Thursday, July 09, 2009

Taking it Out on the Baby

Cultural Enrichment News

This is the last British “cultural enrichment” story for the day (I hope).

It’s more than your average multicultural beating-rape-mugging-murder type of incident. This horrific case manages to exemplify all of the noxious characteristics we’ve come to associate with mass Muslim immigration to Western countries.

An arranged marriage was not the only precipitating factor that drove this deranged woman to her desperate act. She experienced the full range of institutional suffocation that women experience under Islam.

According to The Daily Mail (with bolding added):

Mother Jailed for Stabbing Her Baby After Arranged-Marriage Husband Tried to Force Her to Leave Britain

A desperate young mother trapped in an arranged marriage tried to kill her baby after believing her husband was trying to force her to leave the country without her daughter.

So we start off with the standard fare of a Muslim wife: an arranged marriage, and complete subjugation to her husband.

But there’s plenty more:

She stabbed the eight-month-old child after being presented with a one-way ticket back to Bangladesh and an injunction to stop her taking the little girl out of Britain.

The 25-year-old woman, who cannot be named to protect the child’s identity, was jailed for five years today at the Old Bailey.

She tearfully begged not to be separated from her daughter and collapsed in the dock after hearing her sentence. She had to be dragged out of court, wailing hysterically.


The woman had been a student in Bangladesh when her family married her off to her cousin. She was brought to live with him and his relatives in Tower Hamlets, east London, in August 2007.

In all probability, the unwilling bride was forced into a parallel-cousin marriage — that is, she was her new husband’s father’s brother’s daughter. This is standard practice in Pakistan, and Bangladesh is presumably similar.

Parallel-cousin marriage is the worst of all worlds from the point of view of a modern secular pluralistic Western society. It tends to strengthen clan loyalties and insular tribal attitudes — which from a Muslim point of view is ideal, since it helps preserve an archaic and fundamentalist form of Islam. But from the viewpoint of the host society, it is deadly.

In addition, of course, cousin marriage increases the incidence of fully expressed genetic disorders, including brain abnormalities and retardation that contribute to the lower average IQ within the societies that practice it.

And it gets even worse:
- - - - - - - - -
She spoke no English, did not have a job, was not allowed out on her own, and was totally reliant on her husband’s family, the court heard.

This woman was essentially being subjected to the institution of purdah, the South Asian Muslim custom of enforcing seclusion on women. But her situation in the UK must have been worse than it would have been back home in Bangladesh, since she would have had no one but her husband’s immediate family to interact with in London.

This produced the toxic situation which exploded into violence early this year:

The marriage was punctuated by rows during which she would say she wanted to return to Bangladesh. Her daughter was born in June last year.

Heather Norton, prosecuting, said: ‘During arguments with her husband she made comments to the effect, “if I can’t have her then no one will”.

‘She told her sister-in-law that if she couldn’t have the baby then she would kill her and then kill herself.’

During a row in February this year she said she wanted to leave and her husband told her she could go but could not take the baby.

‘On March 2 he visited a travel agents and purchased an airline ticket to Bangladesh for the defendant to fly out the following day,’ Miss Norton said.

‘He also obtained an interim injunction forbidding the defendant removing her from the jurisdiction.’

The husband returned home and gave her the ticket, together with some luggage, and later that evening a solicitor came to explain the effect of the order.

Given the absolute power that a husband wields over a wife under sharia, this was in effect a unilaterally-decreed divorce. Presumably he uttered the ritual “talaq, talaq, talaq” — “I repudiate you” repeated three times in Arabic by the husband, which is necessary and sufficient for an Islamic divorce.

By that point the wife had been driven over the edge:

She became upset, claiming her husband had assaulted her, but then calmed down and asked her husband to make some food for the baby.

When he came back he saw the baby lying on the sofa and his wife standing over her, Miss Norton said.

‘From her actions, he first thought that the defendant was zipping up the baby’s sleep suit.

‘He then realised that she had in fact had a knife in her hand that she was trying to conceal.

‘He ran to the child and saw the defendant push the knife into her stomach, skewering the blade through her belly button.

‘He grabbed the baby, pressing his hand against the wound and carrying her upstairs followed by the defendant, still with knife in hand. His brother grabbed the defendant, disarmed her, and restrained her.’

The court heard that the defendant said to her husband: ‘Why couldn’t you come in later? Then I could have finished her off.’

She told another family member: ‘Tell my parents I have killed my daughter.’

Asked by another relative why she did it, she said that it was because her husband was trying to send her away.

The baby suffered a 1.6-inch wound caused by a kitchen knife that could have killed her were it not for emergency surgery performed at the Royal London Hospital. The wound would have been worse if the knife had not been stopped by a rib.

This woman committed an appalling and unforgivable crime. But what she said in court was undeniably true:

‘They have not treated me as a human being. Please give my baby back to me, I have been tortured.’

And the judge reached into the heart of the issue:

The judge told her: ‘You felt you were powerless in the situation that you found yourself in…’

She not only felt she was powerless. She was powerless.

Her Majesty’s government officially recognizes sharia for arbitration purposes, and if all parties agree, a sharia decision is binding and will be enforced by British courts.

Given this woman’s lack of English and cultural isolation, there was no practical way for her to engage the British system of justice, express her wishes, speak out against her husband, and be understood. And even if she had, she would have been unlikely to live long enough afterwards to receive the benefit of the court’s decision.

Her last words in courtroom were poignant and telling:

She said: ‘I stay this country, I see my daughter. Please forgive me, I dare not go back home.’

As she collapsed she cried: ‘My child, I love her.’

No, she will not fare well when she gets out of prison and returns home to Bangladesh. I wouldn’t bet on her chances of survival.

And what about her daughter? In fifteen or twenty years, what will her life be like?

If we were not required to embrace multiculturalism and celebrate diversity, none of this would have happened. These people and their barbaric practices would have stayed in Bangladesh, where they belong.

Surely a life at home could not have been worse that the one that was imported to London.

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Zenster said...

It wasn't the baby that needed to be stabbed.

Sue said...

I'm furious about this. That poor girl. What has happened to British justice?.

It's the husband and those of his family that advocated this that should have been put on trial.

Muslim extremists, the new "untouchables"

We must ban Sharia Law and the covering of muslim women. It's the only way to protect them.

Robert said...

Bangladesh is not the Islamic world. Where I live-on the Arabian peninsula- husbands must provide a house and very large payment to the wife that belongs to her and is deposited in an account he cannot touch. In Saudi Arabia it is deposited into a bank males cannot enter. In the event of a divorce in the UAE women automatically have custody of children until age 12 and receive child support from the husband. Children may remain with the mother after age 12 when the new wife insists.
Making a heroine out of a lunatic who stabs her own child only reveals the mind-set of some of the posters on this site.

Baron Bodissey said...

teacher --

If you think I am "making a heroine" out of this woman, you are grossly mistaken. A closer reading of my words is in order.

This woman was grievously wronged by her family, by her husband, and by the British government, which allows such conditions to prevail on its soil. But that in no way excuses what she did. It just explains what the factors are that drove her past the breaking point.

. said...

And what about her daughter? In fifteen or twenty years, what will her life be like?

If she stays in Britain, and Britain stops coddling Muslim stupidities with appeasement toward Sharia law, she might well be indistinguishable from any young British woman, except for the color of her skin.

In which case she will face discrimination, which might drive her back toward her immigrant roots.

But if not, it is likely she will become part of a tax-paying family that will help to pay all the old age pensions for the rapidly ageing white population of Great Britain.

laine said...

Not all cultures are equal. This unfortunate baby was born into a backward culture that has been transplanted onto British soil and that is thriving like a noxious weed, choking off healthy growth.

Some cultures have enriched the soil of host countries and have been welcomed, whatever the color of their skin. That has not been an issue for a long time in the West, unlike the countries of origin of many of these immigrants who treat people differently depending on gradations of darkness in their brown skin. When countries of mainly non-white skinned people bring their standards on racist discrimination up to that in mostly white countries, then would be the time to talk about whether further improvements could be made in the countries with the highest standards now. Whining about lack of perfection by people coming from countries who are light years behind is hypocritical and unacceptable. Westerners should be saying "Enough about me, what about you?"

However, out of all the cultures in the world seeking entry, it is insane to import a group who are not known for their work ethic, a group who do not like to soil their hands and expect others to serve them and/or pay them jizya, a tax on the stupid aka permanent Welfare for even polygamous men who keep their wives pregnant and uneducated.

Those who expect net taxes from this group and who chalk up their failure in western culture to "racism" instead of "allergy to hard work" live in a parallel universe where the Huns and Visigoths became tax paying Romans instead of overwhelming them with their barbarism.

. said...

So, Laine, do you hate Mexicans too? Or just Muslims?

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Former Gordon,

The publicly stated goal of the Mexican organization La Raza is to DISMEMBER the United States of America in order to create "New Aztlan," while we continue to
import Mexicans nationals at the rate of 10,000 per day. At that rate, in about 20 years the United States will look like a giant version of Yugoslavia.
No, I do not "hate" Mexicans.
I understand a MORTAL THREAT when I see one.

. said...

Ho Ho, Patriots, you've fallen victim to the "La Raza" boogeyman.

Let's see, millions of Mexicans leave their country because of its lack of economic opportunity, and chaotic cultural life. They move to the U.S. to become more prosperous and secure.

So of course they support an organization that would hive off part of the U.S. so as to return it to Mexico, so they can be poor and insecure again.

Is that the way it works, Patriot?

The "New Aztlan" movement is a tiny one, made up primarily of the radicalized sons and daughters of long-time Mexican-American families. They are suffering from the same disease as radicalized white college students who read The Nation and patronize their local "Che Cafe" restaurant - their ancestry just gives them a different cause and outlet than most.

Explain to me, Patriot, why in third generation Mexican-American families only 25% of the children speak any Spanish at all, and none are Spanish monolingual.

Sort of shoots your thesis to hell, doesn't it, Patriot?

laine said...

"So, Laine, do you hate Mexicans too? Or just Muslims?"

Unlike Nodrog, I don't toss around the word "hate" like a stink bomb to try to distract from arguments I cannot counter.

Nodrog alternates among smears, non sequiturs, propaganda for sister- totalitarianisms marxism and Islam and the racism of lowered standards for anyone non-white. I have seen no other type of comment from him, making him a human house fly that feasts on excrement and buzzes annoyingly while thinking he's a fine fellow indeed.

Making factual observations about a group whose leaders and supremacist manual declare their undying enmity toward me and mine with no contradiction from their billion followers is not hatred, but intel for defense preparations.

Secondly, only a racist of low expectations like Nodrog terms factual observations about groups who bring net harm to our society as "hateful" instead of a survival mechanism. Smearing critics with terms like racist/bigot/hateful etc. is the leftist's way of trying to prevent inconvenient truths from emerging before various sapper teams (e.g. colonizing immigrants) have undermined western civilization.

Since Nodrog brought up 3rd generation Mexican-Americans in the USA, why does he omit the crucial info that whatever language they end up speaking, hispanics are the one group of immigrants whose educational achievements do not increase with each generation? They have that in common with already resident blacks. How is it to America's advantage to have people with such poor educational aspirations and attainment self-select in the millions to enter the country illegally? Perpetually poor educational attainment correlates highly with crime, ill health and other pathologies. It is a fiction that such people are net contributors to anyone but Mexico. Their significant and perpetual costs are born by Americans.

So Nodrog's only reason for supporting the influx of people who already break the law by arriving here is that they are non-white.

That's the same racist reasoning behind a lot of Obama's votes.

Skin color and class is everything to Nodrog and his socialist ilk, nothing to conservatives like me. The minute white Canadians start pouring over the northern border illegally, sucking up free education and health care while sending their earnings to Canada, dragging down school averages even further and inflating crime statistics disproportionately to their numbers, conservatives will be on their case.

Conversely, any color person including polka dotted who is hard working and law abiding, who values education and the unique American Way, who makes no move to turn his corner of the United States into the same kind of socialist swamp he just left is welcome.