim gentlemen from the Yemen sued NASA for trespassing on Mars, which they claimed that they owned because they inherited the planet from their ancestors 3,000 years ago.

Novelist Virginia Woolf famously wrote that women need “a room of their own.” In the twenty-first century it is whites who need a room of our own, and if we cannot have that in Europe, which is our cradle, then I don’t see where else we can have it. The alternative is that we maintain a continuing cycle where whites create dynamic societies that are overrun by people incapable of sustaining them. This cycle will finally end when the existence of white communities itself ends. The only viable long-term solution to this dilemma is physical separation. If you force very different peoples to share the same geographic space, conflict is inevitable. This insight was once considered common sense. Now it’s “hate speech.”

Will such a policy not be denounced as “hate” and “Fascism”? Possibly, but I don’t see why we should care about that. We, too, have a right to shape our destiny. Besides, we could always use the arguments of our critics against them. If whites truly are uniquely evil and oppressive, as some people seem to think, is it then not an act of mercy to keep non-whites away from us? That way they don’t have to become exposed to our racism, our hatred and our Islamophobia, but can retain their diverse, authentic and colorful tribal violence undisturbed.

One change that could conceivably take place is that people of European origins develop a stronger identity as “whites” on top of their national identities. I tried to explain to a hostile and now luckily discredited American blogger a while ago that the term “white nationalist” is meaningless in a European context. Maybe it carries some meaning in North America or Australia where most whites are of a mixed heritage, but over here it does not. Englishmen and Germans look fairly similar, but that hasn’t prevented them from slaughtering each other by the millions. Ditto for the French and the Spanish, the Poles and the Russians etc.

I don’t know if there ever will be a “white” identity. Perhaps we are just too different. What I do know is that if such an identity ever comes into being it will to a large extent have been created and forced upon us by our enemies. I have watched a number of disturbing videos, filmed by the attackers, of gangs of blacks or Arabs attacking what appears to be completely random whites. This happens from Sweden via Germany, Britain and France to the United States. This escalating wave of anti-white violence is one of the least-reported major news stories today as Western mainstream media almost uniformly try to cover these things up.

What strikes my about these attacks is that they are based on skin color; nobody asks the victims whether they are Russian Orthodox, Polish Catholics, English atheists, German Lutherans or Dutch Calvinists. These distinctions matter a great deal to us — we have fought many bloody wars because of them — yet they do not seem to matter to those who hate us. If people feel that they are attacked as whites they may start defending themselves as such, too.

The coming pan-Western crash will at the very least lead to an ideological-political paradigm shift and the rise of a new mythology to replace the post-WWII “suicide paradigm” of misunderstood anti-Nazism. At worst, the discontinuity will be so long and severe that what emerges on the other side will be a completely new civilization, the third generation of European civilization, just like what emerged during the Middle Ages was a different civilization from that of Greco-Roman Antiquity. The transition between the first and second generations of European civilization took centuries. History generally moves faster now than it did back then, but I suspect such a transition will nevertheless take several generations.

How a new civilization would look like I do not know. Medieval Europeans used different elements of the Greco-Roman legacy creatively and added new innovations on top of this. Generation Two of European civilization contained within itself aspects of Generation One, but also contained elements of sharp discontinuity. This will probably be the case next time, too.

All of this does admittedly sound a bit gloomy, yet I truthfully remain convinced that we have the necessary cultural and genetic resources to regroup and regenerate at some point, although it is conceivable that whites will in the future come from fewer bloodlines than we do today.


Anonymous said...

I feel quite privileged sometimes to live in such a fascinating era. Excellent essay as usual, Fjordman.

unaha-closp said...


"The climate quotas for carbon dioxide constitute a thinly disguised form of global Socialism through the UN-sponsored redistribution of wealth."

You're half right. Wealth is about to be resdistributed, but you seem confused about the direction of transfer.

For years Europes economy has been moving from industrial production to knowledge based services whereby it profits by selling technologicy and providing financial services. Europe now outsources its basic industrial production. The European "solution" to climate change plays to these trends.

Emission quotas impose highest marginal cost in places where industrial output is increasing (China & India), whilst in Europe they provide a boon to business doing outsourcing of production. The global ETS sets a flat tax rate on carbon emissions, which is trivial if you are rich (European) massively high if you are poor (Chinese or Indian). The trading in carbon credits will require a new market in futures be established, coincidentally the expertise to run this unnecessary market is found in Europe.

Basically under the global ETS (Euro) proposal the developing world will have to pay Europeans to do what Europeans been doing for 20 years, whilst the developing world gets charged financial transaction fees by Europeans on European carbon markets to pay a tax the developing world can least afford.

The reason Copenhagen is running into difficulties is that the developing world is unwilling to sign up. And who can blame them?*

* Rhetorical question obviously, we will soon see the Euro-whine media and "green" movement pile in on China and India for obstructing progress on climate change.

Chechar said...

@ These people need to be squashed. Maybe some readers think this sounds too harsh…

Bravo, Fj! At last someone speaks my language.

@ The first thing we must do is to bury the entire notion of “racism,” which is anti-scientific nonsense exclusively designed to intimidate whites.

Some linguists have argued that language is rhetoric, and that we commit a great mistake in believing that, if a group of individuals use a word in all seriousness, it means that something real exists behind it. The rhetorical objective of Newspeak is social control, neologism and the abuse of language characterize it. No counter-jihad activist should ever use the word “racist” except when talking about anti-white racism or paranoid white guilt.

@ The truth is that whites create superior societies.

Yup. And this is the hidden meaning of the title “The Return of Quetzalcoatl”, as we shall see when a few more of my chapters appear here.

@ The only viable long-term solution to this dilemma is physical separation.

The first time I read about separation, it looked like the white nationalists were dreaming. But now it seems to be the very message of Takuan Seiyo’s “Atlantis” book. (He still has to publish the last chapters in The Brussels Journal.)

@ The coming pan-Western crash will at the very least lead to an ideological-political paradigm shift and the rise of a new mythology to replace the post-WWII “suicide paradigm” of misunderstood anti-Nazism.

The West is a train that is rushing in blind reverse opposing everything that the Germans did a few decades ago.

Leaving behind the current paradigm means creating a new myth that replaces both Christianity and “secular Christianity,” as I would call the current axiology that permeates the West. It’s true that Hitler and the Nazis intended to create a myth that broke away with Christianity and its secular incarnation. Alas, their hubris shown in their premature invasion of the Soviet Union, and their murderous projections on innocent Jews, resulted in the greatest axiological catastrophe the Western world has experimented since the fall of pagan Rome. I dislike using Hegelian terms, but what we need is a sort of synthesis.

Immature people do not tolerate dialectic synthesis. They move in comfort zones such as the primitive thesis or its primitive antithesis: troglodyte neo-Nazism or Neanderthal anti-racialism. The Hegelian verb, Aufheben, translated to English means to sublate: the suppression and assimilation of both, the previous thesis and antithesis. This is the apparently contradictory implication of preserving and changing an ethos.

We need to re-Aryanize the West in proportions, rates and quantities as it was before the 1960s by rejecting mass migration in both sides of the Atlantic. A mature Aufheben would both reject eliminationist anti-Semitism and at the same time recover its former ethnic and imperial self-esteem. Yes: this means invading and colonizing, e.g., the Arabic peninsula, but at the same time it also means the complete cancellation of all anti-Semitism in general.

Independent Accountant said...

I have an advantage over you and probably 99% of whites. I grew up in a "minority-majority" neighborhood in New York in the 1950s and saw plenty of anti-white violence which the newspapers never reported. When I went to Europe in 1972 I laughed at the Europeans who called Americans "racist". I said to them, "Wait until your country is 10% Negro. Then we'll see if you know what you are talking about". I did not say 10% Moslem, thinking the main source of immigrants to Europe would be Africa. No matter. The Europeans are finally waking up. I will be interested to see what they try to do to Switzerland? Invade?

Godffrey said...

I think the reason no serious white identity has ever developed in the west is because in the past it was unnecessary. In the past we could afford to think of ourselves as Poles and Germans instead of whites because the survival of the white race has never been in such peril. At this point in time white nationalism may be of some use at least as a defense mechanism and a way to reassert our identity. I have enjoyed the recent Fjordman essays and they seem to be similar to the essays I read at American Rennaissance (amren.com). Race is perhaps the greatest and most prominent dividing line in western societies and is the greatest thing western nations have in common. White nationalism may become an important movement when the collapse comes.

laine said...

This piece by Fjordman is simply brilliant in its succinct and elegant reasoning. Yes, it is dark because the future of whites is dark and without hubris, I conclude that therefore the world is also heading in a much colder direction, and I don't mean climate change.

The northeastern Asians (Chinese) Fjordman justifiably names as capable as whites are yet missing our cultural "heart". They are a narrowly self-interested culture ungenerous to others. Yes, this will save them from suicide, but it will not provide the warm embrace that Pax Americana brought the world. That will be looked on as a Golden Age of relative stability and decency in the not too distant future.

Take the example of AIDS in Africa. Unlike America, China will pay for anti-AIDS measures only if it benefits themselves e.g. if they need an African work force to mine resources etc. Considering China's own surfeit of male population and the differential work ethics, the Chinese may decide that a major die off of the citizen "owners" of African resources serves their interests better. In that case, China would not be killing anyone, simply letting Africans' own pathologies (lower IQ, tribalism, racism vs whites, primitive sexual and other practices) kill them off without humanitarian intervention.

More actively, China presently arms sections of Africa for civil wars of attrition. Again, this leaves resource rich countries with decimated populations occupied full time with merely feeding themselves, easy to divest of their resources.

Incidentally, the global warming hoax has diverted funds that will no longer be available to compensate for what now looks like a coming cold spell. Cold kills far more people in marginal circumstances than warmth.

As for whites and the room of their own, if such a thing were even possible (maybe some rump of red states coalescing?) strictly speaking, white libs should be left to live in the majority non-white world they have wrought. (It will be Hobbesian). Letting them join sensible whites temporarily to swell our numbers may just be another poison pill. There really is something wrong with their survival instinct and reasoning ability and soon they would be opening the gates of the new citadel to more Trojan horses filled with enemies. Perhaps a compromise would be that they set up their own white enclave and defend it as best they can against the hordes they unleashed on all of us, proving their reversion to normal thought patterns before being allowed to rejoin us.

The decent non-whites with whom we have more in common that with deranged white libs will have to fend for themselves, but they have large cultures of origin to rejoin that have been allowed to stay "pure" and will do the best of a bad lot there.

Whites will no longer be the saviors of the world from itself (unfairly maligned as the most evil instead of the most productive and helpful by the ungrateful) but will have to devote all our energies to saving ourselves and only ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Just this morning I was saying the same thing, only not nearly as well.

The real enemy of the West and of white people is not brown people, but white liberals. Without their Gramscian schemes, Third Worlders and Muslims would be no threat.

PioneerPreppy said...

I think we are missing the forest because of the trees.

The real reason whites are failing is feminism pure and simple.

Whenever some vote or opinion or whatever that cuts even deeper into white rights or wealth or what-have-you is proclaimed with 50% or more of white support it is always supported by women in much much higher ratios than men.

Feminism has destroyed the white male confidence, will and creativity.

These feminist are also the ones who ally themselves with all other ethnic groups to attack white males. The white race is too divided by feminism to stand as one.

Unknown said...

The problem, in Australia at least, is that so called white nationalism is the domain of the (timid) Neo-Nazi set. They see whites in 'white nationalism' as a type of racial proletariat ('my skin is my uniform'). I object to it on the basis that as Fjordman pointed out, Europeans have their respective (and important) cultural heritages. My preference would be for a new Commonwealth based on the (white) countries that were part of the British commonwealth, where we'd preserve our respective identities yet co-operate for all our benefit.

Chechar said...
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Chechar said...

@ I have an advantage over you and probably 99% of whites. I grew up in a "minority-majority" neighborhood in New York in the 1950s and saw… --Independent Accountant

And I have an advantage too over Americans and Europeans. I grew up in Mexico: the first European multicultural experiment in history, and believe me: it didn’t work. The solution we have found here is that the ruling elites are largely Iberian white, some of them slightly mestizised, even though whites are a true minority here.

The English were smarter than the Spaniards: by not miscegenating they could create a first-class world without the Indian/mestizo low IQ mess. Fj is right above that Latin America has not influenced global politics. However, studying its history is important as a paradigm of what not to do.

With already half a millennia with this awful social experiment, you guys should hear lone voices from here down the South…


“White nationalist” has negative connotations in Europe too. Larry Auster has replied to my masthead. He prefers the term “conservative racialist”.

WAKE UP said...

Fjordman: thank you.

Simon said...

The 'Discontinuity Hypothesis" sounds relatively hopeful, much moreso than the 'Extermination Hypothesis' advocated by Bill Clinton & co.

I'm not sure how likely it is. When the Western Roman Empire fell, Germanic barbarian Europe wiped out Roman Europe, without really meaning too - the Germanic tribes only really wanted the fruits of Roman civilisation. They became the ancestors of most of us. History seems to be repeating itself, much more than commonly acknowledged.

Rome was not destroyed in big battles, those battles only occurred once Rome was already nearly dead. Demographic decline, economic decline, and immigration had already destroyed Rome, as they are destroying us. These trends have to be reversed before it is too late. Actual Collapse is only likely once we have already become a hollow shell, as Rome was in 400 AD. By that time, only the barbarians can win, because 'we' will barely exist.

I think the secret lies in harnessing the will of the people through eg democratic referenda, and a curtailment of both judicial activism and the authority of transnational bodies. All our countries still have majorities who want what we want, and will usually vote for it given the chance. A 60 year old European may be no watch for an 18 year old Algerian on the street, but their vote counts for just as much.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Maybe the E.U. has served a purpose in that it has put all the neoliberal and anti-white eggs in one basket ready to be smashed. Given that national identities have been stiffiled europeans may default to ideological goals as the E.U. centralises and the modern national democracies of europe wither and eventually fail.

This could lead to pan-european conflicts which are not based on national allegiance but on ideology - local conflicts fought on a (post E.U.) european agenda.

A situation could arise where the remnants of a post E.U. national army remain in barracks while opposing forces war on its territory.

Unknown said...

There have been one or two interesting articles in the press lately. Buried away in today's Express, we have Tom Harris admitting that Labour have tried to stop all discussion of immigration by playing the "racism" card. Here's the link. This should be taken together with Gordon Brown's statements on the same topic last month. Here's the link.

These hugely statements have quietly found their way into the mainstream media, although as I say, the article today is buried away behind stories about Tiger Woods and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, and so forth.

Perhaps there is some way these statements by British political figures could be amplified throughout the internet, and used to help change the way discussion of these subjects are discussed in Western society?

Unknown said...

Should be "hugely important statements"; these night shifts don't do much for me any more ... I really am getting too old for this, lol ...

nb said...

all of this is hapening because we gave woman a wright to wote.
i'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

People, you should read the book Flight from Truth of Jean Francois Revel. He exposes all these ideological farts, including the political function of anti-racism, which means anti-White.

Anyway, I'm not that hopeful. If current demographic trends continue, White people of European descent will represent 2% of the world population in a century, thus we will be facing extinction. This leads to genetic issues too because it reduces genetic diversity - all the idiots not having kids that pretty much take their genes out of the gene pool. But again, the Ashkenazi Jews are probably the most inbred race ever and they have the highest IQ.

Another thing. White people still being 30-35% of the world population would have been impossible without territorial gains, anyway. Feminism and the pension systems that removed the need to have kids destroyed the birth rates though.

And women voting isn't the problem. The problem is condoning the stupid things women are taught. In my country women vote more to the right than men. The only reason we didn't have only socialist governments after the fall of communism was the female suffrage.

It's amusing because I'd like to have 4 children, but I will never afford to do it because me and my future husband will have to pay ridiculous taxes to maintain the old retired people who didn't want children.

Unknown said...

I think what the US govt has continued to do to try to help the economy is very misguided. It has used up trillions of dollars bailing out creditors and shareholders of failed institutions with broken business models. And this is going to lead to massive problems down the road with regard to our currency and interest rates, in my opinion. And I think that the gold price breaking out to a new high is a strong indication of the reduction in faith and confidence that people have in governments and their fiat currencies. I recently read several good articles at http://www.goldalert.com/ that discuss the Federal Reserve's easy money policies in order to try to avoid any sort of deflation from occurring and to try to reflate assets prices. One I found particularly interesting is called "Gold Price Hits Record as Gold Fever Grips Wall Street" I think these articles are very helpful for any investor to read because they help to explain the investment implications for the dollar, the gold price, and gold mining companies who I believe will continue to benefit from central banks' inflationary programs.

Chechar said...

Rebelliousvanilla, I was moved by your post.

Yes: Jean Francois Revel is must-reading. His texts show that the problem we suffer today has roots in lefty intellectuals who had tried to destroy the West decades before migration. I have Revel on tape when he visited Mexico in 1990 for round-table discussions with Kolakowski, Castoriadis, Daniel Bell, Irving Howe and others. I like him a lot.

@ Another thing. White people still being 30-35% of the world population would have been impossible without territorial gains, anyway.

After the crash we must get rid of our current paranoid guilt and start conquering territory again. Before that the current paradigm must suffer a complete revaluation of its core values.

@ It's amusing because I'd like to have 4 children, but I will never afford to do it because me and my future husband will have to pay ridiculous taxes to maintain the old retired people who didn't want children.

Welfare is evil. It “nationalizes” people. I too would like to have several kids. My dream is that those of us who share more or less the same genotype would start moving to a more amiable place, a place that Takuan Seiyo describes as “Atlantis”, as I quoted him in today’s entry:

“Anti-Pods in each town ought to strive to live next to each other, on the same street, in close proximity. When more move in, more contiguous streets. A neighborhood. Anti-Pod café-salons. Anti-Pod clothing stores selling (only high-quality) clothing made by anti-Pods on patterns from the 50s. An anti-Pod radio station and Community-TV channel and an anti-Pod film theatre running only films free of Snatcher propaganda. Anti-Pod schools and kindergartens.”

“Anti-Pods” (us, including the late Revel), “Pods” (most people), “Snatchers” (those who brainwashed them), etc., is Seiyo’s main metaphor of his Atlantis book: the 1956 film The Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Watch the movie before reading the excerpts of his book: the best introduction to date to the subject-matter that concerns us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot my predictions. These will move you too. I'll just copy paste them from a site where I made them.

You can find them here. What I wrote is far too long to be left as a comment
Nobody paints a bleak enough picture of the American economy.

Vlad Z. said...


This is a nice article but it is more a summary of your work over the last five years, and a gloomy prediction that the trends you have been reporting on are unstoppable and will result in the fall of the west.

That's all well and good, but there is precious little here to help with "surviving".

Let's take this as the final problem statement, which it does very well. Given that there are hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands who either get this, or could get it if eposed we need to start on the "survival plan".

Sure, item one can be "grow awareness of the horriblness of the "Pod culture".

(I sent this article to my entire mail list. So should everyone. If it would offend some people on your list, take them off and make a new list with only people who could read this without going mental. That's an important list. Save it.)

But what is step 2. You write from a European perspective. I am an American. We face all the same issues here, but they are through a prism. We are not a society of aboriginal whites and new immigrants, for instance. Islam is less like to take over America than Mexican.

The alternatives I see are:

1) engage in the political system to try to turn some big chunk around. That seems impossible in Europe (EU, more love of Socialism and multi-culti, etc). On the other hand secession is much more possible in Europe. One can esasily imagine Poland, for instance, deciding they have had it with stupid EU laws and just leaving. The relatively new EU would have no moral standing (in their own hearts) to stop it.

Secession has to be at the top of everyone's list who has read this and understood it. Here in the USA that idea has been continuosly discussed on the right for about 20years now. It was even raised by the Gov, of our largest state, Texas, as a possibility if the Body Snatcher Government in DC didn't start acting better.

Finally if we can't get to the point that we can detach *some* entitiy from these larger damaged (and damaging) metastates we should at least from up into communities of whatever size we can. Somehow some parts of Italy survived from Roman times till now with their heritage mostly intact. Food, aquiducts, some Roman buildings. It's not Rome, but it's not like being driven into the mud face first, either.

This is what it means to plan for survival. Along with talking about what sort of industry, commerce, agriculture, defense, and interactions with other states we need to keep ourselves alive for another hundred, two hundred, several hundred years.

If you want to write on survival I'd love to read it, but this wasn't it.

Vlad Z. said...

Here is a slightly less gloomy take on the crash and one possible scenario that would throw off much of the body snatcher control apparatus. It was posted over at Lawrence Austers View from the Right blog.

Chechar said...

rebelliousvanilla, I forgot to say that “Takuan Seiyo” is a mere penname for a white Polish with American passport who happens to be living in Japan.

@ But what is step 2. You write from a European perspective. I am an American. We face all the same issues here --Zeke

Seiyo writes a lot about Mexican immigration in the US. As I said: it’s must reading.

@ One can esasily imagine Poland, for instance, deciding they have had it with stupid EU laws and just leaving.

The last chapter which excerpts I’ve pasted in my blog deals precisely Poland:

“I fly to Warsaw, and from there to the patch of land now divided between Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia: altogether a fitting place from which to look on west. For the entire region is like a rare botanical preserve, where native plants are thick on the ground and invasive species are extremely rare. I don’t see much evidence of angst, anorexia, sex at 13, self-mutilation and hatred for white ethnic identity. The fact of life that women are connected to nesting and children is still on the surface everywhere in Central Europe. As long as Central Europe continues to resist the flow of temporary illusions from the EU, it shall not pass.”

@ Here is a slightly less gloomy take on the crash and one possible scenario that would throw off much of the body snatcher control apparatus…

Pace Auster, I go for the gloomiest scenario. The strongest the European train crashes the wall, the better for all of us who crave for an absolute revaluation of values. Here’s what Seiyo says:

Reality will continue to discriminate, no matter what Body Snatchers say or do. And a clash between a reality-averse ideology and Reality has the same pre-ordained outcome as a test crash between a knockoff car and a wall. It’s only a question of the speed, acceleration, mass and distance of the lying car from the solid wall.

E = mv2

The energy released by the impact of Snatcher State’s smashup against the Wall of Reality may or may not be expressible in elegant mathematical formulas, but it’s clearly related to the mass hurling forward toward the “progressive” future, times some order of velocity.

The mass is incalculably enormous. Snatcher State now controls every part of every sphere of activity in every Western country. Through Gramscian education, Snatcher State has controlled the brains of the last three generations of its subjects.

The velocity is quite dizzying too. In the Eurabian districts of Meccania, one can compute the approximate date of impact by comparing demographic data on immigration and fertility rates of Muslim immigrants versus those of indigenous Europeans. The meeting with The Wall will occur around mid-21st century.

The consequences of the impact are visible now, 40 years in advance.

The crash may take 100 years to unfold fully, just as the test truck folds in slow-motion upon meeting the wall...

(4th & last post)

Fjordman said...

Zeke: There is some truth in your criticism. I will write more about this subject later and wanted to limit the length of the essay. Unfortunately, there will be no shortage of opportunities to write about these issues for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Chechar, I'm a Romanian woman and I was looking at data about marriage and I was shocked.

For each 1000 people, in Romania there are around 1.5 divorces. In Sweden, there are almost twice as many, even though the marriage rate is way higher here and in the US the rate is 4.1.

Out of the Romanian women, in the following age groups(1990s data):
20-24 years old, 33.6% are unmarried
25-29 years old, 9.9% are unmarried
25-more years old, 3.7% are unmarried
Compare this to Sweden.
20-24 years old, 89.4% are unmarried
25-29 years old, 61.1% are unmarried

By the way, in the early 1990s, half of the population of my city said their spouse was virgin when they married and my city is the most un-traditional in my country(in Western Europe, this happened in only 10% of the cases). Sure, this changed since then and a lot of people have sex before marriage considering the cultural influence of the West, but still...

The out of wedlock pregnancy rate here was around 15%, but a lot of people here marry after they have their child - for example, two of my neighbors are doing this, marrying because they'll have a child.

The divorce rate here is 19%. In the US it's 45.1%. And the stats are biased because due to population decline the unmarried people aren't as many in relative terms to married people.

Romania has an abysmal birth rate though, but I think that it is mostly due to the wages. If I'd work full time and my future husband would too, we would make around 1000 euros a month combined. If I had a child, our income would go down by a few hundred. Only Pampers are a couple of hundred. I want four children, for example, but I will not be able to afford them in my country. I actually think about emigrating to Iceland. That country seems awesome.

Anonymous said...

By the way, sadly, the Western culture is catching roots here too. I do have a virgin classmate though. And we don't have feminism, but the EU tries to force it on us.

I took offense at the Lisbon Treason... I mean, treaty, becoming the EU constitution on the national day of my country though.

Unknown said...

Would you publish an opposing view? Some questions:

If whites did not want multicultural societies, why did they invest so much in slavery and indentured labour?

Marcus Garvey promoted "Africa for the Africans" for the same reasons as noted in this article, i.e., because the races cannot peacefully coexist. Are whites going to agree to this principle now that they have stolen all the wealth from Africa (and India and America, etc.)?

3) If the barbarian invaders of Rome gave rise to a kinder and better culture, even tho they were barbarians at the time, who can say that the multi-ethnic takeover of previously white nations will not lead to something socially and spiritually superior in the long run?

The ability to create wealth does not necessarily imply a superior race. Neither does high IQ correlate to wisdom. And many of the negative attributes manifested by non-white races are a response to a perception of centuries of oppression and piracy, as well as lack of opportunity.

I am white and not a liberal. My view is in terms of God's Justice, which He applies to whole nations. Every nation and race must pay for its sins. The white race as a whole has to pay for its sins of the past 400 years. Even if we aren't personally responsible for those sins, we bear the weight of our ancestors. To fall, like Rome or Babylon or Egypt, is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you say you are not liberal, but you definitely should have failed history in school and biology.

I will start with the biology part. So far, intelligence is one of the most heritable traits discovered - it's 79% hereditary. And intelligence(IQ) does correlate to wisdom. Obviously you can be smart, but unwise. On average though, it is obvious, not just from the prism of the results of different civilizations, but analyzing current people. And White people aren't better than Black people. We are just more intelligence ON AVERAGE. It's just as common sense as Black people having more fast twitch muscle fibers which make them better on average at basketball, while White people have more slow twitch muscles, which make them better at things that require strength, not explosiveness.

And the fall of the Roman empire lead to the world being taken back centuries. Compare the Roman empire with the couple of centuries after it's fall. And this won't lead to something socially superior because it's impossible - if this would be true, multiculturalism would work and we'd be enjoying it's great achievements, not the social decay, higher crime rates and dependence that it promoted.

Anonymous said...

To answer your other points. Slavery was practiced by every single culture and society on Earth. The British Royal Navy de facto put an end to the international slave trade. By the way, the last countries who abolished slavery were Islamic some doing it in the 21st century. I'm sure there still are countries who practice it. So instead of White people being shamed for slavery, I believe we deserve some major kudos for putting an end to it. If we go by the reparations route, I want Turkey to pay reparations to my country with interest for each time they attacked us. They owe my country probably trillions of Euros, considering interest. Actually, Muslims would probably owe all their oil reserves for the enslavement they did when they had their caliphate, considering the interest that debt accumulated in over a millennium.

By the way, when the British got into Africa, there were tribes that didn't discover the wheel yet and slavery and cannibalism was pretty common. Slavery wasn't even about race, Americans bought the African slaves just because they were for sale. If you study the costs of colonialism, with India being a great example, the British spent more on maintaining India than the benefits they got from it. The lack of historical knowledge you have is amusing.

Oh, about your opportunity bullshit. Why does the living standard for the average Black person decreased and keeps decreasing in South Africa after the end of the apartheid? During the apartheid, living conditions for the average Black person were going up. You can check the human development index. Post-apartheid, the living conditions for the average Black person are going down and went down for each year. I won't go into the whole prevalence of racism in Africa, where you had rulers slaughter one third of their countries population because they were part of another ethnic tribe. The post-colonialism era is just the native populations slipping back into their old habits - tribalism being one of them, which are incompatible with growth and a viable political system. You can look at Zimbabwe too - country that post-liberation became one of the most horrible places to live in. Africa is a really rich continent in resources, by the way. If you want to see success stories, here are two. Singapore was a swamp 40 years ago. Now it's the wealthiest country in the world with the highest per capita reserves, the best educational and healthcare systems in the world. Hong Kong is an island with no resources.

Anyway, I hope this gave you a serious wake up call. Read history, instead of making it up, learn biology and learn philosophy. Oh, I'm an atheist, but I used to be quite the religious girl, so I'll ask you where does God say that I'm responsible for the sins of my forefathers? I'd like the exact Bible passage for that, thanks.

Fjordman said...

Susan: I'm not so sure you are white, but you are definitely a liberal, and a troll. My ancestors struggled hard to survive in a cold and dark country where my people have lived since the end of the last Ice Age. It's not my fault that Kurds, Arabs and Pakistanis are incapable of creating societies as good as the ones we have made. They have no business being here and we have every right to expel them.

Anonymous said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

rebelliousvanilla --

Gates of Vienna's rules about comments require that they be civil, temperate, on-topic, and show decorum. Your comment violated the last of these rules. We keep a PG-13 blog, and exclude foul language, explicit descriptions, and epithets. This is why I deleted your comment.

Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


rebelliousvanilla said...

I second Fjordman on that. I'm Romanian, even though I share descent with other European nations. Anyway, my country had no colonies and we bought no slaves. The only slaves we had - gypsies and Tatars came from the wars we won against the Tatars as prisoners. Funny enough, we wanted to abolish slavery a few times throughout history, but the Ottomans didn't allow it. So I really no see why multiculturalism and bu*****t immigration should be forced on my country - your pathetic liberal ideology can't come up with anything, considering the facts.

And to the Ottomans. My ancestors went through quite a bit of trouble to keep them from annexing my country, turning it to Islam and so on. I mean, winning a battle with 15 000 men against an Ottoman army of 120 000 men is pretty impressive, if you ask me. If anything, the Muslims owe my people quite a bit. Since my country gained it's independence from the Ottomans and until WW2 we achieved to have similar living standards as Belgium and to have a functioning society that didn't have to pay tribute in blood and money. If anything you can make a huge case about the Romanian people who were enslaved by the Ottomans.

Michael W. Curl said...

Though Fjordman addresses many topics very intelligently (albeit broadly and vaguely), I think he misses the real "point" of what's going on globally. Race is only being used as a tool for control from the top. No race is inferior in terms of I.Q. than another. Arguing ad nauseum about race only serves the purposes of those at the very top of the power structure who wish to control all races by any means they can. Phrasing the world's problems as a matter of race/I.Q., as those in power do, is a slick appeal to the animal nature in humans and thus appeals not to the I.Q. but to the physical body which is the lowest aspect of our being. It's a sick and clever way of separating persons who would otherwise unite to address the real problem of the one world agenda of One World Government. That is the overarching thing going on now. And people in power who are persons of all "colors" will do anything they can to see their one world nonsense come to fruition.
Again, the emphasis on I.Q. and race seems to me a diversion: the people at the top are making the problem(s) appear to be matters of race and I.Q. The real problems, however, have nothing to do with genetic differences between races; the real problems concern the historical (= changing and non-genetic) circumstances created by the actions of specific persons in control of the world who are amoral/sociopathic power/money-mongers.

Unknown said...

I think the possibility of civil war is very remote and undesirable.

Can something be done on a smaller scale, such as simply curtailing immigration to zero and trying to integrate the existing immigrants? However, it strikes me that even that is a remote and unlikely course of action.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Vanilla, and nice to read too.
Maybe you should try and emigrate, by the way - it seems to me Romania has a long way to go still and it will take a long time to repair the civic trust in your country; I wouldn't wait for that, if I were you

Sevener said...


I have a great respect for your work.

But this is not the question of race, it's a question of culture. Being born white is not your achievement and it does not distinguish you. Not even being born intelligent is your achievement - nurturing your intelligence is an achievement, and it is conditioned by your immediate environment and eventually by yourself. Nothing to do with race, everything to do with culture.

Culture is a collection of traditions that have roots way in the past and are being modified as the group evolves through experience. Experience is based on the senses, the input from immediate environment and the feedback from that same environment. Evolution of a group follows a feedback circle because the feedback depends on the evolution itself.

I suppose you're attempting to warm up our feelings about ourselves; true, western Europeans are lacking those. But please don't base them on race, you'll just turn people away. Which would be a pity because you have something to say.

Anyone of any race is perfectly able to assimilate the culture they respect or aspire to, and in that regard they don't cause any grievances to the rest. All one needs to do when one moves to another country is to educate oneself a little more, to accept the environment and to accept the existing law.

What you want is to keep your culture - the freedom of being yourself and being (mis)understood, the familiar relation to the people and places and the exchanges and inspirations that can come out of that, the chance to make your own decisions about your life and the possibility to follow your dream and to grow beyond your current limits. And you want to feel safe. You want to know that when you close the door, you can walk down the street anywhere you want to, and that when you come back, your house with all your stuff will still be there, and that all your loved ones can do the same. That's what you want to keep, not your whiteness.

There are many variations of western cultures, but our base principles are alike. I don't want to live in a world where a woman is less worth than man, I don't, and I don't want my son to grow up in such a place, either. I don't. There is no race that's imposing such a world on me.

The danger is one and one only. It's the collosal size of the government that keeps growing and has already taken a life of its own. It has taken all the control of our lives and our surroundings out of our hands. We have been turned into cells in a huge body, and the fact that we are still able to think our thoughts and to write our blogs and to say what we want amongst our four walls is just a solace that we are still alive. Well, are we?

Democracy can only work on a small scale. Humans can only reasonably think about and make sane decisions on the subjects that concern them, not the subjects that concern some other people in some other places they've never been to and where they don't know anyone. What does a siesta mean to a Norwegian? And what does a 100 watt bulb mean to a Spaniard?

Likewise, politics can only be fair on a small scale; where a politian uses the same tram you do and his kids go to the same school as yours, and you feed yourselves from the same supermarket shelves, and everybody knows the parliament street.

This collosal goverment has, like any living organism, a will of its own; the politicians have no touch with the world the rest of us have; their environment is not our own. They don't share our experiences and the feedback they get doesn't come from the same place we get it from. Their culture is not our own. Not anymore.

blaine*paints said...

Even I, raised atheist have always known Christ and the Catholic Faith is the foundation of "Western" White society.

He told us the game plan... it was no joke...

"I am the Vine, You are the branches, without me you can do nothing..." Jesus Christ

Well those who didnt believe Him, even sincere "reformers" and protestants, my forebearers, who thought that it was just a general uplifting "philosophy" are finding out the hard way...
He WASN'T kidding....
As for me... raised atheist... I now go to daily mass for Holy Communion with the Body and Blood of Christ in HIS very imperfect but still standing Holy Catholic Church...
If you want to Raise White Western Civilization from the Dead... join me... That's why it's called:
THE Resurrection.