Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebrating Dutch Diversity (Christianity Not Included)

The aggressive secularization of Western cultures continues apace, and overt expressions of Christian belief are the primary targets of PC governmental restrictions. The Netherlands is no exception to this, and the multicultural brigades of Dutch diversity are busy beavering away at the last vestiges of Christianity in Holland.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a couple of articles on the topic. First, from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Amsterdam Public Transport may prohibit necklace

by Frank Verhoef

“This cannot be allowed, confessing your religion this way.”

Cross worn by GVB employeeThe Amsterdam public transport company (GVB) may demand that an employee not wear a visible chain (with a Christian cross). That is what the D66-Judges* of the Amsterdam Court have determined today. We are assuredly not a Christian country, they must have thought. An employee (an Egyptian immigrant) found it discriminatory that he is not allowed to wear his necklace with a Christian cross, while the GVB staff are allowed to wear an Islamic headscarf. The employee filed a summary procedure because he felt that the GVB treats religions unequally.

The Court disagrees with the employee, as the GVB refers to a general dress code: no worker should wear visible chains. According to the Amsterdam court that a “reasonable ruling with regard to the required security measures and the desire of a uniform and professional appeal. Regardless of whether what the GVB does here is right, I know a solution to the employee’s problem.

For example, he may start wearing a cap that bears a Christian cross (that will be allowed though, GVB?), or he puts the cross on a little rope to his neck instead of a chain. Or he pins a Christian pin on his clothing. He should continue this until he, too, can express his religion, like Muslims, or he should demand that headscarves — which unlike a Christian cross, of course have a professional appeal — be prohibited by the GVB. This is also still possible.


* “D66-Judges,” a term used for weak Islamized leftist judges who think a criminal is a victim (and vice versa). D66 is the center-left anti-Wilders party.

And from De Telegraaf:
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School ‘too diverse’ for Christmas tree

Many students are outraged at the decision of the Hague College not to put a Christmas tree in the school this year. This is because the tree is associated too closely with the Christian feast. In the atrium there are now only some garlands and a few little lights. The school board wants to stress the “international character and diversity within the school” this way.

Traditionally there was always a meters-high tree in the hall. The Board believes that as of this year the practice will be discontinued, and would rather stress the “international character and diversity” in the Hague school, as the 20,000 students could read on the HHS website. The school instead opts for “light and warmth” that everyone may complete in his/her own way, according to the supervisor.

Thirty percent of the pupils are of immigrant descent, as well as twelve percent of the teachers.

Soon after the publication of the HHS the discussion broke loose on the Internet. Many students do not agree with the measure and are angry. “Because a handful of religious zealots are offended by a tree with some lights and colored balls, the rest of the school community now has to suffer,” one student said. “Why do foreign students come here to the Netherlands? Exactly, because they want to experience a different culture. This way they might as well have stayed at home,” another student wrote.


Anonymous said...

My goodness. How galling it must be for this gentleman. He probably left Egypt looking for more freedom in Europe, only to find out he would continue to have less rights there than Egyptian Muslim emigrants.

S said...

Horton Hatches An Egg. The story of an elephant that gives a heroic effort to take care of the egg of a lazy bird. Then the bird comes back but the egg has hatched and surprise though it is a bird it has miraculously acquired some features of Horton also. And it loves him!

A nice fantasy.

The reality is more like the Cow Bird. It lays its egg in the nest of other birds, who then drain themselves trying to raise it, while it kicks their eggs out of the nest, thereby killing their young. It goes on to be a cow bird and doesn't take on any of their habits.

All of the money Europeans are spending to educate and house foreigners, instead should be used to subsidize families so they can afford larger families. They are expending time and effort and money to raise the children of hostile foreigners. In effect financing their own extinction.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the existence of so many people of immigrant descent in the first place. And really, unless these people will eventually get repatriated, all this is in vain.

People need to remember the real definition of a nation.

Anonymous said...

You can't "confess your religion" by wearing a cross, but you can by wearing a hijab?

“Why do foreign students come here to the Netherlands? Exactly, because they want to experience a different culture. This way they might as well have stayed at home,” another student wrote.

If by "foreign" this student means "Muslim", then they are sadly mistaken to believe foreigners want to experience Dutch culture.

costin said...
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costin said...

I translated his declaration for the De Telegraaf, using my broken Dutch:

"The GVB allows female workers to wear the headscarf as a symbol of their faith. Furthermore, it was only from the beginning of this year that I got the interdiction of wearing the cross. I've been wearing it during my work since 1998. I feel comfortable when I'm wearing the cross. It's the symbol of my love of Jesus Christ and I want to show it. I live in the Netherlands, a democratic country where you have the right to express your faith"

.. so he hopes..
By all means, he is an Egyptian, and most probably a Coptic Christian. He knows what he's up against.

bewick said...

Happens here in the UK as well. There is the case of the British Airways employee also told to remove a cross and suspended because she refused. If memory serves me right SHE was also an Egyptian immigrant.
Looks like Egyptian Christians, if not all Christians, are persecuted everywhere.
Isn't it strange. I have Sikh friends who make a point of celebrating Christmas in full - trees, lights, presents, christnas cards, carol services, Christmas Dinner. They hardly even mention diwali and other Sikh festivals.

Perhaps we should ban Ramadan and Eid festivals. Ooops forgot. THAT cannot happen because we must celebrate "diversity" so long as that excludes Christianity.

Ronald said...

The employee has lost the procedure, he may not wear his cross anymore, he will go for a second appeal (if he has the money).