Friday, December 18, 2009

Where to Find the Real Jihad: Online

Think of it as a virus that spreads from one hateful mind to another, doing far more damage than anything the Taliban can inflict. In fact, you could eliminate the Taliban tomorrow and the Jihad would continue unabated.

A confluence of two pieces of information.

The first is an op-ed from The New York Times, linked above. The author calls the phenomenon - good name. I’ll bet someone has it set up and running by now.

As I was reading the essay, Fjordman was sending us an email about the specifics of the www.jihadists.

Let’s look at what Mr. Friedman says, and then what Fjordman found. Mr. Friedman first:

Let’s not fool ourselves. Whatever threat the real Afghanistan poses to U.S. national security, the “Virtual Afghanistan” now poses just as big a threat. The Virtual Afghanistan is the network of hundreds of jihadist Web sites that inspire, train, educate and recruit young Muslims to engage in jihad against America and the West. Whatever surge we do in the real Afghanistan has no chance of being a self-sustaining success, unless there is a parallel surge - by Arab and Muslim political and religious leaders - against those who promote violent jihadism on the ground in Muslim lands and online in the Virtual Afghanistan.

This underlines the point many have made before. These folks don’t invent or create anything. They’re parasites who use what the West has made in an attempt to destroy us. Muslims have only ever been interested in the West for whatever kinds of mayhem they could cut out of the pattern of our culture. They’re selective, these destroyers are.

For example, the printing press wasn’t permitted into Iran until the 19th century. And then it was only permitted to be used for running off copies of the Koran. As usual, the limit didn’t work, but that doesn’t mean Islam ever stops trying to use and abuse without contributing anything back to those it steals from.

Prairie Pundit has a typical example of their derivative ingenuity in a story from the MSM about the interception of information gathered by predator drones. He has the how and the what at his site. The point is this, though:

The drone intercepts mark the emergence of a shadow cyber war within the U.S.-led conflicts overseas. They also point to a potentially serious vulnerability in Washington’s growing network of unmanned drones, which have become the American weapon of choice in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The stolen video feeds also indicate that U.S. adversaries continue to find simple ways of counteracting sophisticated American military technologies.

U.S. military personnel in Iraq discovered the problem late last year when they apprehended a Shiite militant whose laptop contained files of intercepted drone video feeds. In July, the U.S. military found pirated drone video feeds on other militant laptops, leading some officials to conclude that militant groups trained and funded by Iran were regularly intercepting feeds.

As Prairie Pundit points out (and the MSM omits to say) this problem can be solved by tweaking the programs in use. The Jihadists can only run behind, playing catch-up with Western technology. It proves they’re smart enough to do that, but are missing the brain chip that supplies original, creative thinking. This missing piece has kept Muslims poor, dumb, and angry and resentful because they know their world view is second-rate.

It didn’t have to be that way, but if you’re not permitted to think for yourself, if your reason for being is Submission, then you’ll always be running behind, full of anger and hatred at those you are programmed to attempt to destroy.

Mr. Friedman continues in his op-ed:

Last week, five men from northern Virginia were arrested in Pakistan, where they went, they told Pakistani police, to join the jihad against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. They first made contact with two extremist organizations in Pakistan by e-mail in August. As The Washington Post reported on Sunday: “ ‘Online recruiting has exponentially increased, with Facebook, YouTube and the increasing sophistication of people online,’ a high-ranking Department of Homeland Security official said. […] ‘Increasingly, recruiters are taking less prominent roles in mosques and community centers because places like that are under scrutiny. So what these guys are doing is turning to the Internet,’ said Evan Kohlmann, a senior analyst with the U.S.-based NEFA Foundation, a private group that monitors extremist Web sites.”

[NOTE: NEFA does a lot more than just monitor these “extremist” sites. See here for the home page and look at Target America. This is a series of power point presentations going all the way back to June, 2007. Some featuring KSM, the soon-to-be star of our questionable Attorney General’s trial in New York City. - D]

The Obama team is fond of citing how many “allies” we have in the Afghan coalition. Sorry, but we don’t need more NATO allies to kill more Taliban and Al Qaeda. We need more Arab and Muslim allies to kill their extremist ideas, which, thanks to the Virtual Afghanistan, are now being spread farther than ever before.

Only Arabs and Muslims can fight the war of ideas within Islam…

As Mr. Friedman says, they need a civil war because they have a violent minority with murderous ideas about the rest of humanity:

What is really scary is that this violent, jihadist minority seems to enjoy the most “legitimacy” in the Muslim world today. Few political and religious leaders dare to speak out against them in public. Secular Arab leaders wink at these groups, telling them: “We’ll arrest if you do it to us, but if you leave us alone and do it elsewhere, no problem.”

He notes, as we have and as our readers and contributors have said over and over --

Where was the outrage last week when, on the very day that Iraq’s Parliament agreed on a formula to hold free and fair multiparty elections - unprecedented in Iraq’s modern history - five explosions set off by suicide bombers hit ministries, a university and Baghdad’s Institute of Fine Arts, killing at least 127 people and wounding more than 400, many of them kids?

Not only was there no meaningful condemnation emerging from the Muslim world - which was primarily focused on resisting Switzerland’s ban on new mosque minarets - there was barely a peep coming out of Washington. President Obama expressed no public outrage. It is time he did.

Don’t count on it. President Obama is a chum of the Muslim Brotherhood and it is they who start most of the violence in one form or another, and keep it going. And when they murder our own troops in our own bases, President Obama can’t even stand up to that. He’s a puppet, as are our military brass.

Friedman puts the problem succinctly:

A corrosive mind-set has taken hold since 9/11. It says that Arabs and Muslims are only objects, never responsible for anything in their world, and we are the only subjects, responsible for everything that happens in their world. We infantilize them.
- - - - - - - - -
It’s our p.c.-gagged leaders who do this. The average citizen finds the behavior of these people intolerable. The average citizen finds the bland “Religion of Peace” mouthings of our leaders despicable.

In fact, look for real problems when Obama’s decision to move some of the Gitmo terrorists to Illinois bears fruit. That poor town will be a Lone Ranger terrorist magnet. I feel so sorry for the people who live there. My guess is that those who can leave will do so. Not easy in this economy, though. But wait till they find out the promises that a federal prison will improve the local economy are empty and deliberately misleading.

Just one more reason to kick the Democrat can down the road in 2010 and 2012.

Meanwhile, Fjordman sent on some related material he found on line. He is quoting from a site called “Half Sigma” which claims to be unfettered politically (scroll down for the quote). This long comment is from one reader in particular, who has been monitoring one of the hate sites:

Unfortunately much of the world still IS in the dark ages, with all thought controlled by Islam. I recently stumbled upon a website frequented by Pakistanis in the west, or at least who have been educated in the west, judging by the fact it is mostly in English, and most of the writers seem to be native English speakers. The tone of the posts at this site is truly shocking. I have read “While Europe Slept”, but hearing this stuff coming straight from the Muslims themselves is rather stunning. The Muslims who post at the Pakistani site (it seems only Muslims post there) are probably more progressive than a lot of other Muslims, yet many of their views are right out of the 6th century. One of the most surprising things is how racist they are. Not only do they regularly make racist remarks about Jews and white people, but also about Indians and Arabs. The SWPL’s who regularly defend these folks, and say we are Eurocentric colonizers for not appreciating their culture, REALLY need to read this stuff.

As an example, here are some comments about an incident where a Muslim woman in France was not allowed in a public pool wearing a full body swim suit, a “birkini”. Here are some comments:


President Nicolas Sarkozy wants all the muslims to naked like the kufar…

and the king of arab allow French Military in UEA

what the hell is going on???

This is a sign Al-Qiyamah is comming


..the burqini is made of swimsuit material, which is allowed in the very same swimming pool. And I’m someone who believes in “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But France is now a country where, basically, secularism has become the official religion, they are enforcing it upon those that aren’t secular.


I doubt it is unhygienic since it’s made to be used in water as a body costume. The real krux of the matter is: This is probably the first time in many years that someone has been punished for trying to not be a prostitute in public (IMG:style_emoticons/PDFEmotionIconsv10/laugh.gif) (IMG:style_emoticons/PDFEmotionIconsv10/laugh.gif) But this isn’t entirely surprising, as homosexuals and feminists are highly touted in USA/UK and this diseased way of thinking is spreading


Swiss are banning construction of citadels in Geneva where over 400,000 muslims stay mainly Turks, Bosnians and Albanians

dont forget these flithy white European people are the same evil sadistic crusaders who will always try to dominate and fight war with muslims and islam

they tried to stop islam for centurys and removed islam from spain to turkey, but this time we have one up on them!!! we have immigration in such larges numbers in Europe mashallah

muslims in Europe number over 55 million set to double by 2025 inshallah



not just immigration bro. we make babies, their women are infected with a feminist, self serving lifestyle which has destroyed the family system in Europe. Europe is in a demographic death spiral. show me one European country where the birthrate is at the required 2.2 for a replacement population? No economic model can deal with a falling population. thats why immigration is needed. and where will these immigrants come from? either Africa or Asia. that means a good majority will be muslim. watch the next 50 years.


thats why i hate europe they are racists and filthy


It is all western hypocracy and nothing more…

The burkini allows Muslim women to go out and swim, where as the bikini deters them.

The burkini is a reconsiliation of Islamic laws and modern lifestyle--allowing a Muslim woman to follow her passions, while maintaining her dignity and religuous rights.

Banning it on the grounds that its unhygenic, or pulls the swimmer down is rubbish.

As fro those who say that if muslims have so much problem living there, then why dont they move elsewhere…..Do they have to? They are not living there for free..If they have invested so much money, energy, youth and effort into the land, and if the country has given then citizenship, then they deserve to live with their dignity.

I wonder why the people in the west are very touchy about the right of a woman to dress in the tiniest of clothes or nothing at all, but frown upon the her right to cover up, or take on a hijab.

They want to respect the right of even holding incestous relationships, prostitution etc, yet hell breaks loose if a Muslim man marries twice.


But one reason for this double standards is that Muslim population is growing at a much higher rate in european countries, and if the secular europeans fail to secularize the new Muslim generation, they risk losing their lifestyle..


exactly. in 25 years there will be tens of millions of muslims in Europe. That is their worst nightmare. France doesnt include religion on its census form but estuimates of the French Muslim population range between 7 and 10 million.


The person who found these remarks says:

The comments come from here: (no, I’m not going to link to it; you can cut and paste if you want to put on your Wellies and wade through the

sludge - D)

Gagdad Bob at One Cosmos would say that these people suffer from mind parasites. He’s right. These mental encrustations are passed down from one unholy generation to another. They prove how strong evil is, that men can be so attracted to killing and subjugation. On the other hand, they show a fatal weakness, at least so far. Even with all the hundreds of years of slaughter as their version of statecraft, the Islamic fringe still hasn’t subverted its mortal enemy. And to think it can do so by breeding is a sad fallacy, especially with financial Armageddon facing us.

Who is going to feed all those breeders? It sure won’t be the ethnic Europeans, who will be turning inward to survive the horrible damage done by greedy elitists who thought they could “plan” something as dynamic and unstable as an economic system.

Yes, there is a greater evil than Islam, and we participated in its creation, however unwittingly. Will the coming implosion of evil greed go faster than the Muslim breeding machine, thereby making their population gains moot?

I think so...

...Either way, it is going to be rough sailing.


Anonymous said...

It's Europe, why shouldn't be Eurocentric? It's like me being invited in your house, fighting with your sister and expect you not to take her side because she's your family.

And the best way to do the pool thing is to get rid of the government managing pools. You want a Muslim only pool? Fine, build your own and manage it.

And obviously we fought to keep their backward religion out of Europe, it's not like they weren't trying to force it on us. It's pretty sad that my children or grand children won't have a place that they can call home due to massive immigration and Europeans chronically refusing to have children.

Oh, and what's the point in saying White European? All Europeans are White. lol

And yes, they have to leave if they don't like it. They didn't build anything in the nations where they moved, while the European countries were built by Europeans.

Sadly, I disagree with the conclusion. Yes, simple breeding is enough to take Europe out, as long as they're here and we don't reproduce. Let's face it. Half of the European women are too old to have anymore children. The other half will have only a child. Their population gains aren't mute. They'll still be here in the same numbers, won't they? And if European states go bankrupt, who will protect Europeans anyway? I mean, you realize that all these people will riot and loot, right?

And to sum it up. From what I understood about the UK, for example, the only European women who reproduce are the single mothers on welfare, living in council estates. When the welfare will be taken away, they won't have children either.

In order for us to get out of the whole, we need to have birth rates comparable to Africa and I doubt we will anytime soon. Funny enough, I do agree with them about feminism. It's actually the whole Marxist mindset that will be destroyed...

Dymphna said...


Yes on pernicious feminism. It's just a subset of utopian Marxist unoriginal that it's excruciatingly boring.

Trying to guess the future on this one is so hard; it's just reading tea leaves without the tea. Too many variables, too much is unknown, and a whole lot is so unstable that we don't have the mental construct to even describe what we can see, never mind what hasn't come into being yet.

Such is the fate of those who are caught in the crunch of tectonic plate level culture death and transformation.

You and I won't live to see it play out. Maybe not for the next two or three generations will anyone be able to say with even the smallest amount of certainty what happened here.

Reading history about previous cultural declines at least gives one a perspective from which to view the destruction.

I do know that Islam will not win. It was born of slaughter and has survived by riding waves of slaughter. Even if it takes a few more lifetimes, Islam is a dead end.

Anonymous said...

Dymphna, guessing the future isn't that hard. In 130 years, people of European descent will be 2% of the world population if current trends continue and with population growth, the incentives for war and conquer territory go up.

And yes, if current trends continue, Islam will win, which is quite sad. Reading history about previous cultural declines isn't giving you that great of a picture because the world moves a lot faster now and we are circling the drain as we speak. I doubt people in the last half a century in the Roman Empire were seeing the complete destruction of their empire either. I think I will witness how this will end, considering I am just 19. Sure, I might be old, but witnessing the complete destruction of the values one stands for and one's people is pretty disgusting, even if you're old. And time going by without nothing happening is just ensuring our defeat.

I understand what is happening and why. You just have to understand how ideology works and what's the desire of those who invented it and how the 'elites' benefit from it. In the end, it's one of the two. We either keep doing what we're doing and the values created by Europe and the European people will disappear or we will wake up and create some havoc, considering the time for political solutions is long past, at least in a democracy. Maybe the cause for the latter will be the eventual bankruptcy of the US and a lot of European countries,which will create misery and remind people that duty has a purpose in life. Or the first European country falling to Islam, which yes, will happen in my life time, unless I'll get hit by a car and die or we wake up.

It's sad that because of a couple of mostly idiotic generations before me, I don't have a sane country in which to raise my future children... Which as a woman, is the thing I want the most.