Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Would Israel Do?


A former El Al Security head talks about their procedures:

Joshua Pundit posted a Tweet from Bill Maher:

“Guys, I can tell u what to do about this security thing: just ask ‘what wld Israel do?’ and do that.”

To which J.P. responded:

Unfortunately Bill, your friend Barack Obama would never do that in a million years. He’d rather you keep risking your life than take a chance of offending Muslim sensibilities.

As I’ve mentioned before, the very idea of kufar breathing in and out “offends Muslim sensibilities” which are paper thin, spread everywhere, and as easily messed up as anything made in China. In fact, you have as much chance of avoiding their offended responses as you do finding something not made in China.

Still, the advice is sound, no matter that Obama will never even consider consulting the most successful air counterterrorism that the West has managed to produce. The difference between Israel and the dilettantes of the West is that the Israelis are determined to survive. Or at least they are determined that their demise will not be due to the actions of a bunch of homicidal maniacs dressed up in doctrinal disguise. The West, meanwhile, lives to avoid offending people: a sure recipe for cultural suicide.

I wish we had just a few of the Israeli techniques for ferreting out the dangerous and deluded.
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For example, they have people who are trained to read facial expressions down to the minute, fleeting micro level. Reading faces is a real art, but it can be taught to anyone who has enough native ability to pay close attention. The card dealers in Las Vegas have this skill developed in spades, so to speak. You can google something like microexpressions security training and get a general idea.

They also aren’t tied to some politically correct doctrine that prevents them from acting on the behalf of the safety of those flying on El Al. No crippled grandma hassling just to conform to p.c. guidelines. In fact, they don’t need p.c. guidelines, given the reality they’ve lived with for sixty years. During that same time frame, our reality has become more and more skewed by the Gramscians in charge of everything in our culture. Israel doesn’t have that spoiled-brat luxury; living with their backs to the wall, facing down the world, gives them an advantage in survival.

One advantage the Israelis have (which we won’t have until the financial Armageddon reduces the average individual income to the point that flying anywhere becomes a rare event) is the scale of their interventions. El Al and the other Israeli airlines are small; their passenger load is also. This advantage allows them to be more thorough. However, even if they had the numbers of people that the US does, if the same level of terror existed with a larger population, they’d find a useful work-around. Otherwise, Hamas et al would quickly reduce the Israeli population right back down to its present levels.

Our current situation is a joke, thanks to the reigning mantra of political correctness unto death. Yes, al Qaeda is enraged at what we did in Yemen and they’re determined to get some payback. The jockey shorts bomb didn’t work, so they’ll explore other avenues, all of them designed to make you feel “unsafe” and to disrupt your daily life. That’s the whole point, aside from mass slaughter: a culture-wide sense of insecurity.

Our response to September 11th was to create an incompetent bureaucracy devoted to informing us of our level of security. Notice that even the Twin Towers’ collapse and death could not change the overarching p.c. rules. Thus this “security” bureaucracy runs on the fumes of p.c. emanations from those on high.

To all TSA Personnel: Don’t rock the boat even if you rile the proles; don’t do clothing or personal searches with any common-sense rule of thumb. After all, we don’t pay you people enough to think, but we do give you enough power to enjoy flexing the occasional sadistic muscle. Feel free to let the Arabs walk on by while you go after the elderly, the businessman, the babies.

Actually, there is some sense in checking out the babies, but only in certain circumstances. I remember reading about El Al’s security checks one time and was impressed by its careful drill down to the essence of the matter. In this case, it was a young mother with a child. The security folks spent quite a bit of time on her, checking her bag, the baby and his belongings, etc. Something didn’t feel right. So they asked her about the baby’s father. Turns out he was a Palestinian and very proud of his baby son. They asked her who packed her bag. The baby’s father had; her loving boyfriend who couldn’t wait for her return.

That was enough right there. They slit the lining of her suitcase and found the explosive designed to detonate in mid-air. Loving boyfriend, indeed.

The story never said what happened to the young woman and baby. I hope she was smart enough to take her child and skedaddle. If “daddy” ever found her she’d have been toast.

A prediction: al Qaeda is annoyed, very annoyed, for the bombs in Yemen. While airplane explosions are dramatic, look for more ground-based work in the future. A public building or two. In fact, our Attorney General has given al Qaeda a golden opportunity by placing those Gitmo terrorists in New York City for their civilian trial. There will be angry demonstrators, many of them survivors of 9/11 or the families of those who didn’t survive.

But they won’t be the only ones demonstrating. There will be lots of angry Muslims, too, and those crowds will make a perfect cover for any jihadist who decides to leave this mortal coil whilst taking as many kufar as possible. How wonderful for them if they can manage to take some they didn’t get in 2001!

As for the Muslim slaughter when they detonate themselves in that crowd? Collateral damage. They all go to Paradise, ready or not.


Findalis said...

Although Israeli airlines are small, the same procedures used by ElAl and other Israeli carriers is used for all carriers flying out of Ben-Gurion.

Not only are the security personal former IDF soldiers (only the most elite unit member will do), but they also hold at least a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Israel profiles. If you look Muslim you are. Get over it.

Every bag is hand searched. Every passenger is questioned. Everyone and thing is suspecious.

Compare that to the US where the security personal are hired because they have a good credit score. Many have criminal records. Many are illegally in the US. And many can't speak English. (Israeli security personal cannot be criminals and must speak at least 2 languages fluently [some are fluent in 3 or more.]).

Unknown said...

I flew with El Al once. They questioned everyone. Most of those who was checked extra carefully were arabs, but not all. I myself was pulled aside and taken through a 2-3 hour check. They even took apart my clockradio (and put it back together). I am not arab, but I hadnt slept the night before and I suppose I must have looked nervous. When I finally got on board the plane, I was very tired, but felt safe.

BTW. They even scanned some chocolate I had bought :)

Francis W. Porretto said...

"That’s the whole point, aside from mass slaughter: a culture-wide sense of insecurity."

Thing is, a sense of insecurity evokes different responses from different peoples. Time was, that sense of insecurity caused millions of Americans to take up arms, cross oceans, and deliver two all-time ass-whuppins to the folks who'd made them feel insecure.

Have the Muslims of our time gauged, correctly, that our generation won't rise to our grandparents' standard? Or have they picked the wrong people to mess with?

Anonymous said...
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Baron Bodissey said...

rebelliousvanilla --

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Use of asterisks is an appropriate alternative.


rebelliousvanilla said...

Francis, then the US government was connected to the American people. Now it represents more the will of the Muslims than the one of it's citizens. If I'd be one of the protesters in NYC, I'd show up armed and in full body armor. Screw this pussyfooting around crap. People need to realize that the government is an unmitigated failure at protecting you and you need to do it yourself - even before the role of the cops weren't to really protect people, but to catch the bad guys. Your own protection was your duty.

Also, Americans today aren't the same. A lot of them are Europeans-lite, except the people who are stockpiling guns. And to those, not Islam is the problem, but their own idiotic, tyrannical government. Same in Europe. We need to fix our stupid governments first and take back our rights and freedom and tell them that they're there to protect them, not to do their own bidding. And we, Europeans and Americans need to completely reject liberalism and the non-discrimination b******t.

Unio Europaea delenda est.
Oh, I started to teach people why my country must dislike the EU and to not vote for any of our MPs, regardless of their party and ideology that voted for the Lisbon treaty.