Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kafirs: Some Simple Ice-Breaking Questions

My, what a reasonable set of interrogatives we have here. Mr. Warner sets up a possible dialogue…if one dares to enter such an exchange.

You could call this scenario, “Just Askin’, dude”…

He prefaces the scene this way:

When you study the incident of Major Hasan at Fort Hood, you realize that there were some questions that needed to have been asked. But, no one knew what to ask, since the wrong questions might seem, well, politically incorrect. No one wants to be politically incorrect. We don’t want to offend.

Darn right. “Offense” is our worst sin. So zip your lip, smile and keep moving.

If you look around you will find that no one is asking any Muslims hard questions. Never mind the Major Hasan types, no one asks questions to the Muslim at work. It turns out that there are many questions that each and every Muslim should be asked. These are simple ones that deal with the core of Islam. Every Muslim knows the answers.

What follows are his queries, omitting his answers because it would be more fruitful first to contemplate the possible response you might get from your Muslim acquaintance. For example, consider what it would be like if you were asking these questions of Rifqa Bary’s daddy:

  • “Do you believe that the Koran is perfect?”
  • “Is Mohammed the ideal Muslim?

Mr. Warner notes:

Islam is only partially based on the Koran. Far more of a Muslim’s life is governed by Mohammed than the Koran and Allah. Why is this so important? The practical way to understand Islam and what Muslims believe and think is to know about Mohammed. This is very good news. Anyone can understand Mohammed’s life.

Having set the stage with our opening inquiries, we are ready to make it more personal. So you ask your local friendly Muslim:
- - - - - - - - -
  • “Am I a kafir?”
  • “Have you ever deceived a kafir?”
  • If you are a Christian, ask: “Over 60 million Christians have been killed in jihad. Christians are persecuted daily in Islamic lands. Have you ever apologized for this?”
  • If you are a black American, ask: “Islam sold [and sells - D] slaves on the West coast of Africa, the east coast of Africa and the Mediterranean. You [Muslims] enslaved over a million Europeans. Why do you never take any responsibility for slavery?”
  • If you are a Jew, ask: “How do you see the war against Israel as jihad?”

We do not ask questions [because] we have become a nation of deceivers under political correctness. We don’t ask Muslims any question that would make them feel “uncomfortable”.

Darn tootin'! The only species permitted to be made uncomfortable are those Neanderthal conservatives and Christian fundies (oops, redundancies abound: all conservatives are neanderthals; all Christians are fundamentalists).

Mr. Warner claims:

It is completely reasonable to ask anyone about their ideology. Christians, Jews, liberals, conservatives and every other ideology have to answer questions about what they believe. Why not Muslims?

That is the true question for kafirs: “Why are Muslims the only people in the world who don’t have to be asked difficult questions about what they believe?”

And the true answer is because Muslims have perfected the thin-skinned, aggrieved attitude. Questions make them feel bad. Can't give offense, only abject apologies for the audacity of daring to exist in your warty kafir self. The whole world was supposed to be Ummah-ized by now. Why are you being so difficult??

Now you’ve seen the questions. Go over to Red Country to see what Mr. Warner has to say in response.

Then start a dialogue. At least the conversation will be real for a change. Scimitars optional.

Hat tip: Kenny from The Frozen North


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Wonder how many Muslims in the U.K. would run for cover, if the full force of sharia law was imposed solely on them in and outwith their communities, with the double jeopardy of being accountable to British law. This would show the British people the true nature of islam and what they can expect.

Give the neoliberals a tast of their future world.

Anonymous said...

4Symbols, I'd implement reverse Sharia on them. For example, no more mosques and they won't be allowed to repair the existing ones. They'll have to pay extra taxes in from of jizya. Obviously, they will also have to wear distinctive clothing to show that they are Muslims. The list can go on forever. lol

I'd tell them. If you live under this for the next 25 years, we will implement the proper Sharia. Obviously, I'd be committing reverse taqqiya though.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


With an (inverted) policy of positive discrimination regarding sharia law enforced by the host state this would self-excluded islamists functioning inside any western society, day to day interactions with the host would be impossible. An almost pure form of cultural relativism.