Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saudi Convert to Christianity Released from Prison

This is an interesting and perplexing news story about a Saudi convert to Christianity who was imprisoned and then released. Given the repressive nature of the Wahhabist regime in Saudi Arabia, and the fact that death is the prescribed penalty for apostasy under Islam, the fact that Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri is still alive is amazing.

What’s more, Mr. Al-Amri is a blogger. According to the article, after he was released from prison he resumed blogging about his faith. The article doesn’t mention the URL for his blog, “Christ for Saudi”, but it seems to be This news report was published yesterday, but since then the blog has been deleted. As of this writing, it still appears in a Google search listing, but the blog itself is now gone. According to a cached page (in Arabic), it was still active on April 13th.

So it’s hard to tell what the whole story is. Did Saudi pressure induce Google to delete the blog permanently? Did the Saudi government threaten Mr. Al-Amri if he didn’t remove his blog?

If any case, here’s the full story from Asia News:

Blogger Convert to Christianity Released From Saudi Prison

Arrested for openly choosing Jesus, Saudi man is released after some months. He still cannot leave the country or appear in media, but many are surprised by the leniency. Under Sharia apostasy is punished by death.

Riyadh (AsiaNews/MEC) — Hamoud Saleh Al-Amri, a 28 year-old Saudi national imprisoned in January for writing in his blog about his decision to convert to Christianity, was released by Saudi authorities at the end of March 2009 instead of being put death as an apostate as prescribed by Sharia. However, he has been banned from travelling outside Saudi Arabia or appearing in media, Middle East Concern, a Christian organisation specialising in Mideast affairs, reported.

According to Hamoud himself, who is back writing on his Christ for Saudi blog, his release is due to pressure brought on Saudi authorities by the Cairo-based Arab Network for Human Rights Information, one of several rights groups that have campaigned for his release.
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Hamoud was arrested on 13 January 2009 and detained at the Eleisha political prison in Riyadh. He had written in his blog of his decision to leave Islam to follow Jesus, and had also been critical of his country’s judicial system, highlighting widespread corruption and human rights abuses.

Hamoud had been detained on other occasions, for nine months in 2004 and for one month in 2008.

Following his arrest in January, the Saudi authorities blocked access to his blog inside Saudi Arabia. Google then locked the blog, for what they claimed was “a technical violation” of their terms of service, before restoring it on 5 February 2009 following public pressure.

The relative leniency of the Saudi police and regime in this case has surprised some analysts, given Hamoud’s explicit claim to have left Islam, which amounts to apostasy punishable by death, and his outspoken criticism of the regime, something which is not normally tolerated.

In the last year King Abdullah has taken some tentative step toward modernising the country, opening it up to a dialogue with other religions, reforming the religious police and giving women a role in government.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.


Anonymous said...

One method an Islamic nation uses to get rid of apostates, is to release them from prison. An angry crowd emerging from the mosque, or any devout Muslim, can then be relied on to do what is required. This devout Muslim is then arrested, and in the subsequent trial, found to be suffering from "mental instability".

The advantage of this method is that the apostate is dispatched, the "murderer" is quietly released asap, while government cannot be accused of any wrong doing by international human rights organisations.

Czechmade said...

Our strategic failure is simply...we do not invite various Saudi kinglets and princesses to Christianity.

They are so boooored...and we do not care.

A strategic blunder...meine Damen und Herren.

spackle said...

Wow. This guys got stones the size of Texas.

Morgan said...
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Profitsbeard said...

They can't kill the guy when the media is looking.

You have to let world attention shift, then get rid of the apostate dog.

Mohammad the pedophile "prophet" said:

"If someone changes their [Muslim] religion, then kill them."

No getting around that rule.

Glenn Penner said...

I've been asking Blogger was to why this site was removed ( but no answer yet. Perhaps if others asked too, we might get some answers