Monday, December 21, 2009

Denigrating Islam in Switzerland

Last month’s referendum in Switzerland — which banned further minaret construction — generated vehement opposition and disapproval from the usual suspects on the Left and among Muslims.

But it wasn’t just the OIC and the European transnational clique that objected to the ban; the ruling elites in Switzerland itself were appalled by the “racism” of their benighted countrymen, and have signaled their willingness use any available legal pretext to overturn the results of the referendum, if they can.

In a case that is reminiscent of the “hate speech” charge brought against Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria, a magazine editor in Switzerland has been indicted for “denigrating Islam” in his “racist” utterances on television. This quasi-legal farce is an obvious reprisal for his support of the minaret ban.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Het Vrije Volk on the case:

Swiss leftists want to silence magazine-editor

The editor-in-chief of the Swiss magazine Weltwoche, Roger Köppel, has been indicted by Socialists in Zurich. The reason: he violated an anti-racism law. On talk shows, according to the Socialist thought-gestapo, Köppel “systematically denigrated and vilified members of the Islamic religion and thus crossed the borders of racism.”

The guardians of political correctness subsequently filed a criminal complaint with the Public Prosecutor in Zurich.

The Young Socialists (Jungsozialisten, Juso) in Canton Zurich have indicted the editor-in-chief of Weltwoche Roger Köppel due to violations of the anti-racism penalty statute. Köppel made racist statements in several articles and a television interview, the accusations asserts.

According to a statement of this on Thursday, it concerns the TV show “Talk Täglich” [Daily Talk] of the local broadcaster “Tele Züri” and comments in several editions of Weltwoche. Thus it was about the minaret-referendum and the Islam.


With such statements intentionally vague fears would be fueled, discrimination in Switzerland would be instigated, and the Muslims and Muslimas would be stigmatized. In their indictment, the Young Socialists want to send a signal against intolerance and exclusion.

To blame Roger Köppel for racism — who, unlike left-wing barkers, always knows how to behave and always argues with well-grounded reasoning — can hardly be surpassed in absurdity. In any case the leftists themselves inflame “vague fears” by trying to nip any criticism of Islam in the bud with the ultimate death-club of racism or fascism. Good for those people, who due to lack of arguments always show their undemocratic face and try to suffocate any opposing view.

The Jungsozialisten proudly announce:
- - - - - - - - -
Roger Köppel, editor and editor-in-chief of the Weltwoche, with numerous statements in the comments in the editions 43 and 47 of Weltwochehas made it clear that the people of the Islamic faith who live in Switzerland are a fundamental threat to security and order of the country due to their religion, from his perspective, and that one therefore would not need to be tolerant towards them. He ascribes to the Muslim women and Muslims in general an “unfulfilled nostalgia for the political coup”, because they “right up to today have not got over the loss of their empire.” The present Islam wants to be “a political domination system”, even a “political-religious ideology of conquest”, that is “hostile towards the current order” and seeks “extension, subversion and conquest.

In the above-mentioned television broadcast “Tele Züri” he made similar statements, and included the matching opinion that Muslim women and Muslim men living in Switzerland should be considered members of “a hostile army”.

With these statements Roger Köppel has clearly violated article 261bis of the Criminal Code, because he systematically denigrated and vilified the members of the Islamic religion.

Thereby Roger Köppel has exceeded the boundaries of racism. With such statements, deliberately vague fears are fueled, discrimination in Switzerland is instigated, and Muslims are stigmatized. This can and will not be accepted by the Young Socialists. With their indictment they want to give a signal against exclusion and intolerance, because for them it is clear: racism in Switzerland, no matter by whom and against whom, will not be tolerated.

Probably the lefties are just bad losers and can not forgive Roger Köppel for being on the side of the winners since the start of it. When they lose, democrats shows their true face…

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Original sources: PI-News and Het Vrije Volk.

Email address of the Young Socialists (Jungsozialisten, Juso) in Kanton Zürich:


Nick said...

I do wish these people would learn to think logically. Islam, as we all know, is a belief system, not a skin colour. It is perfectly possible for someone to convert to that religion, even if they're as white as a pint of milk.

If the argument against a particular belief remains exactly the same, no matter the colour of the believer, then obviously the argument is not based on the colour of someone's skin.

If someone actually believes that Mohammad flew around the sky on a horse, or split the moon in two with his pinkie, then my objection to those "beliefs" will be the same, no matter who asserts that they are true, or what the colour of their skin happens to be.

My counterargument would be something like this: "Don't be silly. Horses don't fly." It would not be: "The colour of your skin is not the same as mine, therefore horses don't fly." The first assertion is obviously as irrelevant as anything could possibly be. And it may in fact be false. No, the fact that horses don't fly is by itself enough to refute such a crazy belief. That's all I'd need to think, and that's all I'd need to say.

Race has absolutely nothing to do with it. Zero.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, slurs against Jews are met with silence. Has Europe learned nothing from its dark past?

Anneli said...

Do not forget all the slurs christians get, and everyone including us christians think it is something that is okey in a democratic society.

EscapeVelocity said...

Indeed, Christianity has been under heavy assault by the Western Left....but never once has a Leftist stood up and pronounced that as a hate crime or racism, discrimination on the basis of religion, and so on and so forth.

The Left is the enemy of European Peoples, (many of them self hating Euros themselves).

They will stoop to any level to continue their quest to destroy Western Civilization.

Better realize it sooner rather than later.