Sunday, December 20, 2009

Muslim Demand #42,338

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It’s a general rule of Islamization in the West that as the number of Muslims in the population increases, the demands for special treatment of Muslims become commensurately more extensive and insistent.

Since France has the largest percentage of Muslims of any Western country, it’s no surprise that the boldest and most strident demands come from French Muslims. Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from Nieuw Religieus Peil detailing the latest workplace requirements laid down by French Muslims:

Staff demand separate Muslim canteens

Segregated canteens for men and woman and “appropriate outfits” for the female canteen staff — these are just some of the demands made by Muslim workers according to Carl Pincemin, a personnel consultant who works for large French companies.

Pincemin also told the French National Assembly that some Muslim workers reject the idea of halal meat in canteens being offered next to “normal” meat, because this would be “unclean”. They want separate canteens and not to have to sit next to people who eat pork.
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Other demands of Muslim workers are the recognition of Islamic holidays as days off, and prayer rooms at business locations. According to the anthropologist Douina Bouzar, author of Allah at-il sa place dans l’entreprise? (“Does Allah have a place in the company?”), certain companies give in to the demands of their Muslim employees, out of fear of being seen as Islamophobic.

Some of them have even agreed that Muslim workers will not have their annual performance reviews with their female superiors.

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Unknown said...

Here is an idea - if muslims demand
special privileges, give them these
privileges BUT make them pay for
these privileges via a special
muslim-only tax. So if they want to
have special canteens which are Islam
compliant, give them these canteens -
but only after them have paid for them
via a special tax that would be imposed
on muslims only, and collected along with the regular taxes.

This proposal could should be applied
to all the minorities that come up with
any special requests (assuming these
requests are within the limits of the


Engineer-Poet said...

Entire streets packed full of Muslims, canteens just for Muslims, swimming pools reserved for Muslims, entire districts occupied by nobody but Muslims....

I cannot be the only person who sees that in a shooting war there will be some very target-rich environments.

ZZMike said...

"... and not to have to sit next to people who eat pork."

I don't suppose it would be helpful to tell them "let them eat cake".

Andray has the best solution. Muslims-only canteens, paid for by Muslims.

"... a special muslim-only tax ..."

Now I wonder why that sounds so familiar ... ah, yes, the jizya. Would not turn-about be fair play?