Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obamania in Norway

Gort, who is a regular Gates of Vienna reader and commenter, forwards this email discussion about the Blessed Prince of Hope and Change:

Since you ran a piece about the Messiah offending the people of Norway by slighting the king, etc. I thought I’d send you a judiciously edited email exchange between a friend of mine and another friend in Norway.

First, what was sent to Norway:

Well, I’m glad that Obama showed the Norwegians who and what he REALLY is. That is, I’m glad he showed any in Norway who were naive about Obama up ‘til now. We had a article in our paper written by Steinar Opstad and he was lamenting the fact that he had been hearing and reading that Americans didn’t like their president. That was about a month ago. I hope he understands now. I wonder if Barack HUSSEIN Obama would have snubbed the Saudis or the Iranians as he did the Norwegians. We’ve got a Mooselimb resident as we see it!

Then, what came back:


I am afraid that you are wrong if you think that this visit from Obama has been an eye-opener for Norwegians. If anything, Obamamania is more intense than ever before.

I feel ashamed when I look at how most of the Norwegian politicians have behaved the last week. Teenage girls waiting for The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, is what comes to mind. There they were sneaking out their telephones and cameras to take photos of Obama as he passed by them on his way to the podium.

We have also learned that they (our members of parliament) feel deeply hurt because the most powerful business leaders had managed to squeeze some of them out from the dinner that was given by the Nobel committee.

And how about Mette Marit. Being so overtaken by the speech during the ceremony that she took to tears?

(Just like everybody else. The people [politicians] interviewed by NRK after they came out from the ceremony were all “star struck” and looked like they had been smoking something far more dangerous than their socks.)
- - - - - - - - -
And what about the costs and the CO2?

Norway paid 100 million NOK, only for the police.

What were your costs for 2 jumbo jets filled with secret service and staff members?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the total cost for this was close to 1 billion Norwegian kroner, that is ca 130 million dollars.

And all this just because that fool who is the leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee wanted a photo of himself and Obama in his photo album!

Torbjørn Jagland is the name of the nitwit, a former Prime Minister, now head of the European Counsel in Geneva.

A good socialist taxing the Norwegians to death, has now, since it was Norway’s turn, ended up in a job where he is paid 2 million NOK pr year, with no tax.

And from 1st of January 2010, Norwegian pensioners living abroad have to pay 15% tax to Norway.

For good measures he should have offered to pay at least 15% tax of his salary to Norway, but so far we have heard nothing of that sort from him.

I am so appalled by the whole show, that I will not even start on what I think about the hypocrite environmental aspect of the whole affair.

So, apparently there are plenty of kool-aid drinking Norskies these days. Uffda!



Dymphna said...

Amazing. Maybe they don't bother reading the American news to see what this guy is up to.

Or maybe that's the point: anyone who is out to ruin America is a true friend of the America-haters.