Friday, July 10, 2009

Today’s Enriched Danish Pastries

Cultural Enrichment News

First, an update on a story that TB translated a few days ago about a machine gun robbery. The police have now released a video of the incident (source).

Secondly, TB and Zonka have translated two different articles about the same cultural enrichment incident that occurred yesterday in Copenhagen. Both translations are included below.

TB notes:

Another one of these small terrorist attacks that we read about every day. A true jackal.

In this article it is also funny to read how the journalist actually specifies that the bus driver was Danish. Twice. And that the attacker was not. Twice.

The case is a good example of why ordinary citizens with a non-Muslim background should always be very careful when dealing with these animals. You never know how they will react when you confront them. I guess this bus driver was lucky that the knife did not hit his throat instead.

From Ekstra Bladet, as translated by TB:

Bus driver knifed at Nørreport Station

A Danish bus driver was stabbed in the face by a young man at Nørreport Station in Copenhagen because he did not want to allow the man, who was holding an invalid ticket, on the bus.

The perpetrator, who is between 16 and 18 years old and described as a foreigner [some media reports describe him as Afghan], tried to enter the bus on an invalid ticket, Thomas Dürr from Copenhagen Police says.

Tried to run after the perpetrator

“The bus driver refused to allow the man to enter, and tore up the invalid ticket. That made the man strike the driver,” Thomas Dürr says.

The driver ran after the perpetrator but suddenly had to stop when it was clear to him that his face had been cut.

“The victim first discovered that he had been cut when he ran after the attacker, and therefore he cannot remember what he was actually cut with,” Thomas Dürr says.

The victim was on bus 150S to Gammel Holte.

Victim’s condition not critical
- - - - - - - - -
The Danish bus driver has been taken to Rigshospitalet. He had a long cut along his temporal bone that needed stitches, but his condition is not critical.

According to witnesses at the location, it was a dramatic sight when the driver tried to run up the young attacker. He had blood running down his neck and all over his shirt, a witness says, who also states that it looked like the victim gave up the chase because he suddenly felt bad.

The perpetrator disappeared on foot towards Israels Plads, Thomas Dürr says.

He was between 16 and 18 years old, nicely dressed, and of an ethnic origin other than Danish.

From Ritzau via Jyllands-Posten, as translated by Zonka:

Bus driver knifed down

A bus driver was Thursday afternoon stabbed with a knife in the face, when a scuffle broke out in a bus near Nørreport.

According to the central duty leader at the Police Yard the perpetrator is a young man 16-18 years old, “nicely” dressed, and has an Afghan appearance.

The man escaped after the deed across Israels Plads towards H.C. Ørstedsparken, where the police used dogs to track him.

The bus driver has been taken to Rigshospitalet, but his condition is not thought to be critical.

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Zenster said...

“The bus driver refused to allow the man to enter, and tore up the invalid ticket. That made the man strike the driver,” Thomas Dürr says.

Gotta love those faulty premises.

The bus driver's refusal to honor and subsequent disposal of a worthless ticket was not what "made the man strike the driver".

It is the perptrator's criminal mentality that motivated him to stab the driver when his attempted fraud was not successful.

The bus driver had no role in causing this assault save that his corporeal body was available to be wounded by the assailant.

No one forced the assailant to injure the bus driver. Nothing "made" the perpetrator do anything except his criminal demeanor.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Yeah Zenster, what the bus driver tried to do was to enforce one of those small rules that have, for ages, separated civilization from the bedouin savagery epitomized by that scumbag which (not who) stabbed him.

Since the only law that a mahoundian can ever acknowledge and abide by is that toilet-clogger named sharia, we cannot expect them to respect the enforcement of secular laws in the civilized parts of the planet. That's one more reason not only not to let such scum in anymore, but to start kicking them back to Mahoundistan by the container-shipload.

Zenster said...

Jedilson Bonfim: Since the only law that a mahoundian can ever acknowledge and abide by is that toilet-clogger named sharia, we cannot expect them to respect the enforcement of secular laws in the civilized parts of the planet. [emphasis added]

Toilet-clogger? Now that's a keeper!

Moreover, what if all the apparent compliance with our laws by Muslims was only a dissimulation in order for them to fly under our radar? After all, just as with any well-behaved spy, it keeps them beneath the horizon of detection by law enforcement.

Here's the corker. There is a 100% guarantee that some Muslims are doing this (e.g., CAIR). Now, how does one distinguish between those who do and those who are genuinely trying to assimilate?

Not even the consumption of alcohol or pork is a reliable yardstick. All because of one single mitigating factor:


Every last Muslim in the West could merely be "flying under radar" and there would be no reliable way of knowing for sure. In fact, even a cursory examination of qu'ranic doctrine shows that this is precisely what Muslims are encouraged to do while in dar al harb.

For all we know, every single Muslim we have admitted into our lands is a spy. What's more, for a truly pious Muslim this is the only basis upon which they can enter a foreign land.

This is why I continue to maintain that taqiyya irrevocably damns Islam. So long as Muslims employ taqiyya, not a single one of them can be trusted. This is complicated by the fact that there is also no practical way of knowing if a Muslim has genuinely renounced taqiyya.

It is for these reasons that Islam must be dismantled entirely. The criminality that permeates every layer of this obsolete and barbaric creed renders it permanently imiscible with Western civilization.

Like the eBola virus, Islam cannot be accommodated but must be eradicated wherever it surfaces. I dread to think how many more millions of people will have to die before Western civilization comes to understand this.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Even if we completely glass and windex the entire MENA we will still have to deal with the mahoundians in our midst and they are tens of millions spread out in Europe alone. And we can expect them to freak out big time when their countries of origin gets glassed and windexed, especially the "holy cities". How do we handle millions of rioting mahoundians all over the west? We can't trust our military or police since they are all in the hands of the PC MC libertarian leftists and if they say "play dead" then they will lay down and comply. So it looks like the future of western civilisations lies with individual citizens alone.

Afonso Henriques said...

1st) The bus driver is crazy.

2nd) Did you people saw the video?

A Danish guy tryed to attack the man with a machine gun.
And another Danish couldn't face the unarmed assaulter.

Also, the first was crazy as well and the second was rather coward.

I can now hear the first man to the second in Danish: "So, I went to beat the hell out of the machine gunner and you couldn't punch the unarmed one?"

I believe that if the other man had maintained the excited unarmed muslim occupied for a while, the other Dane would probabily unarm the other.

Man, the audacity!