Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gates of Vienna in the Danish MSM

Turban BombToday’s Jyllands-Posten has an article about the cyber-attack on IFPS and the sale of prints Kurt Westergaard’s famous Motoon. As most of you already know, J-P is Denmark’s most popular daily.

The article is entitled “Hackers Sabotage Sale of Drawings”. I don’t have time to translate the whole thing, but after skimming it, it seems to be an adequate summary of the attack that brought down the International Free Press Society last week. It reports that the sale of the drawings is continuing, that IFPS believes that the attack will only serve to increase public interest in the fundraiser, and that the edition is almost sold out. There are quotes from Diana West and Kurt Westergaard, with the latter voicing his usual defiance against those who would suppress the right to free speech.

Update: Our Danish correspondent TB has translated the relevant paragraph:

Some American blogs have reacted in solidarity by bringing IFPS into their web-pages. This kind of ‘spreading the target’ makes the hacker’s task, who by intensive bombardments of bytes can cause a single target to break down, almost unmanageable. Among the temporary hosts one will find Gates of Vienna and
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Holger DanskeAbout halfway down the page you’ll see a mention of this blog.

Alas for us! Now we will never overcome the impression that Dymphna and I are Danes running a Danish blog that just happens to be written in English.

It’s hard to get out of the Viking cellar once you’re stuck in it.

Just ask Holger Danske.

Hat tip: Rolf Krake.


Zenster said...

It’s hard to get out of the Viking cellar once you’re stuck in it.

Maybe it's because that Viking cellar is well-stocked with Aalborg Aquavit Jubileam, Peter Heering Brandy, Gammel Dansk Bitters, Denaka Vodka and Carlsberg Beer!We won't even talk about the cellarmaster's lunchtime smorgasbord.

Tuan Jim said... and both have articles on the same subject in English. Emailed you the one from politiken.

Exile said...

The article also goes on to say how Paypal suddenly would not allow payment because they believed the sale of the prints to be illegal. Kurt Westergaard sent an e-mail to the contrary and eventually payment was allowed but with caveats sowing doubt about the legality of sale.

I wonder....

So, now you're really famous in Denmark!

costin said...

I see in this just the beginning. Blogs are gaining wight. Look at Obama's bow to the Saudi king, and all these stories that wouldt exist without the blogs. Daniel Hannan is soooo right! It's simply exciting!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Thanks for the link to the old blog from 06 about Holger since it was before I found my way here. I have danish blood on the maternal side which I'm damned proud of. Actually more proud of than the swedish blood which happens to be the most part as it is since I'm born and raised in Skåne. Anyway it made me google Kronborg so I want to share this great site about the castle. It is truly beautiful!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

There's a pretty cool function in explore where you get a map with certain points in it. Click on them and they take you to various places both within and without the castle. You can pan around, up and down and zoom in and out! You will also find blinking icons where if you click on them you can read information about the place, the painting and so on. This is fun!