Saturday, December 12, 2009

Culturally Enriched Knife Fight in Austria

Cultural Enrichment News

“Youths” are at it again, this time with knives. Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated an article from Österreich, December 12, 2009, page 14 (unavailable online):

Boy attacks sister with scissors

Unbelievable scenes took place Friday afternoon in the Pantucekgasse [a small street in Vienna]. Eyewitnesses excitedly called the police: “A boy is hitting a girl, attacking her with a scissors. The girl is bleeding!”

The police and the ambulance arrived at the scene quickly. The girl was taken to the hospital right away, the boy was taken into police custody. “The fourteen-year-old attacker, Mohamed H., started a fight with his fifteen-year-old sister, Sawda, after the end of school,” reports a police spokesperson. The children, originally from Somalia, were on their way home from school. According to witnesses, the boy freaked out suddenly, and kicked his sister while attacking her with a pair of scissors. The girl was already bleeding from her mouth.
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“According to preliminary reports, the boy knifed his sister twice: once in her throat below the left ear, and once below her rib cage, near her kidney. Thank God her injuries are not life-threatening.”

The reasons for the brawl between brother and sister were not clear. “However, preliminary investigations show that both have a history of fighting. The sister apparently provoked her younger brother. On the other hand, interrogations have not yet concluded.”

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