Sunday, July 05, 2009

Machine Guns, Motorcycles, and Crimes of Opportunity

Cultural Enrichment News

From our Danish correspondent TB:

Three more fresh and non-charming Cultural Enrichment News items. The first one is from the local newspaper in Farum, a small but very enriched suburb north of Copenhagen. The second is a disgusting little piece of enrichment in Central Copenhagen. And the last one is, well, just another story about how ordinary citizens suffer more and more because of the so-called “gang war”.

First, a translation from Furesø Avis:

Youngsters armed with a machine gun wanted to rob a pub

Four guests were ordered to lie down when two masked men forced their way in to Spisehuset in Nygårdsterrasserne Saturday night.

But the men did not get what they came for. Only a few moments earlier the owner had visited the place to collect the money, the police say.

The perpetrators ran away when they realized that the cash register was empty.

The two perpetrators are described as:

A: Male of ethnic origin other than Danish, 17-20 years, 175-180 cm high, ordinary build. He had a grey mask and black clothes. He spoke Danish with an accent.
B: Male of ethnic origin other than Danish, 17-20 years, he wore dark clothes and a black hood. He also spoke Danish with an accent.

Several attempts have been made to rob Spisehuset before.

Second, translated from Ekstra Bladet (Note from the translator: “Since the language in this article is a little… um… obscene, I have moderated the text a bit without changing anything fundamental.”):
- - - - - - - - -
Jabbed their fingers into drunken woman’s private parts

Two men took advantage of a drunken woman last night in Copenhagen

A 30-year-old woman was pawed in the groin on Irlandsvej, Amager in Copenhagen.

The woman had had a night out and was “rather drunk” when she tried to get on her bike in front of Irlandsvej 136

“She fell over into the grass when trying to get on the bike and at the same time two young men came by. Both men walked over to the woman and, while giving the impression that they wanted to help, jabbed their fingers into her private parts. She shouted, and when a witness ran towards them the two men disappeared in the darkness,” Henrik Vedel from Copenhagen Police says to

The assault happened around 01.20.

“We presume that the two men passed by coincidentally and took advantage of the situation. It is not our impression that they were on the street with the specific goal of attacking this woman,” Henrik Vedel says.

The two men are described as Arabs. One was around 18-20 years old and 160 to 170 cm high. The other one was around 190 cm with short hair and around 20 to 25 years old.

Finally, from 180grader:

Immigrant gangs stalk motorcyclists

Completely ordinary family citizens who ride Harley Davidsons are now becoming victims in the gang war.

Several ordinary citizens tell about how they are stalked by immigrant gangs these days.

“Well, it is something we talk about a lot. As soon as you say that you drive a Harley you are automatically put in the same box as the bikers. But we have 6600 members in the Harley club, and we are perfectly ordinary people,” Sanne Wille, chairman of the Harley-Davidson Club of Denmark tells Ritzau.

One of the motorcyclists who has had a close encounter with the immigrants is HT, who wishes to be anonymous. A week ago he was hunted by four men with a foreign background in a Mercedes on Frederikssundsvej.

“They tried to press me so I had to drive/run away from them. There is no doubt that they were trying to make me drive of the road. It was terrible and I am really mad about the incident.”

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One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

"Male of ethnic origin other than Danish,..."

You mean a Norwegian? A Swede? A Finn? Lithuanians maybe?? Inuit, Basques, Navajos?? Etruscans, Mycenaeans, Hittites???

Oh, you mean Mu....MMuuu....MMuuuss....

laine said...

"Men with a foreign background" driving a Mercedes.

Not poor then. Yet hounding a likely poorer motorcyclist. There goes the usual excuse of economic marginalization.

Hmm. What could the common motivation be behind these attacks on Danes by immigrants of various socio-economic backgrounds? What could be the great unifier that inspires hostility toward a country one has CHOSEN to adopt?

This is a true puzzler.