Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I Gots a Peace Prize" –Found This at Michelle Malkin

This isn’t Mr. Crowder’s best effort, but then he's a Canadian...what can I say?

Nonetheless, it has a certain fittingness for the occasion. That “occasion” is not Mr. Obama’s reception of his award, but the realization of how meaningless this whole tawdry thing has been from start to finish.

Then there is our deep relief that the silly charade is almost over and now we can get back to ruining the American economy with the Stimulus for Thieves and Grafters grab-bag. Which, if I can bear to look at the details, I shall report on shortly, maybe beginning with the millions that Hill Clinton’s pals got in an effort to boost the economy and create jobs.

Meanwhile, here is Mr. Crowder and his version of the Peace Train Prize song. Come to think of it, someone ought to do a parody using that old “Peace Train” song by that old Religion of Peace adherent, Cat Stevens.

The nice details in this – e.g., Mr. Crowder’s bling – make for a few moments diversion from the boorish reality of “Obama Takes Norway for a Ride”:

No, I can’t understand much of it either, but fortunately this video comes with a set of lyrics:
- - - - - - - - -
I heard it today, Barack got a prize

Seams theyre dishin peace prizes left and right
If you wanna prize, you can do it too
There's just a few things that you gotta do...

I'm mowing the lawn
You get a peace prize
Doing the laundry
That's a peace prize
I'm grooming my dog
Peace prize

He seems to like it
That's a peace prize
You, get a peace prize
He, gets a peace prize
I, get a peace prize
Everybody, gets a peace prize

They gave a peace prize to our president
Hed only been prez, for two weeks by then
The same time he takes to dust his smokes
Some people call this nobel prize a joke
But remember yall, Big O gives us hope
More hope for all man, even for the pope
This award aint for anything he did
But for things he promises that he will
The first man to win a peace prize for hope

Bankrupt America, The man is dope
Obama wants change see it in his eyes
If you do to, youve earned yourself a prize
Im in the hot tub
Peace prize
Im doing some dips
Peace prize

Showing potential
Peace prize
Being a black guy
Gets a peace prize
Im making a sandwich
Thats a peace prize
Shes eating the sandwich
Peace prize
Its delicious
Heres a peace prize

Uh, yeah peace prize
The Nobel prize aint given to fools
The whole committee went to greater schools
They thought Barack Was Nobel worthy
they decided to look at his story
He was voted to be our president
Then they closed the books. The man is in.
His name’ll go down with other cool cats
Al Gore, Carter, Yasser Araffat
The prize aint always given to the best
Its got to be politically correct

Thats why it’s not everybody wins
For what not to do Take a look at him.
Liberate Iraq
You get no peace prize
Curb AIDS in Africa
No peace prize
Your last name is Bush
You get no peace prize
Ha, no peace prize

Obama gets a peace prize
Automatic, Peace Prize
Huh, peace prize
Everybody, peace prize …