Tuesday, December 15, 2009

So Bad Even the NYT Notices

Fjordman sent us the news excerpt below, and included this note:

You know it has to be bad when The New York Times starts worrying about left-wing violence. It’s apparently a long time since Socrates and Aristotle lived in Athens. The economy in Greece is getting worse and public debt is climbing. Meanwhile, the country is being overrun by colonists from Third World countries, especially Muslims, and the left-wing establishment is cheering for this. This is only going to get worse and worse until something finally snaps, and that goes for the entire Western world, not just Greece:

An excerpt from the article:

Debate Rages in Greece About Right of Police to Enter University Campuses

A new wave of violent attacks against academics is sweeping campuses in Athens and Thessaloniki, leading Greek professors to question a law that bans police officers from entering university grounds.

The law exists nowhere else in Europe, but it has been sacrosanct in Greece since the fall of a military dictatorship that bloodily suppressed a student rebellion at the Athens Polytechnic in 1973 in which at least 23 people were killed.

Last weekend saw a peak in the violence, which has spiraled in recent months along with general social unrest, a spike in crime and a resurgence of domestic terrorism.

Hundreds of anti-establishment protesters stormed university buildings during demonstrations being held in memory of a teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer a year ago, an event that sparked some of the worst riots ever in the capital.

The rector of the University of Athens, Christos Kittas, was sent to intensive care Sunday, after being beaten by assailants using iron bars and then thrown out of his office.
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Mr. Kittas, who was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday after recovering from a heart attack, called on fellow academics and politicians to tackle the problem on campuses. He said he "felt dead inside watching young people who could be my grandchildren or students commit crimes and vandalize the shrine to free thought."

Last week, a professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Gerasimos Sapountzoglou, was targeted by extremists who beat and throttled him when he refused to stop a lecture. Several other academics have suffered similar attacks in Athens and Thessaloniki in recent months.

Anastassios Manthos, rector of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University, who was knocked unconscious in a similar campus raid last year, said things had gotten worse. "The violence in universities, and in Greek society in general, is explosive and unprecedented," he said.


Charlemagne said...

I may be wrong, it is known to have happened in the past, but I think the Leftists, communists, progressives, socialists, anarchists, etc. are going to set off civil wars if they keep up their pressure and intimidation of the citizens of their home countries. I know here in the US there are a lot of conservatives who have totally had it with the Left. Many posters on conservative blogs discuss openly the stockpiling of weapons and ammunition, secession, and whose side the military would take in a conflict. And that's here in the US where we don't have Lefty violence like in Europe. These Leftists will be the downfall of the West IMO.

EscapeVelocity said...

Not after the Civil War, they wont.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I think the Leftists, communists, progressives, socialists, anarchists, etc. are going to set off civil wars.

Greece sounds like a very likely place for this to start.

IgnorantInfidel said...

While reading this post I could not avoid thinking of the gun free safe zones created at our schools and universities.

Proud Infidel said...

I am one of those conservatives who's completely had it with lefties. Everything they spew can be best described as vile lies and outrageous slander, and I will no longer insult my intelligence pretending otherwise. I'm not at the stockpiling ammo phase yet (I already have my guns), but I can see it coming.

I thus refuse to talk politics with them anymore, I've had way too many discussions with liberals where I had a very hard time suppressing the desire to scream "you must be a total idiot to believe that" or some more vulgar variation. The complete lack of reason that dominates their thinking is mind boggling.