Wednesday, April 22, 2009

When the Apocalypse Becomes Routine

Steen just sent me the link to this video, which records tonight’s “riots and disturbances” in the Rosengård neighborhood of Malmö in southern Sweden:

As Steen said in his email, there are fires every night now in Rosengård — so there’s no point in blogging it anymore.
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Another video of the same events appears in Sydsvenskan.

The notes accompanying the YouTube video say that the fires started at 9:30pm, when the “usual dumpsters” were set ablaze. The “youths” kept at it for a while, burning tires in the middle of the street, until eventually the police with their dog patrols showed up to try to disperse the gangs. Eventually the fire brigade was called in.

While all this was going on, cars were driving by, with people presumably going about their usual business. Apocalyptic events have been routinized. This is the normal course of events in Rosengård.

If “persons of Swedish background” were doing these things — burning tires and rubbish in the street! — they would surely be arrested for violating environmental regulations governing atmospheric pollutants.

But Muslim youths seem to be exempt from such laws…


babs said...

Let. Them. Burn.
Until the rest of the residents rise up against this activity nothing can be done by civilized society. Let Them Burn...

Fjordman said...

I talked to a Swedish lady a couple of years ago who lived in Malmö and totally denied the idea that there were any "immigrant ghettos" there. I have to add that most of these utterly clueless people are women.

Jimmy Crackcorn said...

I knew these types of riots must still be happening. I was just visiting sites that didn't think them newsworthy anymore. I guess it is usual business for more than just Swedish citizens.

laine said...

Unless Swedes get over their greatest fear - being called racists or bigots for discussing any negative behavior by the minorities they have foolishly imported, the violence and anarchy will escalate.

We see in Sweden, long the most "progressive" country the end stage of the disease socialism including extreme feminism. The populace have been educated/indoctrinated out of their basic survival instinct to place even the scurviest PC notions and criminals above their own well being to the point of endangering their lives.

The crimes committed by non-white minorities including rape and vandalism are not sins in the New Sweden. The only sin is objecting to them if you are white.

This 1984 or Looking Glass World where everything is the opposite of how it should be is a kind of mass hysteria brought about by decades of unopposed leftist brainwashing.

Swedes lack the will to save themselves. They are cartoonist Al Capp's Shmoos jumping gaily into the Muslim pot to nourish the invaders.

spackle said...

Fires right next to a gas station. Genius.

Anonymous said...

"Release the Hounds!"