Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to Holland

A Dutch reader just sent us this joke:

An Iranian refuge has been granted asylum in The Netherlands. Overjoyed, he approaches the first man he meets:

“Mr. Dutchman, thank you for granting me asylum in your country!”

The man looks puzzled. “Dutchman? Me? Come on, I ain’t no bleedin’ infidel. I am Moroccan, and proud of it!”

The Iranian walks off. He spots another man. Again he thanks him for granting him asylum.

This guy actually gets angry. “Who do you call a Dutchmen? I am Turkish!”

The Iranian walks off again, and notices another man. He thanks him once more.

This guy smiles, and says: “Look man, I’m black. I am not Dutch. I am from Suriname.”

The Iranian is utterly confused. “But I am in Holland, right? Where are all the Dutch, then?”
- - - - - - - - -
The Suriname man looks at his golden Rolex: “At this time? They’re all at work.”


Morgan said...

Very funny, and from what I understand, sadly very telling as well.

Unknown said...

Indeed, sadly the truth! It is no joke at all!

The joke here is that dutch people are so tolerant, they just take it, and put up with it.
Or otherwise their own government puts them in a corner or labels them as racists or islamofoobs etc. and threaten to lock you up!

That's freedom nowadays in holland, Shut up and appease islam and pay for the mass immigration if you are a native Dutch.

Anonymous said...

Another joke from holland : Why a morrocan guy is the best in triathlon - He walks to the swimmingpool and returns by bike.

Fr. Gr. Pineut

Anonymous said...

But... but... Baron... this is a waycist joke !

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

This could have happened in any european muslim country not only Holland.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

If this were a Mexican who simply strolled across the border into the USA the results would be about the same. Except that the Mexicans are NOT grateful. They all seem to have quite a chip on their shoulder. Which tells me what our status will be as the minority living in "New Aztlan."

laine said...

Yes, no point in being smug when American leaders are equally guilty of enabling masses of unassimilating colonists, both legal and illegal to enter. Even if the illegals work, they send their income back to Mexico while American taxpayers have to pick up the considerable tab for Social Security, crime, health and education.

This is the new slavery in the West - citizens must slave away to support someone else who is literally stealing the fruits of their labor while both Dem and Repub plantation managers look on.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me of little joke that goes around Rotterdam, which is one of the few dutch cities with a subway-system.

Now in Rotterdam, early in the morning, the traincarriages fill up with white people going to work. Now from about 11/12 o clock, they begin to fill up with immigrants.

So, the joke says that if you take the subway in the morning and you look around, you will see the people you are working WITH.
If, after a hard days work, you take the subway home and look around, you will see the people whom you have been working FOR.