Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Sequel to “Fitna”

From the English-language edition of Politiken:

Wilders plans sequel to Fitna

Geert WildersNRC HANDELSBLAD: The populist Dutch politician Geert Wilders is planning a sequel to last year’s anti-Islam film Fitna.

Wilders told De Telegraaf newspaper on Thursday he plans to bring out Fitna II in 2010, and that the film will show the impact of mass migration from Muslim countries on Western society.

“It will not be a copy of Fitna. This is the next phase,” Wilders told the newspaper.

Last year, Wilders, who is a member of the Dutch parliament, released the 16-minute long Fitna on the internet. The short film argues that Islam is a violent religion.

In January 2009 the Amsterdam appeals court ordered prosecutors to put Wilders on trial for promoting hate speech.

Hat tip: Steen.

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ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

This one I look forward to compared to the white washed islam documentary I muslima who would only make me nauseous.

Czechmade said...

Kg, mm, metres, km, kilopounds, square m, wats, jouls, litres etc. ....OK.

How many fitnas do we need to make whole of Holland or Europe safe again
for Mr Wilders???

50 fitnas?

1 000 fitnas???

Profitsbeard said...

Islam throws fitnas every time Geert's name is mentioned.

And Wilders obligingly throws them right back.

One of Europe's last vertebrates.

Go Geert!