Saturday, April 25, 2009

Melanie Phillips in Copenhagen

Melanie Phillips spoke to the Danish Free Press Society in Copenhagen on Thursday. The video of her speech has been posted on YouTube in six parts, so I won’t embed it here. But Steen has all six videos embedded in this post.

Some choice quotes:

  • “You might call this onslaught against free speech ‘the Jihad of the Word’.”
  • “The battleground that we’re actually on is the battleground of the mind.”
  • “Liberalism is in danger of disappearing up its own backside.”
  • “For those transnational progressives, the obstacle to Utopia is the nation. For the Left, the obstacle to Utopia is American exceptionalism. For the Western intelligentsia, it’s Israel. And for the Islamic world, it’s all of the above — and the entire un-Islamic world as an obstacle to Utopia.”

Watch Ms. Phillips’ entire hard-hitting speech at Snaphanen.

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The Sentinel said...

It is a real shame to see the extent to which Denmark is succumbing to Islamification, but it does present more of a flickering hope then the rest of Scandinavia, which, tragically seems to have walked head long into: At least in Denmark there is some notable voices of dissent.

I am not suggesting that ordinary Swedes and Norwegians are not just as concerned with this situation as their Danish brothers, its just that it doesn't really translate into cohesive political action.

I am sure that given the crime statistic too - especially rape and gang rape where muslims account for an average of two thirds of the crime - that ordinary people are very concerned, but they have to find some unity in their approach to it now and find the bravery to confront the PC smear machine that is government.

(Though I am not sure how well reported these are in Scandinavia; in the UK for instance, it is not commonly known that 80% of defendants in gang rape cases are black.


Because, quite obviously the situation today is nothing compared to what it will be.

Paul said...

This is among the best presentations on I've seen on this subject anywhere.

Melanie has a gift for articulation and a keen, quality mind.

Baron, is there a transcript on this talk available? Can you post a link?

Baron Bodissey said...


I don't know of any transcripts yet. But if one appears, I'll let you know.