Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Leaving France

Muslims make up more than 10% of the population of France, the largest proportion in any Western European country. Not surprisingly, France has also experienced a dramatic surge in anti-Semitic incidents during the last decade or so.

Tundra Tabloids has posted an interview with Ami Cammarella, an Israeli-born French doctor, who talks about the reasons why more and more Jews are deciding to leave France.

Some excerpts:

TT: Tell us a bit more about the French police.
Dr. Cammarella: It wasn’t the Nazis that came during WWII to capture the Jews, it was the French policemen. France was a very anti-Semitic country. No one had to push them, really, they were very happy to collaborate with the Nazis, and they were very friendly with them. That’s the reality.

But many Jews after the War immigrated to France and could forgive France. “Ok, it was a different era and now we’re friends and France is no longer anti-Semitic. At the end France is a good country to live in as Jews”.


[one of the chief physicians of the department] told me “You Jews”, he was referring to Israel but he told me “You Jews, you are like the Nazis”. So you see, for him, Jews and Israelis are the same. You’re a Jew, so you are an Israeli, and all Jews are Nazis. Just today, I was listening to the radio, and there was a song of one of the more well known singers in France. In this song, about twenty years ago, it’s not a recent song, he was singing in particular about the Palestinians, living a genocide organised by the Israelis …


That is why after I began going to Synagogue, not because I had some kind of revelation or became real religious but, I said to myself, OK, you are a Jew, go and see what they say about Judaism. So then I went to inform myself what is about Judaism and that’s how I came to know the friend of our mutual friend, and about Judaism and to be a part of the Jewish community in the north of France.

But that wasn’t the first anti-Semitic reaction that I had, it was the only one that I had from someone not an Arab, he was an ethnic French with an old fashioned French name. After WW II it was difficult to express anti-Semitism because of all the horrible things that had happened. If you were to say anti-Semitic things you would be attacked by the law. But I think that anti-Semitism is not dead, not all the people are anti-Semitic of course, but it does exist.
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TT: Do you know of other friends of yours that are Jews have left France, are there of any significant numbers who have left for example, Israel or for elsewhere in the last 3-4 years, or you have no knowledge of anything like that?
Dr. Cammarella: Yes I know of some people who have left for Israel due to anti-Semitism, yes. Just recently, because only recently I became a part of a big Jewish community, before I didn’t know of anyone. So little by little my identity became a Jewish identity and little by little things changed for me…

TT: Was this doctor [an anti-Semitic Arab] very religious or what?
Dr. Cammarella: He was not a religious man, he was secular in thinking concerning Islam, no problem with a Christmas tree and such like. But he couldn’t be seen with Jews, and that was anti-Semitic. You probably know that in Algeria they hate Jews, and they hate Israel. I recently read that they are probably only ten Jews left in all of Algeria. At the end of the WWII, there were more than 165,000. This French Jewish singer I spoke about, Enrico Macias, tried to go to Algeria many times, and every time the Algerian government told him that no, he cannot enter their country.


Well the Gaza war is another wake up, what happened in Europe and what happened in France, the reaction was really strong. After that I was sure, absolutely sure that I had to leave France, because for me, France is the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. In particular during the Gaza war there were about 400 anti-Semitic attacks.

Three Synagogues were attacked with Molotov cocktails, about ten Jews were beaten (at least officially). I know of one guy, not personally, who was from Paris and he was beaten by ten Arabs in January of this year, in particular his nose was broken and he spent three days in the hospital…and that just because he was a Jew!

He was interviewed by YNET, an Israeli internet website, in which he stated that there is no longer a place for Jews in France and prepared for his immigrating to Israel. I don’t know if he has left already or not. All my friends, my Jewish friends didn’t want to believe what they saw, they said, “Well that’s the way it is, Jews being beaten because they are Jews, that’s the history of the Jews through the centuries, no? It doesn’t happen every day, and it’s not Auschwitz so, you have to live with it.” It’s no problem if you hide your identity, to take off very quickly your kippa, immediately when you go out from the synagogue.

And why I wish to leave France, to answer your question, it has to do with the politics. In France they are very against Israel in the news, and for me, these very anti-Zionist positions are only anti-Semitic positions. Now since the birth of Israel, it’s a new way of being anti-Semitic and very politically correct. If you are anti-Israel then you are for the poor Palestinians who are said to be very oppressed by the very bad Israeli people. So that’s really what I feel with politics in Europe, and with France in particular. I can’t stand anymore all this almost daily propaganda.

My grandmother was killed because of French people who gave her away to the Nazis. And today I can’t stand to see Synagogues being attacked with Molotov cocktails and to listen to them say bad things about Israel and the Jews. 400 anti-Semitic attacks in France, like the one guy beaten up by ten Arabs just because he was a Jew, I can’t take that any more. It’s indefensible. That’s my position of why I’m leaving France.

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.


Anonymous said...

So it appears that, either way, some people group must leave France. The only question that remains is which.

Unknown said...

It really is true - when I was in Israel an estate-agent told us that the house-prices were going up because jews from 'abroad' were buying a pied à terre in Israel, just in case. And they weren't only french jews.
If I were f.i. living in England right now I wouldn't feel particularly serene as a jew either..

Anonymous said...

People of European descent better wake up and realize that we need to stick together, exactly like the Jews do. And we better do it before we become 2% of the world population(which is around about 2100-2150 if current demographic trends continue).

I'm part Ashkenazi Jewish, but since that represents something like 10% of my ancestry and European the other 90%, I consider myself European(I don't really have any Jewish traits, except an abnormally high intelligence :P). Still, I find these trends disturbing. I mean, most Jewish people get on with their lives, while the Muslims do protests and encroach our liberties and these people get mad at the Jews?

The question is this though. Where will Europeans flee? There's no European homeland like Israel is for the Jews.

But hey, there are signs of feminism becoming less of an influence as it was until now. So maybe, just maybe we will get some higher birthrates. Still, it's not even enough to have replacement level births. Meh.

Bert said...

rebelliousvanilla: I agree with you, we do need to stick together. Not like European Jews might do though, but including our fellow Europeans of Jewish descent. Maybe it even is time to group and "radicalize" a little in this respect.

The Dutch of Chinese descent in Rotterdam in the late nineties, threatened the mayor (and indirectly the Moroccans) to send out "militias" (also at night, armed with baseball bats and sticks) to go after each Moroccan who would dare to insult a Dutch Chinese woman (let alone touch her handbag). This did have some effect. It scared the mayor (who sent in more regular patrols) and the Moroccans (who stayed away).

Recently Dutch Moluccans (mostly Christians, descendants of Dutch Indonesian Military) in Culemborg, after a Moroccan had damaged a car (on purpose) of a Dutch Moluccan citizen, threatened to revenge. When Moroccans then threatened to smash the windows of houses of Dutch Moluccans in return, they put up barricades (and called in trained Moluccan guards) and warned the Moroccans that Moluccans from all over the country would come down to help finish them if they dared show up again. That did even scare the mayor who started to "negotiate".
This may sound nasty, but those law abiding citizens who sit and wait, may in time be overrun by both their governments and Muslim immigrants.

Where will Europeans flee?

I have heard some moving to Eastern-Europe (like Czechoslovakia), South America and even to emerging European colonies in Hindu regions in South-East Asia. Some Dutch move to Flanders, at least there is a stronger notion of patriotism there. Once I read the suggestion by a South African for them to retreat, including businesses and farms, to in- and around Capetown, which is easier to defend. This might also happen in Europe later on.

xlbrl said...

Modern French anti-Semitism is in proportion to the degree the population and culture are left-wing. For that, Jews should not neglect to thank themselves.

Anonymous said...

xlbrl's point is an important one.

I expect somewhat similar developments in the USA over the next few decades, as people react to the implosion of finance and the results of high finance ripping off the national economy for 20 years, and as people notice that a lot of the movers and shakers in these firms are Jewish. And also there's the long-running white nationalist claim that immigration is predominantly supported by Jewish organizations (they neglect the Catholic influence and the stupidly generous white effect, but the claim isn't without truth).

Muslims get criticized for not doing enough to restrain their radical elements, and people predict that the lack of such restraint will cause a violent backlash against all Muslims, including those who didn't do anything bad - yes, they did nothing bad, but not that much good either. A similar argument can and probably will be applied to Jews as regards their socialist liberal wing.