Friday, April 03, 2009

Is Pro-Köln Right?

The Pro-Köln movement arose in Cologne in recent years as a concerned citizens’ response to the Islamization of Cologne and the rest of Germany. The movement is particularly opposed to the construction of a mega-mosque in their city.

From its inception, Pro-Köln has been stigmatized as being “racist”, “xenophobic”, “Islamophobic”, “fascist”, and “neo-Nazi”. With the tacit approval of local authorities, supporters of Pro-Köln are routinely harassed, threatened, and beaten by gangs of leftists.

This persecution culminated with the events of September 20th, 2008, in which an anti-Islamization conference in downtown Cologne had to be cancelled, due to the violent opposition of “anti-fascists”. The leftist thugs were allowed by the police and the city authorities to attack the peaceful protesters with impunity.

Pro-Köln is planning another anti-Islamization conference in Cologne on May 9th, 2009…

Below is a two-part subtitled version of the movie Is Pro-Köln Right?. Many thanks to Gaia for her general coordination, Piggy Infidel for the English translation, Politically Incorrect for providing the video file, and Vlad Tepes for YouTubing and subtitling the video.

Part 2 is below the fold, along with a full transcript.
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Is Pro-Köln right?
The Anti-Islamisation Congress
What the Media and Politicians try to cover up

People of Cologne!

Don’t buy from Jews!

Whoever thought that the time of intolerance and persecution of minorities with all its terrible consequences finally belonged in the past, they had their eyes opened in Cologne on a sunny day in 2008.

(Chanting: Nazis out!)

Gangs of left-wing fascists, encouraged by politicians and the media, took control of the town and, together with the police, suspended the freedoms of speech and association.

This unprecedented atmosphere of harassment and pogrom was clearly aimed at muzzling the small citizens-movement Pro-Köln, to smother its totally legitimate protest against the building of a large mosque.

But what is true is how the peaceful supporters of Pro-Köln were represented as being dangerous, and also what the citizens of this town were under no circumstances going to be allowed to find out.

Unfortunately many citizens of Cologne have no idea at all what Islamisation really means, and the other parties are keen to hide these problems. The mainstream media are also not meeting their obligations to inform.

Even worse, the media promotes the idea that Islam is peaceful and compatible with democracy, but the reality appears different.

Islamic countries are without exception ruled, to a lesser or greater extent, by totalitarian regimes which simply walk all over human rights.

In Sudan a jihad-inspired war of annihilation has been waged for years against the animist and Christian people of the south. 2 million innocent people murdered, approximately 5 million refugees.

The Christians of Iraq are experiencing a wave of terror and unimaginable brutality, fleeing in their tens of thousands. Yet in the neighboring Islamic lands, as “non-believers” they are similarly persecuted and humiliated.

The last Christians in Turkey are also persecuted. Originally they comprised (taken together with other “non-believers”) a majority, these days their total has fallen below one percent, resulting in massacre, persecution and forced Islamization.

Today we find the symbols of Islamic power erected in all former Christian villages. But this isn’t enough to meet the demands for submission from this political-religion. The latest target: the cities of western Europe, among them Cologne.

Most people do not yet realise that even their home town is to be part of the huge Islamic Religious Authority area, the German branch called DITIP, and out of their own beautiful landscape a possible threat that leads to the same fate which befell the formerly idyllic areas from where the Armenians, Syrians and Greeks were driven out by Muslims.

(subtitle on screen: “destroyed Christian villages in Turkey”)

(chanting: We are all Palestinians!)

About 15 million Muslims have settled in western Europe since then, and they are capitalizing on one of the most generous political periods in human history, prosperity paid for by the hard work of previous generations.

The level of unaccountability reached by the policies of the current ruling parties is shown by this example uncovered by Pro-Köln.

Huge numbers of asylum seekers, their applications turned down, are simply not being deported by the current ruling parties. That has to be paid for! That costs the taxpayers millions of Euros, money which could be used for schools, roads, nurseries, and many other sensible uses.

Yet the politicians of the ruling parties do not just stubbornly deny the failure of their multi-culti, separated-from-reality policies, they also make every attempt to portray the courageous democrats from Pro-Köln as right-wing extremists.

text quotes from politicians appearing on screen:

  • “Nazi-filth”.
  • “Fascists who belong in the toilet”.
  • “Pro-Köln reeks of fascist excrement”.
  • “Let the fascists drown in the Rhine!”.

Jochem Ott, chairman of the SPD, has stated that we (Pro-Köln) are gathering up Nazi-filth. We are filth. Filth to be trampled underfoot. That is the kind of language which I actually never again want to hear in Germany.

However, just that kind of language was used with ice-cold cynicism before the first Anti-Islamisation Congress and spread with the help of the media. The results could be seen on the 20 Sep 2008. Respectable citizens, who were neither members of Pro-Köln nor any other right-leaning party, were spat on as “Nazi-filth”, punched, and chased through the town, right under the noses of the police.

(chanting: Nazis out!)

Only by fleeing into a hotel were these two, mother and son, able to save themselves from the mob.

At the same time the freedom of movement of thousands of citizens was blocked, as well as that of parliamentarians from Austria, Italy, Belgium and Germany. The Islam-critical rally of Pro-Köln was banned.

We will not be intimidated, we will not lose our right to freedom of opinion.

The main responsibility for the breakdown in law and order lies with Mayor Schramma, whose close relationship with DITIP has since become known.

We will be like our great example Gandhi, totally non-violent, totally legal. The disturbances are the work of the Islamic extremists.

“The peaceful gathering of the Pro-Köln movement should have been made possible and protected by all means necessary” — that is the opinion of Prof. Karl Schachschneider. He states the passive attitude of the police leadership in the face of violent left-wingers was clearly illegal. The weak response of the state towards the violent mob has severely harmed the cohesion of people living together in the town. The sense of protection under the law has been lost.

Information stands from Pro-Köln are almost regularly attacked, helpers beaten up, or even knocked unconscious as in this case.

The police, who are almost always on hand when trying to block the democratic rights of Pro-Köln, have to date not arrested these attackers, who are known.

However they could not silence the voice of democracy.

Fortunately after 20 Sep 2008 we were able to show a huge increase in Pro-Köln membership and interest, even within the established parties, in that the whole campaign of defamation against us and the undemocratic methods used by our opponents has worked in our favour.

The unhealthy cooperation between Islam, politicians and media has succeeded in damaging the rule of law, yet through the strengthening democratic movement the message is becoming audible at last, a message which in Sep 2008 they tried to crush.

Above all we are against the building of this large mosque because of the following: we think it will hold back integration, it strengthens the development of a parallel society, and that make no sense for the cohesion of society.

Too many innocent people have already found out for themselves (by violence) what lies in store in a parallel society.

The stark statistics relating to Muslim men as threatening / potentially violent is shown by this 2003 report from the Berlin Criminal Department.

From a sample of 100,000 citizens, 15,500 had been victims of violence — of these 12,200 had been carried out by proven Muslim attackers, the vast majority, 2,950 attacks had been carried out by non-Muslim foreigners, and just about 350 carried out by Germans.

Politicians who conceal these facts and want to sell us the idea that millions of Muslim immigrants constitute “enrichment”, seem to have lost any sense of responsible behaviour and can not be relied upon to deliver cohesive communities.

The former CDU-member Jorg Uckermann realised this too, and did what was necessary.

There is great disenchantment with politics in Germany; I myself have left the CDU after 20 years.

I have changed over to the Pro-Köln citizens-movement for a new political beginning in Cologne and Germany.

The people’s movement, strengthened through a huge upswell of concerned people, has no intention of putting away its flags and giving in to undemocratic powers.

A renewed invitation goes out to take part in a mass demonstration in Cologne, to draw attention to the enormous danger posed by the Islamisation of Europe.

On the 9th of May, friends from all over Europe are meeting in Cologne, democrats from the whole of Germany, to demonstrate together for our country, against foreign domination, against Islamisation, for our European culture and for our democracy. Come along too, on the 9th of May to the Dom (cathedral) in Cologne.


Czechmade said...

They play the Jew card, let us play it as well.

"We cannot build any mosque in Germany, until we are absolutely sure that the mosque stuff is filled with true Jew lovers".

Come and produce a team of religious people, who are not on the way to desacrate Germany by anything deliberately antisemitic.

The Germans and the Jews have done a good job in the past convincing the internatinal community of their good intentions. The muslims as a third party, have absolutely no right to change a iota on this.

Make sure everybody can see you fit well in this picture.

babs said...

Well, on one hand I think the Germans had it coming to them when they imported a huge number of Turks to their country, dating back to Nazi days.
OTOH, I don't think the average German today knows what is going on. They are trying to live their lives, go to work and raise children just like everyone else in the Western world.
However, when it comes to stifiling speech, the Germans better take notice. As we have learned so many times before, that leads to totalitarianism... something the Germans should be particularly allergic to.
The only antidote for bad speech is more speech. When will we learn this in the free world? To allow thugs to moderate our political discourse is recipe for disaster.

Charlemagne said...

Where are the young German men willing to kick in some Muslim heads?

Ron Russell said...

Any time you bring in or allow in large numbers of aliens who do not match the native population in religion or culture the problems will begin. Its simply human nature. And as the alien numbers increase and threaten the existing political and economic structures the situation becomes more dangerous and the chance for conflicts between the two opposing groups becomes increasingly likely. In the end the victor in this stuggle will be the group that is not necessarily the larger, but the one that is the most determined.

laine said...

"In the end the victor in this stuggle will be the group that is not necessarily the larger, but the one that is the most determined".


B322 said...

I don't get it. Who posted "Don’t buy from Jews!"? Was it actual 1930s/40s footage or is someone still doing that?

Other than that, the video was clear and well-done.

Piggy Infidel said...

Blode0322, the photos of "Kauft nicht bei Juden" etc was 1930's footage, included to illustrate the parallels between the 1930's mob attacking Jews and the 2008 mob attacking pro-Koln

omoyo said...

fully agreed. The islamic world has a plan to gain the whole world for their profet through diferent means (in europe though childrens, in Africa through money)if people in Europe do not go back to their christians roots the future is blick/claudy.Islam in a religion of opresíon, impocisión und blind dogmatism where the reality is black o white, good o but or you are with them o you are against them, or you are in the "umma" (comunity of islam) or you are infidel outsider.